Yep, that’s my birthDAY BANNER ‘CAMP CASIE, NO BASICS’!

Big thanks to all my friends who came out to Trinity Bellwoods for our first epic park party of the season. It was the perfect day to celebrate in the sunshine! It was a little windy but that did NOT stop us from having a gay ol’ time on our blankets w/ beers, stickers, snacks, and each other.

Lauren, huge thanks for organizing. You are my bestie and ILU.


Sweet shades Sheldon.


Steven you did an amazing job with the decorations. Stevo ‘streamers’ Stinson



Emoji stickers for everyone! This is my fav emoji.





The can collectors were out as per usual!


Oh hey blanket babe!





It was my first time getting a cake in the face, seriously. I’ll post the video soon!


Love y’all!


WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La | #iheartbosk

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La | #iheartbosk Dinner

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise from Daniel ( and the Shangri-La hotel in advance of tonight’s much anticipated dinner. Daniel has been planning a special evening for a bunch of us to take in the fine dinging experience at Bosk, inside one of Toronto’s finest hotels. I’ve never actually been there fro dinner and I’m not sure who the other 11 people are so I’m quite looking forward to it!

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner


WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner

How Do I Win a One of a Kind High Tea Experience?

Ok this contest is SUPER EASY. Tonight at 6pm I’ll post a few tweets about with the #iheartbosk hashtag.

  1. Follow  @ShangriLaTO.
  2. ReTweet any of MY tweets with #iheartbosk and each is an entry to win.

*Contest runs from 6-10pm.

Make sure you are following me on Twitter @CASIESTEWART and for all the dinner excitement follow #iheartbosk

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner


No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

I met Andrew aka Gunnarolla via Twitter when we found out we’d both been chosen to go on the trip to Thailand with Contiki. He is simply amazing and super talented. One of my fav people from the trip for sure. This is us with Sam and Leah on the last night in Thailand making up a song on the spot. It was simply hilarious.

The video below is Andrew’s latest tune. I watched it with joy knowing I was there for a few of the shots. They all move really fast so you might not see me but me and the Internet know I was there!

No Regrets by Gunnarolla on YouTube

In other news, Andrew introduced me to a new platform called Subbable where you can support your fav YouTubers. Remember, these peeps are making things to entertain you with their own money, gadgets, and talents (like us bloggers, most the time!). Shout them if you love ’em! I gave some love (aka $$) to Andrew’s profile yesterday and now patiently away the arrival of my Red Box. LOVE YOU MAN!


Here’s to an amazing 2014 and living with NO REGRETS!


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Flipboard Featured, Flowers, Sunshine, Steve Carty

Do you have Flipboard? If you’re creepin’ the photos section you will come across a familiar face. (Screenshots from iPad)


You’ll be directed to featuring photos he took of me this weekend. Awesome photog & all around great guy.


Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Canon EF 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8
Exposure: Various

Follow his antics on Twitter @stevecarty. See his blog post Casie Stewart – Lifestyle blogger.

This music video is awesome. CANADA from Barcelona is my new fav production studio. They also just did the new JUSTICE video. Seeing Justice & M83 live this weekend.

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral

Finally, after having the same Twitter photo since 2008, I changed it today. I’m gonna keep is fresh from now on.Love the full set in this outfit. New Twitter background. Converse say “Casie” on one foot “Stewart” on the other.

Workin at 1188 today. We just ordered burgers from The Drake Hotel. I’m starving.  It’s raining like crazy. Perfect weather for working & writing.

Hope you’re having an awesome day,

Fashion Friday: Wanelo, NastyGal, Sherway Gardens winners

Been loving a couple online shops lately. I don’t buy as much in real life as I do in my dreams but I like the ideas they give  me to spice up my existing wardrobe.  This image is from the Wanelo email. Wanelo is “a way to find unique products and stores you have never heard of.” I’ve been drooling a bit, figured I should share!


I hate the emails from Nasty Gal, they read my mind and know exactly what I want/am wearing. The ads follow me around online, taunting me with things they know I want. JERKS! These emails are what made me cave and buy a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Everything they send out is so nice and they have a monthly lookbook.

I think I have all these outfits on some vintage variation.


I love Jane Fonda in this Pucci Pre-Fall outfit. My fav collections are Cruise & Pre-Fall almost every year. One day I’ll have a boat and get to wear the cruise collections. Until then, I’ll settle for Mum’s boat and her vintages. 😉



Some wisdom shared by two of my fav fashion blogging ladies, Gala Darling, a Kiwi blogger living in NY and Gala Gonzales, an It Girl from Spain, living in London who travels the world for fashion. I partied with Gonzales in NZ at Fashion Week once. They’re both awesome girls you should know. Follow G.Darling and G.Gonzales.

On this day last year I arrived in Pensicola, Florida for work. We stayed in Margaritaville. It was beauuuuuutiful! Planking was a thing at the time and I tried to create a new trend ‘mermaiding’, it never picked up. See some pix here.

There were over twenty entries for the Sherway Gardens Spring Style contest and the winner is… VANESSA GRILLONE. Thank you everyone who entered. I’ll have more giveaways this summer. Some of the entry tweets below.