raining cats and blogs

I love it. The thunder in the sky. The energy that lights up the dark clouds when lightning strikes. The pounding of rain drops on windows of cars as they drive on the wet pavement.

I jump every time it rattles the windows and I screech a little with excitement. I enjoy the rush, it scares me a little but I like it.IMG_7234-1

I’m reminded of being in Florida last month. We were at a late night pool party and the air was damp with humidity as it had been hot all day. There was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder.  It felt like only a second before the rain poured down. It was warm and wet and felt soft on my skin. I was in my bathing suit but  I wanted to be free. I removed it and tossed it into a pile. There in the hot Florida night I danced naked in the rain.  Arms over my hear to the beats of the music. I was free at last.

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