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Oscars, Awkwards, My Fav Dresses, & Behind the Scenes

Watch the awards last night? They seemed to go on forever! I’m glad, along with the entire internet that Leo finally won. There were some totally WTF moments, Stacey Dash, those three Asian kids? I know people are upset about the lack of black nominees but I wasn’t expecting the ENTIRE show and all the commentary to be about it.¬†I don’t find Chris Rock to be that funny. Everything that came out of his mouth was about race, everything! Jokes about Will & Jada were mean, the ‘black bloke from Star Wars ‚ÄĒ Darth Vader’, using those kids as a ¬†joke was rude.

The show used to be so much fun and last night, everything was SO¬†political. Then, you have these crusty people who¬†didn’t even clap for a winner.

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In other news, my friend Joey Salmingo was on the red carpet for E!. It was so neat to follow along his behind the scenes, oh y’know, hanging out with Ryan Seacrest and all.

My friend Kelsey was a producer on ‘Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah’ that was nominated for Best Documentary Short along with Adam¬†Benzine. She was so excited and looked absolutely beautiful on that red carpet. It was neat to see photos of the stage from her seats while watching at home on my own couch.¬†

Red carpet press line selfie #oscar2016

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Following adventures of people¬†I know¬†was more exciting to me that watching the show. I felt it dragged on and made me feel uncomfortable several times. Following along on Twitter was once again, the best commentary. Shoutouts to Toronto and New Zealand who both got mentions as well. ūüôā

These are my fav looks from the red carpet. I absolutely love Alicia Vikander, she can do no wrong that woman!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.12.00 AM



Fashion | WILDFOX Fairytale Collection Launch

The other day I hosted a party at the Toronto WILDFOX shop w/ HIGH STREET fashion. We had champagne, a candy bar, onsite fashion illustrations, and a great DJ. The night was celebrating the launch of the WILDFOX Fairytale collection 2016.

I was a huge fan of the brand years ago and it’s nice to see the latest is still totally up my alley. A nice mix of mermaid/fairytale fun with a side of rock n’ roll.

Here’s some of my fav¬†photos¬†from the night. All pix¬†by Pedro¬†Marques unless otherwise noted. See more at #wildfoxinthe6ix on Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks everyone who came by! The new collection is now in store and online. I’ve got my eye on a few summer items. Can’t wait for cottage season!



The hostess with the mostest @casiestewart & I last week at the @wildfoxcouture @highstreetfs 

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I am seriously loving¬†this weather! I went for a bike ride this morning to get a¬†coffee. I’ve been a bit slack on blog posts this week as I’m seriously prepping for a TEDx talk this weekend. ¬†I’ve been giving myself a little goals of doing some work and then rewarding myself with a coffee or with lunch. I’ve got a lot to get accomplished this week! Next week I’m shooting a holiday project with a major design company and I’m really excited about it. I set a goal to do more video so I’m pretty stoked about all the collabs I’ve got coming up.

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In other news, ¬†I recently discovered how great dictation is on my MacBook, I can literally talk and it types everything I’m saying. I’m doing this today because I’m feeling a bit frazzled! ūüėõ Prepping for a speaking gig¬†involves lots of talking to yourself. Dictation and iPhone voice memos are my saviour this week. THANKS APPLE!

Scion Canada hooked me up with a car for the week,¬†which¬†I am LOVING! I’ve never owned my own car and it’s so freeing to just jump in an hit the open road. Today I’m heading West with my sister to have dinner with mum.

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Yesterday I went to WEST (wearables) conference at the MaRS¬†discovery District. On this panel is one of Sean’s business partners, J.Lee Williams, ¬†talking the future of VR in film and television.


I also stopped into¬†a preview of ALDO Spring/Summer 2016. Take a little scroll through my fav items¬†in this little Vine. You’ll find these at stores early next year. I’ve been making more short videos so pop over to to see my recent creations.

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OK, time for me to get a move on. Forever being distracted by the internet! Currently watching the Prime Minister, Justing Trudeau get sworn in via Periscope.




Love this campaign and all the people in the video. Not sure how long this has been out but I just rediscovered it in my drafts and watched it another 2x.¬†You’ll like this one.

