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exhibitIKEA: realms of bliss realms of light some are born to sweet delight

I cruised by this the night before it opened and snapped a bunch of shots in the dark.

Yesterday I creeped into the beautiful art installation exhibit by IKEA at King & Peter. It’s in collaboration with Canadian fashion designer David Dixon, fashion & design photographer George Whiteside, sculptor Bruno Billio and Thrush Holmes, popular artist, painter & owner of Thrush Holmes Empire.

I love the creativity. I could live here. Maybe one day I will.



These photos were taken the night before it opened and shot from outside.


What would you do with the $250,000 if you were the Protector of the Caramilk Secret?

MEmhul on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

With $250,000? I would like to do what I’m doing now but MORE HUGE. TV on the Internet. I would go on TV shows and talk about my new show and travel the world more and tell you all about it and it would be so fun awesomazing. A dream come true. I would have huge parties and you would all come.

It’s been a while since I did  a contest and I reckon it’s time to bring it BACK.

To Enter:

Answer in the comments:

What would you do with the $250,000 if you were the Protector of the Caramilk Secret? “

Prize: Goodies from Caramilk valued at $50 (three winners). Prize will be shipped to you and contest closes August 26th. You must be in Canada.

There are still six more keys to be found across Canada. The winner could be you. For details on the big Cadbury Secret Contest see Facebook/Caramilk. If you find a key, Secret Agents come to your house and meet you and them you come to Toronto, go to the factory and see if you have the key to the real Caramilk Secret. If you have the secret, you get $250,000 and more chocolate than you could ever eat. Gah!


what do you love? ♥

I love discovering new things.

Last month Google rolled out www.wdyl.com and I just found out about it from Techcrunch. It’s hard to keep up on all the Google gossip! With all the talk about Google+ lately, I see how it slipped by most peoples radar. I checked it out last night & found an interesting discovery…

Here we go:

Went to the site, searched something I love (uh, myself! You would search yourself too right?). Found a few things, including explore “casie stewart” in 3D with Google Sketchup. You can create anything 3D there, haven’t tried it yet.  Youtube channel and gmail came up along with searches in blogs, photos, and books.

Books? I recognize that book. That’s my book.

I wrote when I was 14 with Holly Heiblinger, it’s called JEANS. Published Canadian Author, oh yeah. I’ve never seen it online. I mean, I never reallllllly looked but there she is right in Google Books and the library archives.

I was mega involved with writing and my community at that age. Our book is categorized in Canadian poetry (English) 20th centuryLiterary Collections / CanadianChildren’s Literature & Teenagers’ writings, Canadian (English). It’s no longer in print so don’t try to order one! I’ve only got a couple draft copies. Reckon Mum might have some in the basement.

I used to write heaps. Well, I still write lots but more diary than poetry. One say I will escape to a far away place and get all the notes from the notebooks into digital form. Maybe with my new computer? Omg, I ‘m getting a new computer today.

Downloaded a poetry magnet app for iPad called Verses Poetry. I like to play on/with words. Need to get more words unlocked though, running slim on options.

Spent lots of time with Andy (my iPad) this weekend. Maybe deep down I know that he’s about to get less attention when the new guy comes home today. We’ll see. There’s enough room in my heart for all the gadgets 🙂


I’m in love with this app today.

 …magically your closet is a shop of beautiful things. 

Made using Comic Book for iPad. New fav app. I always wanted to make a comic of my adventures. I wanna fight some bad guys and make the world a better place.

Have you ever worked your arms from driving?

Today I used Softsign to download & edit a PDF, type changes & sign all from iPad with ease. Amazing device.

I am also in LOVE with Spotify. How did I get it to work when I’m in Canada? Used my Klous Perk invite code to sign up while in the USA (Boston) and… it still works! Been loving all kinds of tunes the last week. Liking suggestions and seeing what other people have in lists. I usually work in silence but I’m enjoying more music lately.

Welcome to THE FUTURE.


Be creative. Be yourself. Have fun. Get off the computer.

Saw this on O’Nizzle’s blog today and I dig it. Think you will too. What do you do to be creative?

I like to let my mind wander. I like long walks by myself. I like to play outside. I love my sketchbook. I like to draw with pastels. I cut up old clothes and make new ones. I call old friends. Classical music. Reminding myself I can do anything. Cleaning my closet. Coffee. Painting. Dancing with arms over head. Writing is especially fun for me. I like poetry, reading, writing mostly. Photography & close up shots on the camera. Old music & fun memories. I like watching Annie Hall or Dead Poets Society. I enjoy sitting by the lake. Running in the rain. Friends are good too. I like to let my mind wander.

I guess you could say I’m Borderline Artistic.


a good team is a family, a family is a team – Kyle Benjamin

Dad loves racing so to be working with a race car driver is pretty neat. Especially an epic, race winning child prodigy one.

Sky & I were twerkin’ hard in the office aka the rig. She is 11.

We were tweeting our hearts out during the bike race portion. She is a riot.  RA RA RIOT.

I was telling Kyle how he’s gonna have ladies all ova’ him. He’s so dang cute. Any of you out there 13ish? He’s single.

Gettin’ ready. Talladega styles.

Race time. Team #71.

Was a totally crazy race. Started with 25 drivers, finished with 16ish. About 20 cautions, three ambo’s. This one went straight to hospital, back injury. Hope you’re ok man.

Waiting for the track to be cleared then take a few laps to warm up the tires.

(Get’s easily distracted) HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

What a winner this stud. Kyle took 3rd. Nice one buddy!

Kyle loves Gatorade. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Sky, you are the cutest ever.

Check those tire marks from racers bumpin’ him. Bump & grind fo’ realz

His shirt was actually soaking wet. We were laughing. Dang hot drivin’ them cars. (Clearly I’ve been in the South, I’m typing with an accent.)

