Something Weird Happened on Friday Night… #PODLOVESYOU

Something Weird Happened on Friday Night… #PODLOVESYOU


I finished Simulation 1 for POD on Friday night. It tweets you automatically during the simulation saying it loved whatever you type as your biggest fear. If you want to test it out for yourself and redigter for a pod visit


I did the simulation a second time and got @modymindchange to tweet me “i love casie stewart”. I replied “I tricked you” which was followed by a tweet saying “DM #PODLOVESYOU“.



The DM was a phone number to a 1-800 with a login password. I called, this is the recording, it started with Dsvid Cronenberg talking but as you can it, it was a bit hard to distinguish what he was saying. There were at least six random people on the call from North America (Detroit, Seattle, Toronto confirmed). It was pretty weird.

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Where did the day go?!

Where did the day go?!

Feels like the day just flew by, but I was so busy and did so many things. I can’t wait till the weekend so I can scratch this fast pace and slow the heck down. I’m ready for some dock side chilling and floating in the boat. Fashion show tonight with friends. Wee!


This is such a stone-cold pack of weirdos!


 Yes, yes it is.

Oh Swifty, shut up.

Time to get ma dance on and have a beerski baby.

Maybe watch a  movie, sit on a couch, act all cool.

You know how we do.


Have a great day guys! Cheers!




That’s All I Can Think To Say

Today was really busy.

And this is me now.

But we had some good laughs.

A little stress but not too much.

Lots of this.

I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. MIght chop it all off.

Me later.

And lots of relaxing this weekend.



Harlem Reacts to the Harlem Shake

This makes me really glad we didn’t do one of these at the office. I wanted to last week but the trend was a short lived one. It’s crazy how fast memes move these days.