Day 240: A Second Spring!

We have had the absolute best weather for the last couple of days! It’s been around 20 degrees during the day since Saturday. I’m working most of the day but I love sitting outside for coffee and lunch to soak up some vitamin D.

April is here for the week and Sean is back in the city with Emily. So nice to have some quality girl time!

I’ve been pretty good with working out the last week and did 4km today before 8am. Last week I treated myself to new running pants for the first time in months as my old ones were falling down. I also ordered Bala wrist/ankle weights and I love them. I tagged them on IG today and they replied, ha! I really hope this warm weather lasts a while, I am NOT READY for winter snow or slippery surfaces. I love running outside so much, not sure what I’m gonna do this year without the gym or a treadmill.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus

Gonna soak up as much sun as I can and make the most if each warm-ish day while I can!

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