Day 624: We All Want to Be Loved

Day 623: What if it turns out better?

How many times have you been in a situation, or given an opportunity but worried the outcome might be bad? Never? Well, that must be nice! LOL. I’ve found that through the pandemic my anxiety has gotten worse and it’s not that I think things will go bad, it’s just that I feel anxious something might go wrong.

The thing is, what if it turns out better than you expected? Better than you could have ever imagined? What if all your hard work, late nights, long days, sweat, tears, finally pay off like you always dreamed?

It’s possible.

One of my fav books from when I was little is from the ValueTales series, “The Value of Believing In Yourself“, the story of Louis Pasteur (published 1977). Pasteur is known for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization. The story is about him finding a cure for rabies because he believed in himself.

Funny side note about this book, I got a new copy for Emily when she was a kid and didn’t remember the part of the story where the dog passed away. Sean was like, “um the dog DIES?! What kind of story is this?!” HAHAHAHA. Safe to say, neither of them feels the same passion for the book as me. Whoops! (I’m sure mum will find this hilarious.)

Believe in yourself, anything is possible!

Day 622: Morning Light That Shines

Worked from Sean’s office today and it was nice to be back at my desk. I’ve been spending so much time at home I almost forgot what it felt like to ‘go to work’. The morning light that shines in from the south-facing windows is enough to keep me coming back.

Drove to Hamilton in the afternoon to pick up our first round of merch for Funday. After months of design meetings and emails, our order was ready and turned out amazing!

Needed to get some steps in so I took a long walk after work. It’s really nice to be downtown. Hard to believe I used to go out ALL THE TIME. These days once the sun goes down, I really just want to be home.

As the days get shorter, here’s to finding that light in your day!

Day 621: You Have Everything You Need

Wore this outfit on our weekend drive to Orillia when I was really excited to pick up the stock tank. It wasn’t available to Sean and I went to the liquidation store and got Wendy’s.

These pants are from Zara kids last winter and my sweater belonged to mum when I was a kid. Dad made this car in real life, IRL! Leaving this look here as a reminder to wear more of the clothes I don’t wear that often.

You don’t need new clothes, you have everything you need!

Day 619: Things That Make You Feel Alive

We drive up to the cottage last night and it was so great to wake up here. Went for a walk/run on the road and the cold air was so refreshing. Most of the leaves have fallen, you can see right through the forest.

Went for a dip in the lake when I got back and you may think it’s crazy but I love it so much. It hurts and it’s hard, but the feeling after is hard to describe. It’s a high that you don’t get from anything else, it does something to your mind and body. Watch my video here & do more things that make you feel ALIVE!

I look forward to cold plunges in the lake so much that I ordered a stock tank to set up on our patio in the city. It’s on backorder but we’ll have it soon. I also ordered platform Ugg slippers and can’t WAIT for both to arrive.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. Love from the lake xo

Day 618: Me & My Plants

Hello from me & my plants! To be honest, I keep wondering if I should stop counting the days but we are still in a PANDEMIC even though some things are “normal-ish”. Sometimes it feels like the pandemic is over but as of today, Ontario has a 46% rise in cases.

I don’t mind being home, to be honest. I love the slower pace of life, the excuse to not go anywhere, the opportunity to bail at any time. I also love my plants so much.

Anyhoo, saying “hi” and Happy Friday! Hope you have a great day!