Day 345: Stop and Stare At It

I turned right from our walkway to the path and heard the loudspeaker with messages about wearing a mask in both English and French. The rail path is extra busy today at magic hour with the air at a warm 5 degrees. Everyone keeps their distance, some people smile. I’m in my own world listening to classical music, taking in every detail, dressed in all black with a fur coat. It was my second walk of the day, I love getting fresh air. In an effort to avoid other humans I zig-zag the streets, taking breaks to walk on the road just avoid people on the sidewalk. This practice would have been so rude two years ago but it’s common now.

I didn’t bring my phone because despite being home all day, I seem to have let it die. I’ve got music and route tracking on my watch so I’m blissfully disconnected from wifi & LTE. Out of reach, on DND.

The sun is so beautiful setting over Dupont, I always stop and stare at it.

This week I’m feeling more content than I have in a while. Have been getting 8hrs sleep pretty consistently for about 3 weeks and although I’m still tired, my body and mind are rested. Drinking less and working out more also help. I track everything these days on my watch or phone; sleep, meditation, breathing, steps, stairs, workouts, period, heart rate, oxygen, fasting, and when to water my plants.

In other news, I’ve noticed I’m consistent with updating the blog for a few days, but if I skip a day, I skip a few days and batch update before my fear of forgetting kicks in. I take photos every day in an attempt to keep more memories and often upload them to a draft so I don’t get too behind.

It’s hard to believe we are almost at one year from our first lockdown and the start of how this whole thing changed our lives forever.

What a time to be alive.

Photos were from my first walk of the day.

Day 344: My Things and Thoughts

Since Friday (Day 341), Sean has been up at the cottage solo and I’ve been home alone. It’s actually been really nice for both of us to have the time and space to be alone and do our own things. He loves being up at the cottage, chopping trees with the chainsaw, doing woodsy things. I love being home with my things and thoughts. I had such a relaxing weekend and felt refreshed and ready to start the day today.

After work, I had A&W with April and it was so nice to laugh together. I decided to get ready for bed nice and early after a bath and a full face care routine. I’m still working my way through  Younger on Prime and have been REALLY enjoying going to bed early.

In other news, I re-pierced my own nose today. I had this piercing for AGES but took it out a couple of years ago. I also have a septum piercing in the middle cartilage of my nose but rarely show it. This little stud is barely noticeable and I like it. I’m dying to get a new tattoo and might buy a stick poke kit. I did a tiny one at the start of the pandemic but want to try something more artistic and professional.

343: Sunday Self-Love

After a great sleep, I woke up energized and motivated. I ran 5k as part of Amy Shio‘s birthday run challenge in Nike Run Club. I am so grateful for her inspiring me to run since January 2020. Running has changed my life and I look forward to it now!

In the afternoon, I got through another season of  Younger while making white bean soup w/ cilantro & jalapeño and a fabulous quiche with leftover roast vegetables. Around magic hour I went for a nice long walk, it was brisk but refreshing. I had a full day of doing things that make me happy! Had some soup for dinner, a nice bath, a face mask, and went to bed early. 😁 Nothing quite like some Sunday self-love!


342: Watching Trains and People

Absolutely love that Saturday sun, it feels so nice. Natalie and Chloe (her dog!) came to my neighbourhood for a distanced walk today. We walked the neighbourhood and sat on the wooden platforms, watching trains and people as they walked by.

Before meeting up, I’d been so lazy, eating snacks, and nearly wasted the whole day. I slept in till 8:30 (late for me!), took a slow morning, did some things around the house, finished some work, and watched a few more eps of Younger on Prime.

In other news, last night I watched Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar and IT WAS HILARIOUS. Highly recommend! Earlier this week I won an Instagram contest for a free code to watch it from the ladies at Auburn Lane. THANK YOU!

Day 341: Fresh & Happy

Woke up feeling fresh & happy it was Friday! Sean left for the cottage after dropping Em to school, she’s with her mum for the next week and I’m home alone. 😁

I had such a great workday today. In my afternoon meeting, we were chatting about branded products and it was a great opportunity to show some I’ve made over the years. I pulled out the stickers, note cards, and of course, the pillows I had made years ago. We all had a good laugh!

Sending you good vibes today for a nice restful weekend. Get outside, feel the sun on your face, call a friend, support a local restaurant.

Do something, do nothing, do whatever makes you happy!