love is in the air

Mmm, chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Joelle!

This one if from Joelle’s camera.

And this one captures a very serious conversation…total ‘OMG’ face on me.

Back to my camera for some more real talk. Uh, pardon me? Omg.

Hmmm, someone taking photo with shaky hand. Bad romance.

Vodka/water/strawberry, good for sipping. Light, refreshing, hydrating and will keep you from hangover given you don’t go crazy.

Joelle had this gorgeous dress with a fringe on the arms, look closely. Totally in love with fringe. Fringe everything.

Hearts on everything too. I have two different heart tattoo’s in case you were wondering. Both on right arm, one pink, one red.

Nice surprise to see you there Simon. Goo work on the tunage and fun times. Your date was a babe.

borderline the girl artistic borderline artistic borderline is borderline artistic feeling borderline artistic borderline artistic borderline her borderline borderline artistic heart artistic artistic borderline on artistic borderline artistic borderline artistic fire.

All these snowflakes are full of love & light.

Mum collected all these heart photos on her sailing trip to the Bahamas. She sounds so happy when I talk to her. Imagine living there on a boat right now. Bliss.

When I see a heart shape in something I always think it’s a sign she’s watching out for me. For example, this sweet potato tempura heart. Yum one, Mum!

The more love you give the more love you have. If you need some it’s right here for you.

Ok byeeeeeeee. Valetines night get ready time. xo

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