mashable social media day :: toronto

I like social and media. And I like talking. Pix frm the event are here via Kevin Chung. Here’s my talk, I hope you enjoy it.

Casie Stewart (@casiestewart) at #SMdayTO from Ron Wolf

I like talking about how many awesome people I have met through twitter. How I got a job because I really loved the internet, being social and sharing creativity all over the place. I like landscape photos better than portrait. I like when the sun shines through the clouds and you can see it coming right at you. I like writing the stories as they happen and living out all kinda of adventures. I like being positive, it’s really the best medicine you can give yourself.

I’ve always liked to write. In 1996 my friend Holly and I, with the help of our Mum’s publihed and anthology of poetry & prose called JEANS. It was all kinds of things we had written in Grade. 8. I wanna publish a new book. I have hundreds written verse and such just dying to have your eyes. Words all wanting attention. I’ve decided to hire and intern, I need some help with the stuff. Looking for someone unique, someone kinda like me to be honest; loves internet, learning, sharing, twitter, hard work, fun. There’s always skill involved but the things that really matter most are not learned in class.

What I think (1996)

I’d like to do more public speaking. I like it and I’m just getting started. I won in a speech competition about a hundred years ago when I was younger. This one time, in drama class, I read my whole speech with my back facing the audience, it was the speech you tell youself before you go on stage. The two minute “you can do this, you are prepared, review key points ,come on just get out there and go, you are awesome”. Then, as I finished I turned around smiled at the audience and introduced myself. I loved that one.

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