The voice is¬†Iggy Pop who is also in the vid.¬†H&M’s Close the Loop collection and Global Recycling initiative, which to date, has recycled more than 260 billion pounds of unwanted clothing. [More here…]

I’ve donated heaps of clothes in my lifetime and second hand clothes growing up kept me looking stylish. It’s probably where my love for clothes hoarding started.

Heading to breakfast w/ ReThink Breast Cancer then a  few other media things today!





TIFF | Nikki Beach Instabrunch @ The Spoke Club

On Saturday Lauren, Roxy, and I joined bloggers, influencers, and cool peeps alike for Instabrunch at Nikki Beach inside the Spoke Club. It was fun. We really should brunch more. We laughed our heads off over mimosas before the fashion show.

On Saturday Lauren, Roxy, and I joined bloggers, influencers, and cool peeps alike for Instabrunch at Nikki Beach inside the Spoke Club.

I was so distracted by the girls I didn’t snap a photo of the actual brunch. Here’s one from another bruncher.¬†When we were done¬†I went home to sleep off Friday night’s Producer’s Ball that I attended with Sean & Brock at The Royal Ontario¬†Museum the night before.

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Today I’m off to the races at Woodbine with Dawn. This evening Sean and I are heading to Mongrel House on Queen for the Beeba Boys after party. Never a dull moment!

Follow my adventures on Twitter & Snapchat! Hope weekend is good. ūüôā



Sending You Good Vibes Through The Internet As I Type

Well hello there gorgeous! It’s a great day to be alive. Was up early to greet the day and have heaps¬†on my TODO list. I’ve been working out of the 1188 office most the week on a new project and was so heads down yesterday I MISSED A HAIR APPOINTMENT. I would never!

As I type this I’m sitting at Starbucks beside a very tall man who is working on something about biology and organic acid catabolic process. Makes missing a hair appt not really seem THAT bad, ha! It’s ok, I rescheduled for Friday afternoon. ¬†ūüôā

Started wearing my fav Rudsak leather jacket yesterday. This time of year is bittersweet, I love fall fashion but summer is so magical, I wish it would last forever.

These flowers are for you…

I like to blog when I first¬†get up before doing any other work. It’s something I think about all day if I don’t.¬†I guess that’s how some people feel about working out. If I spent¬†1/2 as much time jogging¬†as I did blogging,¬†well… we won’t go there!¬†

Sending you good vibes through the internet as I type. Looking forward to the weekend! Hannah and I are doing a scavenger hunt with Ford Canada on Saturday and on Sunday CARLY IS GETTING MARRIED. I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle. Looking forward to a slowdance with my man too.



Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job.

I’ve been growing my hair long(er) for the last couple months and I’m ready to cut it. I’ve had it! Was looking through old photos from a Google Search and came across this one from LA.

We went to Disneyland and spent some time in California a couple summers ago, it was the best. Love this American Apparel Dress, miss those yellow glasses.

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job.

Spent the morning analyzing Facebook analytics for a client campaign then helping another client set up her first WordPress. I love doing both! It’s not a ‘real job’ like the olden days but I’m pretty happy that it IS A REAL JOB in 2015. I love THE INTERNET so much.

Can’t believe 10 years after starting this blog, I’m here and made a career of it. Who KNOWS what kind of jobs there will be 10 years from now. If you are reading this and in school, GET ALL THE SCHOOL YOU CAN so you’re ready to take on the world with great skills.

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job.

I know I said this already but I’m SO stoked for the weekend and getting back¬†up to the cottage. We’re gonna stay for A WHILE. I’m doing a makeover to my blog AND getting a new computer. I can barely contain my excitement.




There’s beauty wherever you go!¬†
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Last night I went to see Magic Mike with some girlfriends and it WAS SO GOOD. We screamed our heads off most of the movie and it had me sweatin’ a bit. The VIP theatre experience is totally the way to go.

On my way to the movie I rolled my ankle on some uneven pavement and I’m a bit worried I sprained my ankle. It’s swollen and really hurting. Forcing me to take it easy which, after a couple week of being go-go-go, it’s not the worst thing ever. Might have to get an x-ray today. Cross your fingers for me that it’s not as BAD as it feels!

Wish love from across the internet,



Vaughan Mills Fashion Truck РFind it, Win Things, Have an Ice Cream!

