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This one time I sent a really mean valentine.

When I was in primary school this boy Adam really liked me. I was in grade 5, Mrs. Rolt’s class and he was in grade 4. I did not like Adam. I wasn’t a romantic then like I am now. (Mum is going to have a giggle when she reads this.) I made a bunch of valentines on our old computer to give to friends in my class and around school. They were quite lovely, beautiful actually,  I hand coloured the hearts by hand with pencil crayon. (This was back when printer’s were black & white and  the paper had holes on the sides.)

I wrote recipients name & class number on valentines and cupid would deliver them by end of day. Well, my valentine for Adam was REALLY special. I coloured his in with special care and signed my name.

Before sending I wrote “I HATE YOU” in bold pencil.

I hated him. He was really mean to me all the time and I was really upset. It’s not nice to be picked on. As a creative person & writer this is how I dealt with the bully. It was not really the right way to deal, but, hey, I was in grade five and I didn’t know any better.

The valentine did NOT go over well. I had a pending application to the leadership council and my Mum got a ring form the school and  was told how “that type of behaviour would not be tolerated” and I should not be a leader on the council.  Mum explained how he had been bullying me and I was upset and I was just a kid and I was a creative person and I had hurt feelings. I got let off the hook and joined the leadership council the following year.

Adam was so sad at the time. In retrospect, I really should have not signed my name. I’ve never sent another mean valentine. Sorry Adam! Please accept my apology twenty years later. By chance do you still have that card?

These flowers just arrived from a dear friend in the U.K. Thank you lovely.



Morning! I’ve been added as a speaker to a second panel during Social Media Week and this one is probably the most personal talk I’ve even agreed to take part in. It’s about to get deep, we’re talking ANXIETY.

One of the things that gives me the most anxiety and possibly you too, is not having money. I’ve gone through lots of ups & downs in my life and I don’t come from money so all I have, is all I’ve earned. When I returned from Australia I was so skinny from living on next to nothing I looked like Nicole in her anorexic days, not by choice.

It’s hard to carve out a way to get paid for what you love doing. Especially as a creative person. Last summer I wrote a post about how you can’t pay me in chips or chocolate bars. I got sick and tired of people asking me to do work for them in return for things I don’t need. What would I do with a bunch of chips & chocolate? I go to the gym for a reason! Helloooooo. If they (whoever is asking) are getting a paycheque and are asking me to do work, I should get paid too. You wouldn’t believe some of the extreme things I get asked to to in return for ‘publicity’. I turn down way more than I accept. (That’s not to say I don’t love getting a few freebie’s along the way!)

Lauren posted this video that’s an excerpt from an upcoming documentary on Harlan Ellison, “DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH“. He’s an excellent writer and inspiring man. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

My startup disk is full so I’ll be spending the afternoon moving TO THE CLOUD. Have a spectacular day. It’s lovely & sunny in Toronto 🙂


Have Confidence in Your Business

Watched this talk last night by Mike Monteiro about being a person who works in the business of being creative. He talks about relationship building and uses good language. The start is amusing and I learned a few things. I drew on iPad while he was talking.

He brings in his lawyer, who is quite insightful. Especially when it comes to how to take care of client service contracts as a small business. Sounds boring but it’s not. I watched the whole thing.

If the person you are working with has their lawyer on the call, you should have yours.

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from San Francisco Creative Mornings

I like when he says ” I would like designers to stop being bottoms, realize the power you have in the relationship”. (You’ll enjoy that part I’m sure.) I love listening to entrepreneurs talk. It’s like candy for your brain. At the end he says something that I say to you and myself like, errrrrrrry day.

Go do something awesome.



I want a balloon tree. I always have.

The Balloon Tree by Phoebie Gilman was one of my favourite books as a child. We used to read heaps of books. Each summer Jenie and I would join the Summer Reading Club at the Preston library. I spent so much of my childhood at that place. I was either there, the dance studio, or gymnastics. I’m pretty sure I had my first reading by Robert Munsch at the Preston library.  I remember meeting Phoebie Gilman and having my photo taken with her. Authors were my celebrities back then.  When I wrote ‘Jeans: an anthology of poetry & prose‘ in 1996 we had our book launch there. We sold over 80 books that night and one dollar from the sale of each went to the Women’s Crisis Shelter.  It was a magical night. I’l never forget how good it feels sitting there signing your own book for a lineup of people. I’ve been (slowly) working on another  book. Write more, read more, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thought and a few things I’ve been thinking about lately are libraries and speaking. Not necessarily together but in general. The crazy thing is, I got an email from Marketing Magazine asking me to speak at an event next month and guess where it is? A LIBRARY. My favourite library in the city, Toronto Reference. We’re talking youth culture and the founder of VICE Magazine will also be there talking about The Creators Project between Vice & Intel. I’ve been a Vice fan for about ten years and have a diploma in marketing so this is all quite exciting. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN’T DO.

