Day 361: Making Smoothie Bowls

New fav lunch is making smoothie bowls, I didn’t realize how simple and beautiful they were. I’m always looking for more ways to integrate fruit, vegetables, and fiber into my meals and this is IT. Picked up a great mix of frozen fruits & veg for smoothies, then add coconut, bran bits, dairy-free coconut yogurt, and fresh fruit. Absolutely divine!

Spend most of the day working, really quite enjoying my job, and will be working more over the coming months. Sometimes I dream about working in an office but other days I love the freedom of working from home.

I’ve been going through old posts and looking back over the past 12 months. This weekend marks one year of pandemic life and I’m so glad to have kept this diary. I feel like I’d have no idea where the year went without it!

Should I keep counting the days after one year?

Day 358: Ice Cold Therapy

Yesterday we had an epic day of outdoor adventure with Pat & Miranda at their cottage. Sean has been really into Wim Hof breathing and cold plunges for the last year. Some benefits of cold therapy are reducing inflammation, swelling, and sore muscles, improved quality of sleep, more focus, and improved immune response. To read up on it, check out If you can tough it out for a few minutes, you’ll feel AMAZING after.

Sean filmed this with a drone and it turned out so good.

Watch the video on Instagram here.

Pat had to break the ice with an axe before we could go in the ice hole. He went first for about 2 min, then me for about 1.5 and Sean too. The temperature outside was about -6 and the ice water was VERY VERY COLD.

Felt so energized after going in the cold water. I’m gonna try and go in our ice bath at the cottage a few more times this week. I find it really helps with arthritis in my arm and sore feet.

Here’s to a great week!

Day 357: Walk On Water

Nice morning walk on the frozen lake. The ice is very thick. Crazy to think we went right across to the other side. Walk on water, baby!

I love these smoke bombs, thanks Sean! You can find them at your local fireworks store or here on Amazon. Made a video and posted it on Instagram.


It’s so quiet and peaceful out on the lake. The shifting ice makes these subsonic sounds that you can feel in your bones. With a shift in temperatures, ice moves, vibrating up and down, kind of like a drum or deep-sounding bass. It’s really cool to feel when you’re walking on it. Sometimes it’s loud and we can hear it from inside the cottage.

How great is this jacket?! It’s Sean’s mum’s and has matching hot pink snow pants. I love it! Hi Lorna if you are reading this, miss you!

356: Playing Outside

Today we had an adventure and went to visit Talia & Nelson at their cottage. I dressed for playing outside and it was a beautiful day.

Around this time last year, we spent a night at their place and went snowmobiling. We even drove snowmobiles to a lake-side restaurant and ate inside. Inside! It was the last weekend before the pandemic hit.

It was so mild today, I even unzipped my jacket for part of the walk. Nelson & Talia showed us all the targets they have set up for shooting. I’d never shot a gun until this day but it was the right place and time. Nelson turned to me and said “Casie, you’re up!” and carefully walked me through it. I’m not a gun person by any means but at this moment, I felt safe and decided to give it a try. Proud of myself, I was pretty good at hitting the target!

Feels good to spend the day outside enjoying winter, making the most of each day. We drove back to the cottage as the sun was setting.

Day 355: WFH In The Sun

Sean and I drove back up north this morning after dropping Emily to school. It’s still winter up here with a foot of hard snow, ice, and the lake is totally frozen. It’s too slippery to run outside so I’m grateful for the treadmill in the basement from Sean’s parents! 😊

I worked in the morning then took the afternoon to bake black bean brownies, cook stuff in the Instant Pot, and enjoy the sun through the windows. Love a little WFH in the sun.

My Friday winter style today is casual with a side of leathery pants. In other news, my hair is getting longggg, I love it. Might get crazy and do another temporary pink dye later today.

Looking forward to an outside hang with some cottage friends tomorrow!