Last week I popped out to Vaughan Mills to do some shopping and mentioned an upcoming project. Well, the cat’s outta the bag, I’ve been chosen as a Toronto style-maker and picked an outfit go on¬†tour around Toronto this week from July 13th-19th.

Inside you’ll find a selection of outfits pulled together¬†by Toronto¬†influencers. You also have the opportunity to win 1 of 5 prizes picked by us valued at $250 or a Vaughan Mills gift card. Share your fav pick from inside the truck and make sure to share #treattheheat¬†+ tag @Vaughan_Mills (AND ME!) in your post.

My outfit:

  • Hat – hr2 Holt Renfrew
  • Dress – AX Armani Exchange
  • Necklace, glasses – H&M
  • Shoes – Le Chateau

The Vaughan Mills ‘Jam Van’ can be found at the following locations:

  • July 15th –¬†Yonge and Dundas, Liberty St. and Dufferin St
  • July 16th –¬†Queen St. W and Soho St., ¬†City Place
  • July 17th – Queen St. W and Soho St., Church St. and Carlton St
  • July 18th – Woodbine Park, Queen St. W and Soho
  • July 19th –¬†John St. and Front St. W, Trinity Bellwoods Park

This week is REALLT hot so if you see the truck, walk up and grab yourself an ice cream.

See you in the park!




Today in #Toronto: Tattoos, Water, Wine, Bikes, Blue Skies

Out on my bike this morning to put on a basket before hitting the road. I’ve got 2 things on today:

Other than that, the day is mine! Gonna bike around and see what I can find. ¬†Took a look at the new-ish street art under the bridge on Bloor at Dundas. It was all done a couple weeks ago and worth checking out. A bunch of Toronto artists’ work to see.

Went on lock up and found my Schwinn Twinn! In case you missed it this week, I’ve been welcomed to the Schwinn Team as an official ambassador. They hooked me up with a sweet bike! Picked this one out, it suits me, good for cruising the city and just needs that basket.

Bike selfie is dangerous but I’ve got it locked down.

The city workers were taking down all the street art near the new Union Pearson Express station at Bloor-Dundas. I asked what was happening to it all and GO was giving some away but decided to keep it all.

I would have dragged this one home and taken it to the cottage.

I’ve been writing this while circling the Dollar Store for zip ties and now I’m gonna go riding.

The PanAm Opening Ceremony last night was really neat. Loved watching all the athletes walk in. I posed a bunch of photos etc on

Have an awesome day!

CASIE ūüíõūüö≤


New Bike, Snacks, Shoppers, #SMDay

Well hello my friends. 😎‚úĆThis photo was taken yesterday and although I look very smiley, I’m not feeling great. I’m so tired. I’m not sure if it’s the small time change last week with my trip to Calgary or lack of sleep but I’m lethargic. I miss the cottage. It’s been weeks since we’ve got to have a good cottage hang and it’ll be at least a week before we get back up to Muskoka. I’m in Ottawa this weekend then back for The Queen’s Plate.

In other news, I had some good things yesterday…

I used to have a Red Schwinn cruiser bike that I LOVED. I rode that baby all over town for a coue simmers, Junction to Beaches and back.

Unfortunately some jerk vandalized my bike and it was unridable, went to the bike graveyard. RIP. 2 years ago I purchased a new one¬†from Bikes On Wheels, Queen West and it was stolen before summer was over. Last year I didn’t ride at all it made me sad.

YESTERDAY, my brand new Schwinn Cruiser was ready for pickup. 🚲👍¬†Schwinn Canada has welcomed me as a bike ambassador and I’m back on the road baby! I’ve got a few things to add (bell, basket, lights) before we’re full time but one little cruise yesterday made my heart sing. 💛

If you stop by your local Shoppers Drug Mart you might see their new ‘Summer Covered’ Campaign. Next week I’ll be sharing some of my fav products for summer roadtrips and cottaging. I’ll also be featured on the SDM social + website.

Received a shipment of this yesterday. Have you tried it yet?

It’s Social Media Day today and in 2010 and 2011 I spoke at Toronto events. It’s amazing how social media has changed my life and taken me around the world.¬†Thinking I’ll write something about SMDay and share it with you later today.

Anything exciting planned for Canada Day? This is the first Canada Day we’re spending in the city in the last 4 years. I don’t even know what to do! 🙆