The Creators Project is really cool and well, CREATIVE.

“I have always imagined that Paradise

will be a kind of library.”

Jorge Luis Borges quotes (Argentinian Poet and Essayist, 1899-1986).


What time is it?

Time to get up. Time to get off the couch. Time to pick up the phone and make that call. Time to start living. Time to start loving. Time to make that list of things you want to accomplish and not let anything get in the way. Time to let go. Time to take abreak. Time to make a move. Time to sit back and relax. Time to do something. Time to break free.

You’ve  got the whole world in your hands.


If not now, when?

Ask yourself this every single day. 

I’m sitting in the Boston Logan Airport lounge listening to music and soaking up as much free wifi as a girl can. I got to thinking about life and goals and what I dreamed of doing and where I’m going. Not like, back to Toronto but where am I really going? I think January is a time everyone does that introspective look into their life and wonders, what am I doing? It’s probably also why people get sad and maybe have breakdowns! Last year in January I considered giving up blogging and getting a 9-5 job. I’m really glad I didn’t. 

The last two years have been filled with all kinds of things I only ever dreamed would happen. How did I get to do them? How did I make them a reality? I feel inspired to tell you today.

When I was in Australia at Uni (2004 & pre-blog) I often felt homesick. I missed my sister terribly and everyone from home seemed light years away. One fine day I went to a bookstore in search of  ‘something’ that would give me guidance or direction or make me feel better.  I picked up The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg, a book that claimed to be ‘technology for the soul’. I went home and read it cover to cover in one sitting, staying up all night, moving from couch to bed to floor until it was finished.  I was not raised religious and this book wasn’t about that at all. It was about the power of the universe and creating the life you wanted.  It was spiritual wisdom. It helped me realize that I could have everything I ever wanted. It helped me understand that I already did.

As I embarked on this journey of self-discovery (I know how gay that sounds but it is true) I started to change how I thought about things. I’ve always been fairly positive but I really shifted my consciousness to see the light in every situation. By making this change I opened up a whole new realm of my life to accept positivity and my life began to change, for the better. I started writing things down, setting clear goals and striving to surround myself with inspiring people.

I learned something during that time that has stuck with me much longer than the red Kabbalah string on my wrist. It’s a quote by Hillel the Elder and it really inspired me. It’s been adopted by lots of people & things over history including the song “If not now, when?” by Incubus. I ask myself this every single day…

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am not for others, what am I?

And if not now, when?

Paint a positive picture of your future and go for it. There is nothing holding you back or standing in your way. Your life is your movie and you are the director. Go out there and GET IT. It’s TIME.

I used to write all the time and this year I’m going to write more. Next up on the blog is goal setting and people who positively influence me. I meant to write ‘block’ in that sentence but typed blog instinctively. The blog becomes you, I swear!  Time to catch up on my Young & the Restless and fly home.

Love & light my friends, 


* photo by Taylor Jackson at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada 2012


Entrepreneurs Don’t Call in Sick, They Work

When you work for yourself you can’t really call in sick. I felt a bit of a cold coming on when I woke up so I’m going to work from bed today with hope of kicking this by tomorrow. In Boston this weekend and a cold is not an accessory I’d like to pack. Y’know what I’m sayin’?


I’m cookin’ up lots of fun stuff to share with you over the next coming weeks. Thinking that my new classes from Clearly Contacts will arrive today. I might whip up a nice home made soup this afternoon. If you are AT ALL feeling sick here’s two cures from my darling Mum that will kill those bad germs like the soldiers in Louie Pasteur kids book (it was my fav!).  Cure for throat here & cure for overall cold/sickness here. Thanks Mum 🙂



P.S. I entered to win this TRIP TO BAHAMAS. You can too right here. Mum just came back from a year there and wouldn’t we ALL love to be there right meow. <3



A Little Razzle Dazzle in the Press

Sitting in the Product Development Centre at the Henry Ford Museum listening to a panel discussion on creativity, design, ideas, innovation & inspiration. It’s pretty neat because it’s not all Ford people there’s a mix of ages & backgrounds. I’m not gonna go into detail on it now so I  can actually pay attention. This photo was posted yesterday by Ford Europe from the Fusion press conference yesterday. Overalls from H&M, shirt StyleMint & vintage scarf from CTS.

