Have Confidence in Your Business

Watched this talk last night by Mike Monteiro about being a person who works in the business of being creative. He talks about relationship building and uses good language. The start is amusing and I learned a few things. I drew on iPad while he was talking.

He brings in his lawyer, who is quite insightful. Especially when it comes to how to take care of client service contracts as a small business. Sounds boring but it’s not. I watched the whole thing. Having a business lawyer like Weisblatt Law Firm can really help expand and build on your business in the best way possible with sorting out legalities.

If the person you are working with has their lawyer on the call, you should have yours.

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from San Francisco Creative Mornings

I like when he says ” I would like designers to stop being bottoms, realize the power you have in the relationship”. (You’ll enjoy that part I’m sure.) I love listening to entrepreneurs talk. It’s like candy for your brain. At the end he says something that I say to you and myself like, errrrrrrry day.

Go do something awesome.

“this is a Cinderella moment for a science nerd like me’, she said.

Angela is my hero today! Check out this cure for Cancer she’s working on.

Way to go girl! What were you doing at 17?


I’d like to thank the academy & blah, blah, blog!

Remember a couple months ago I asked you nicely to click a link and show some love for my life(s) work? Welllllllllll…..thanks for your votes and thank you for reading because…drum roll please…we made the shortlist for Best Life Weblog in Canada!  Congrats to my friends for noms in their categories Unbrelievable, Shop My Clothes and Dear Photograph. To check out all nominees or judging criteria go here.

In other exciting news…MY SXSW panel has been scheduled. If you are going to be please please don’t miss it. There’s lots of things to see & do there but our panel is Psychology of Narcissism & How It Affects Brands. The hashtag is #LOOKATME and it’s sure to be entertaining.

On that note I leave you with this song I’ve been diggin’ ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ feat. Kimbra from Gotye’s album Making Mirrors.

Sitting at Darren Kwik Studio waiting for toner in my hair while blogging and tweeting away. Thank you Telus & iPhone for the MAGIC of Personal Hotspot. I now have the freedom to stop & blog it like it’s hot any time, any place. Heading to get Sammy & meet my darling sister Jenie & friends at Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice Restaurant for her birthday dinner.

Have an awesome night!

Howard Green on BNN: What’s the deal with Klout?

It’s always a pleasure for me to go back to 299 Queen Street, the most famous address in Toronto and the home of my last full time 9-5 job. Especially when it’s to be on camera!


This time I was on BNN talking online influence with Headline News anchor Howard Green who also spoke to Shelby Walsh, VP of Operations at Trendhunter and Joe Fernandes, CEOof Klout.

Watch the entire episode on the BNN HERE or my single clip HERE.



Ok, here we go, 00:30 seconds and we’re LIVE. No anxiety. I love being on TV!



I’ve officially moved from ‘Social Media Expert’ on eTalk to ‘Pro-Blogger, Casie Stewart, BLOG ENTREPRENEUR on BNN.Look out world! 🙂

Mum, Dad & Nana are gonna love this!