all nothbound lanes are completely blogged off

If you’re getting ready to start your very own bad ass bloggy-blog you have to be prepared to face the fact that people are going to interpret things in their own way. They are going to judge you. You might even get a few bad comments if your lucky. Anonymous ones that say mean things are they best. Joking.

I warn you….having a blog can be a really weird thing sometimes.  I’ve been getting asked about blogging quite often lately.  I’m now mentoring a bunch of babes about blogging and doing a talk about social media. Get your ass a ticket and come, you can even buy me a drink at the end! Serious. Kidding. Serious.

Everyone will interpret things you write  in their own way. You might offend people. You might share too much and feel overcome with anxiety. Sometimes Mum/friend will ring asking ‘are you ok?”. The reply “yes Mum, I’m fine, oh yeah, my blog, whatever… “You might go back and edit, delete, or maybe you’ll just leave it and think, this is my life.

One of the great things is telling stories is being  creative with your blog, borderline artistic.  The weirdest thing about having a blog is relationships and dating, or breakups.   I like to keep my relationship talk  about my love of the  Internet, clothes and gadgets.  They’ll never tell you they need a break or leave your heart feeling empty.

That’s all for now. Videos from Art Battle #4 uploading now.

Enjoy the day. It’s BEAUTIFUL OUT!

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