Today I was quoted in the Detroit Free Press and the article is here. There’s a video of Joallore too. We’re representing Toronto here in the 313!

“There’s really cool booths where it’s like they’re not just appealing to you buying a car, but they want to create an experience for you – which is really cool,” said Casie Stewart, also a blogger from Toronto.

Have an awesome day. I’m off to Vegas tonight for CES. Ahhhhhhhh! Exciting 🙂




Anyone from Twitter YOU would like to meet?

Blogged before bed last night because I had to get up early and go to the office. Ok, I didn’t HAVE to go to an office but I decided to get my booty to Edelman’s Toronto office to meet David Armano their Global EVP from Chicago. I’ve been following @armano on Twitter for YEARS. Sometimes I get people saying they’ve followed me for ages and they’re excited when WE meet, this is one of those people for ME.

the power of a post: social media with love

I wrote a blog post about him on January 6, 2009 when I WITNESSED him raise money to help a friend who had fallen into an unfortunate situation. It was heart touching to watch as the donation meter on his blog post “Please help Daniella’s Family” went up and up. As I followed along, they raised $12K in 24HR! He’s a rad guy and today we get to meet in person.

Today is going to be awesome 🙂 Make the most of it, you’re younger today than you will be again!

James Dean reading poetry, 1955


TedXToronto: September 23, 2011

I’m happy to my acceptance as a Delegate for  TedXToronto on September 23! I attended last  year and it was quite riveting. For details on how you can take part in the conference go here. There’s a few speakers this year I know personally so I’m really looking forward to being there. Not sure who the hosts are.

These are two of my favourite videos from the speaker vids created by my friends at The Biz Media. First up is Movember co-founder Adam Garone and second Rob Spence. Reckon you’ll find them quite moving 🙂

Dropped off a bday present for Emma at Sammy’s work today and have had this song stuck in my head. It’s real pretty. Give a listen, you will like it too. Tonight is the Diet Coke TIFF party. Two more nights of TIFF before it’s over! Gah. Mega tiring. Gonna take a city break and go visit Mum this weekend.


Art Battle 17 at The Great Hall: Paint by Numbers

And by numbers… I mean Pemberton & Plashkes, the creators of Art Battle. Their numbered shirts equal seventeen. Eight is my fav number, I have one tattooed on my right arm.

If you have never been to Art Battle, follow them on Twitter here and stay tuned for the next one. It’s one of the most awesome things that happens in this wonderful city. Competitive painting for the WIN.

Paint pr0n.

THIS is how you do event shirts.

These babies were all up for grabs. Painted that night, silent auction.

I really liked this one. Bid was $150, I didn’t go for it.

Jack will always be in our thoughts.

The ones without bids are DESTROYED. See video here.

Hello new friend blog fan, Twitter peep. (Please tell me your Twitter if/when you see this!)

Queen West art hipster types in full force. You can tell there are deep thoughts going on here and I like it.

Smart, arty & handsome. Winning combo 😉

Painting in the final round.

Counting up the votes.

Simon & the winner of the Art Battle 17 David McKenzie.

David & his is final painting.

“Let’s destroy some paintings”

Paint on the clothes is a good style I reckon.


Maybe some for me next time? I like to paint too. Some serious talent at these things. I know for sure you will enjoy yourself. I’ll keep you posted on the next one.


time capsule creative: november 16, 2006

Once I thought I lost the contents my first external hard drive. It was November 16, 2005. I was heart broken. Like no other love I’ve ever had, it was my everything.

Devastated. Distraught. Thinking about that day now, and you reading this, my heart, it still hurts, feels like like a day old punch.

I went to the bar and I got a martini. What the hell else was I supposed to do, I LOST  goddamn EVERYTHING?! There was a hole in my heart. And it was bleeding. So I wrote…


now i must write.
today i think i lost my work, my life my story.
my external drive showed up empty.
my brain is very full.
the words i wrote, can not be gone.
i must remember what is lost.


where what now
here me loud
my story goes untold
a life worth living
a legend will unfold



life lost.
a legend burried deep within the walls
four of them that hold my life
a broken link holds it togehter
a photo in my mind
it is all remembered.

Later that day, I decided to take all the cords apart (there were two to connect it to my PC, it was 2006) and put them back together.

It turned back on. I didn’t  lose anything. The end.

Lessons learned:

1) Make sure you back up. 2) Drama inspires creativity.  3) I might be rtrd. 🙂