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I love discovering new things.

Last month Google rolled out www.wdyl.com and I just found out about it from Techcrunch. It’s hard to keep up on all the Google gossip! With all the talk about Google+ lately, I see how it slipped by most peoples radar. I checked it out last night & found an interesting discovery…

Here we go:

Went to the site, searched something I love (uh, myself! You would search yourself too right?). Found a few things, including explore “casie stewart” in 3D with Google Sketchup. You can create anything 3D there, haven’t tried it yet.  Youtube channel and gmail came up along with searches in blogs, photos, and books.

Books? I recognize that book. That’s my book.

I wrote when I was 14 with Holly Heiblinger, it’s called JEANS. Published Canadian Author, oh yeah. I’ve never seen it online. I mean, I never reallllllly looked but there she is right in Google Books and the library archives.

I was mega involved with writing and my community at that age. Our book is categorized in Canadian poetry (English) 20th centuryLiterary Collections / CanadianChildren’s Literature & Teenagers’ writings, Canadian (English). It’s no longer in print so don’t try to order one! I’ve only got a couple draft copies. Reckon Mum might have some in the basement.

I used to write heaps. Well, I still write lots but more diary than poetry. One say I will escape to a far away place and get all the notes from the notebooks into digital form. Maybe with my new computer? Omg, I ‘m getting a new computer today.

Downloaded a poetry magnet app for iPad called Verses Poetry. I like to play on/with words. Need to get more words unlocked though, running slim on options.

Spent lots of time with Andy (my iPad) this weekend. Maybe deep down I know that he’s about to get less attention when the new guy comes home today. We’ll see. There’s enough room in my heart for all the gadgets 🙂

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