Day 231: A Full Moon & Halloween, on a Saturday! During a Pandemic!

We’re up in the woods and don’t have any plans this year. We have to pick up a few things in town so I plan to wear a witch costume to fulful my halloween haunting desires.

Here’s a few of my fav costumes from years past. I’ve always loved dressing up but this year, the world is so spooky, I just haven’t had it in me.

Tonight is a full moon and a GREAT time to charge those crystals in the moonlight, put some water out, burn sage, candles, and cast some spells for good things to happen. If you’re looking for Full Moon Rituals, check out this IGTV I made around this time last year.

IG post via @sarahhudsonxx

With the full moon on halloween, Daylight Saving Time tomorrow, and the election on Tuesday, the next few days are gonna be very emotional.

Please stay safe out there.

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