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Chatting away with Sabrina and she said “He told me he saw a look alike of you today!?”, to which I followed “No way really?” said he asked if I “had any recent enhancements?” to which she replied I have not.

Ah well, nice to know there’s a look alike somewhere floating around with big boobies, haha. In case you don’t know it’s  Doppelganger Week on Facebook which inspired me to post some blonde babes I love.

My favorite model is Agyness Deyn, born Laura Hollins in the UK and one year later than me. She’s so fab, really. Her hair is wild and short and blonde and she keeps it amazing all the time.

Her style is a whole tickle trunk of awesomeness. I’d love to go through her closet and try stuff on. Nothing would fit me as she’s at least 5’9 and I’m 5’2″. I’d still try everything on and dance around.

We’d listen to Charlotte Gaisnbourg and talk about runways of Paris & Milan and drink and twitpic then go out dancing.

I like Pink too. Her first album is the only one I’ve owned but that’s not why she’s one I like.

It’s her attitude, she’s all “I’m gonna do shit and this is me and I’m gonna be me cause that’s what I’m good at”.  She’s not afraid to say she’s crazy, so what, she’s a rockstar, she’s got her rock moves and she don’t need you to like her.

Also totally love her new love for public near-naked acrobatics.

I love Gaga for pretty much the same reasons I love the others…attitude, look and style.

Gaga is fearless and fierce, she’ll stand up for what she loves and how she feels.  She exaggerates all the things that make her different, the same things that make her unique and awesome. I love it.  It’s inspiring.

Today is my three month anniversary working for MuchMTV. It feels like it’s been longer than that which makes me relax a bit. When I think about how much I’ve learned and shared with people over that time period, it’s totally fucking insane/awesome.

The next three months are gonna be cra-zay then it’ll be spring and my birthday. Oh, there’s always something to celebrate. The day is yours to make, enjoy it!

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  1. February 4, 2010 / 4:44 am

    3 months CONGRATULATIONS! And to think you're already an editor-in-chief of a magazine there, can't wait to see what you pull off next. So proud of you lady xo

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