hardly no service for two days + didn’t internet

But it was fun. Seeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Exhausted from a whole day on the bus with the Bud gurlz. Sweet thangs they are. (HIIIIII to you if you are reading girls!)  Everyone was super nice and fun especially the security and event staff. One employee girl was bit snooty but I reckon it’s because I got an outfit and didn’t wear it. Yay me! I’m wearing it NOW as I BLOG. 🙂

Overall, we had a fun time. The food was pretty good too. Nice getting there before all the boys arrived on Friday. There were so many boys. About 150 winners each with a plus 1.  Watching them get off the bus and come down the gaultlet past the girls was charming.

I missed the internet but not as much as I thought. Wilderness was pretty nice. Fresh air, stars, woodchips and fire. We stayed offsite at a house with full bathroom and tv which was great. Freaked out over chipmunks. I though I liked them, but no. They are cute from far but far from cute. Rascals, all nut eating and scurrying and stuff.

They  need to have mobile charging stations at these type of things. The cabin stayers had no outlets. None!! I hardly had phone service and couldn’t checkin on foursquare.  Wahhhh. Chatted a dude about getting the mayorship but my phone was not playing nice so he got it. Learned for about $5,000 per carrier you can get a temp tower put up. That would be badass, wifi for everyone. WordPress mobile, twitter, facebook and posting via email to tumblr FTW.

Talk nerdy to me. Lots happening this week, looking forward to it.  Tweetgasm at the Gladstone Melody Bar Monday night and GenYTO Thursday at the Tap House. Also The Virgin contest is over in 9 days and I need your votes to keep the lead. Yvonne & Smich are right behind me! The Bud Camp team 2010 video is uploading to youtube right now. Thrilled to be back home and in my own bed. Pretty tired. Yay sleep.

Happy Monday!


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