Voter turnout in 2008 was lowest in Canadian History

I know you are really smart because you are here reading this. If you are in Canada you are even awesomer and today you have an election. You get to have a say in what happens in your country, our country.

I don’t care who you vote for but please, PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE.  It’s so important. I rounded up a few things from the internet and I hope they inspire you to go to your polling station and PUT AN X IN A BOX.

People dance at a pre-election gathering in London, Ontario, April 30, 2011. Globe & Mail
  • There is much at stake in this election. Yet the biggest decision for many eligible voters is not whom to choose, but choosing to vote at all. …read more.

“stop being such a hipster and go to the polls and vote”

These videos were made by KIDS in highschool. They are voting. You know you are legally allowed to leave work & vote.

I found out some info about my riding & canditates from Project Democracy. You can find your info there too. I live in the downtown hipster riding. Imagine all of us voted? Our votes make a difference dudes.

I read a good article about the ongoing election tweeting debate on “You can’t stop the tweeting folks“.

Maybe we will change a law tomorrow?

  • Do they really think they can put a lid on the information that is being released on the Internet on election day while efforts by other governments to control information in their repressive regimes are proving to be so ineffective? It’s as fruitless as trying to hold your ground while a massive tsunami rushes towards you. If Elections Canada is truly serious about the necessity of concealing election results while some polls are still open, the only way to accomplish it is to keep all the results from across the country under wraps until the last poll closes in B.C. …read more.

A few words from Rick Mercer:

  • “So please, if you are between the ages of 18 and 25 and you wanna scare the hell out of the people ruling this country, this time around do the unexpected. Take 20 minutes out of your day and do what young people all over the world are dying to do: VOTE.”

I posted heaps about Obama before he won. I really like him, his character, the way he delivers a message. Watching him speak just now brought that back. Love that swagger.

Aisles turn to catwalks: Stolen Girlfriends Club SS 2011

I’ve told you about Stolen Girlfriends Club before,  most fav NZ designer. My girl Anna Fitzpatrick at Red Bull in NZ sent me this awesome vid of the SS SGC collection ‘Untitled’. Check out what they did…

Stolen Girlfriends Club invade New World Victoria Park.

Stolen Girlfriends Club present their Spring 2011 collection ‘Untitled’ Gone are the runways, front row seating, backstage, and media-only invite list. It was everyday shoppers who were treated to 20 beautiful models walking the aisles of a supermarket as if they were the cat walks of Milan. Music courtesy of White Lies – Peace and Quiet (33s remix)

No runways, front row seating, backstage, or media-only invite list, for six minutes New World Supermarket (Auckland, been there) was taken over by models. The show was put together with Red Bull who have been lovers of their unconventional style since 2005.

Marc Moore, design director of SGC, wanted to present ‘Untitled’ in a location that took fashion out of its usual context. “We thought about presenting our new collection in a total random and public place, we wanted it to be like a ‘fashion flash-mob’. It’s always a challenge to keep people on their toes in anticipation but I think that today’s show really did surprise”.

She looks surprised…

Todday I’m heading to lunch to meet a few friend who is giving me a NEW fancy camera. I am going to take so many photos of everything including myself . Haha. Someone from Global News is coming to interview me after that about being cool twitter/blog. I dreamed of this kinda stuff happening to me when I grow up. Have plans to do something fun this evening too. Life is good. Enjoy the sunshine today 🙂

and just like that… #2010

this video is cool

and so so are you

is a reaction what you are looking for @globeandmail? annoying.

I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow to meet with Virgin America. I was recently in New Zealand ,as you know, and had a wonderful experience with international people and companies. So, as  I was walking today I thought, “maybe I should consider jobs outside of Canada, it seems there is more opportunity for a young lady like myself”.

Then I saw this.

Urgh. Rolls eyes. I get it that it’s meant to draw attention issues about ‘women in power’ or make people pipe up and talk about the brain drain but like, seriously?

I feel like the bunch of “old school people” sat together in a room and decided “this is a great idea”. Meanwhile, as a young person, it makes me think “hey maybe that’s right” and does NOT make me want to join the discussion AT ALL.

To me, this billboard is silly. You get more bee’s with honey. Traditional news can be so annoying, this is a prime example.