changing the face & < body > language of advertising

Today I went to FW and I was a media, a real media. Being there challenged/changed any old thoughts I had of how Fashion Week goes down.

The internet makes everything instant. I imagine the days when clothes are shown IN season and made to order online from the runway via mobile and delivered shortly after … ah, a girl can dream can’t she?

I was in the media room often doing work (otherwise known as FB & Tweets) for MuchMTV. I was surrounded by bloggers and traditional media, however, quite impressed by bloggers. Filling up seats and sitting amongst Elle, Flare and the league of fashion then going straight back to little laptops updating blogs with photos hot off the runway.  Think of all the people it takes to produce something the ‘old way’ (photo, write, produce, edit, post) then a blogger comes along and is this all-in-one media publishing station. It’s truly amazing.

Saw this video today via Marketing Mag basically, there’s NO FUTURE if you’re not going digital. I mean, that’s only true if you wanna advertise anything to anyone, ever. Duh, get up on it; power to the people! Did you know that half of FB’s 400 million users check in EVERYDAY? Take that to the bank. That’s like heaps.

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC

I’m a huge Saatchi fan for years but mostly since that book I told you about a couple times, remember? I used to dream about working there.

Looks like CGI is doing a good job of listening/paying attention…my Tweet showed up on their homepage today retweeting a photo re: Barbie’s show on Wednesday at LGFW. Matel is one of their clients 😉 Most excited for that show to be honest, fingers crossed for gift bags! Yeaw!

:: people began to take control & the world turned a little faster ::

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