#GENYTO #SMWTO party photos

Friday night at Lee’s Palace was great fun. Thank you to everone who came out. I love seeing so many good looking familiar faces & meeting new ones.

Many thanks to Marcel aka @mdee14 for being my photog for the night. Pictures look great, see the full set on Facebook.

You can tell which photos in this post are from my wee little camera. 😉 Ex. 1, 2, & 3.

Sheldon you look hot, Lisa too.

SMWTO stickers by Sticker You. I need some stickers, pronto. Any of you remember/have my OLD stickers?

Back stage for Prince Perry‘s show. BTW if anyone wants to go to their show on Feb. 25th, LMK. I got your guestlist.

Gave away a couple flights on Virgin America as your Virgin Toronto Provocateur; one to a GenYTO ticket buyer, one to a Social Media Week Volunteer, third to a fan of the band Prince Perry & the Gladtones.

Winners were Ava Zack, Kayla McQueen & Natalie Taylor.

This game takes me back to highschool so bad, love it.  I’d like to play more often, who has a table??

Once there was no more dealing with capacity issues  & everyone could get in, I gave myself a thumbs up…

…and had a beer. Afan you are a party animal, I like it.

If anyone wants to get involved with our GenY initiatives in some way, please email me. We have a tumblr GenYTO and if you would like to contribute content related to young entrepreneurs or cool internetty stuff, let me know that too.

The next GenYTO will be in the spring and it will be HUGE. Keep an eye on the hashtag for other cool stuff until then.

Have a great day,


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