Impressed with how well spoken you are Kyle. Nice twerk. Good interview.

Night was fun. Brekky & travel home tomorrow. I miss my own bed. I like being away but I love coming home. Next trip is Boston in July. Next week is busy with NXNE (music & interactive), MMVAs & more. Gonna be real fun. Have an awesome day 🙂


he can drive better than all y’all

* worst screen grab ever. YouTube you are assholes, let me upload a photo please!

I was in Florida to meet Kyle’s race team & family to chat about his personal brand. He’s a totally awesome kid who is racing against people twice his age and winning. Started Kyle’s Twitter today, follow him. He’s gonna be a star @kylebenjamin71.



Made this today w/ Raymi the Minx. Enjoy. Das funny.


we like we like to party: rosedale @ the mod club

first stop loudawgs w/ team BITE/AUX TV. bonga & jetter showed up too. love all y’all faces.

ttc across the city talking to mum on skpe in bahmas,  day 98/365, 2011.

hey cutie pies

she gotcha affan

was looking pretty cute eh

hey girls, argo cheers. lots of young people were there. how old am i again?

oh that’s right, i’m 19. just turned. galen, so good to see you after a heaps long time.

morgan and i agreed that we felt like grownups at a school dance. chaperone: any adult present in order to maintain order or propriety at an activity of young people.

i found out after that it was ALL AGES: duh. glad for brocky that it was busy. sorry i didn’t pay much attention to the band. it was about 30 min before i actually looked at the stage. nice to see lots of friends. ladies love these two, obviously:

hi kids

bROCKstars. brock can you sing? you look like you can here.

ok outta here, home time.

hey keri. you are so cute laughing.

wearing: givenchy le presme blush in 24: it-girl purple (i swear to you that is the name)

enjoy the sunshiney  day. bye for now xo


art is a battlefield: art battle eleven, toronto

It is a sight to be seen, a scene worth attending.

Magnificent in nature. Impressive in size and appearance. Majestic, dignified, grandeur.

Painters, painting. In the middle of an open room…

…where people look and stare.

I liked this one.

This was a naked man in a stairwell (painting). Did not win. He asked people walking by “how do you spell descending?” it was charming, so innocent and real he was. I live for realness.

This is Simon. He’s my friend who is good looking smart, tall, and fun. He is single and I would love one of my friends to date him. He did not pay me to say this. He is one of the inventors of Art Battle/awesome.

This is me…

Levis Curve jeans | vintage long wool camel coat | motorola milestone, telus | reading a podcast, Picard | shoes from Aldo, Raymi has same | vintage knit hat | gaga round purse H&M | nella bella change purse | artsy lady beside me with paint on her pants

The artist I liked won his round and got to go to the finals. Against this girl…

Cheers for Gingers. He won, with this painting. I liked it.

I would have bid on it but I bough Courtney’s painting, she is married to Porter. I was hoping I would get to see her because I didn’t see her yet and I missed her round of painting at the start. She is preggers and they are having a baby. I’m happy for them. Being in love is a wonderful thing. I am in love every day. This is her painting…my painting.

At the end this guys painting was DESTROYED> YES DESTROYED. Look close. Laying paint on paint in  front of a crowd to eff his painting right up.

Bring on the paint. Hi Simon & cute girl.

The other inventor of Art Battle is Hinto (Chris). He is laying down the painting to be taken advantage of. It’s gonna get messed up too.

OMG, it’s paint porn.

The end.


Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

Title is a quote by Cyril Connolly an English intellectual, literary critic and writer. I learned this today while watching Criminal Minds. I was working on a couple blog posts for my .com while publishing tumblr, posterous, twitter & facebook. I have ADD. Hey tower.

I really like that quote. I’ve been writing this blog for a while and although I have written for many other companies in different voices, the one I am most true to is my own. I began this blog to keep more memories and it started getting more popular as I got better at it.  We grew together and we are forever growing & changing. I find I’m my best when writing about something I really love & believe in. This is my life.  I can hear my Mum chuckle in my head, I’m reminded of her telling me how I loved myself and used to stare into the mirror for hours telling stories. Some things don’t change, I love me and life and I’m happy to share that light with you.

I’d like to share this too. Optimism is contageous.


The thing that really is blowing my mind is… #japan

I closed my blinds last night and got to thinking about Japan. In bed with iPad & Android, I looked outside, the lake was calm.  I said goodnight to Twitter. I don’t usually do that, I often leave like an irish goodbye.

I said goodbye because I love my friends and in the back of my head I know that so many people in Japan woke up Friday morning and never got a chance to say goodbye. They woke up to their houses and lives right fucked up. I can only imagine that happening. There is no word to explain how is makes me feel when I watch those videos over and over. It’s like a movie but it’s not a movie, its real.

The world trade centre, that was real. We all remember that day. I remember lots of other stuff in my life but that WTC stands out as something totally monumental, like Japan. I will never get any of these images out of my head. The water rushing over the city, the planes crashing into the buildings. Yes, one distaster was man made and one natural but to me, they are the biggest I’ve ever seen.

The thing that really is blowing my mind is the severity, scale and consequences of it all.

How the hell do you fix a first world nation that’s been shaken, stirred and radiated? Japan was pretty much run through the dishwasher. There’s going to be a massive ripple affect on society from this. Japan is home to vehicles and electronics that WE love. It is the third largest national economy in the world after US and China in GDP & purchasing power parity (aka PPP if you forgot). I read on Bloomberg.com that Cannon, Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, Honda, Sapporo have all suspended production. I love Sapporo! I have a Cannon!

Never have I ever seen something so massive and destructive my entire life, but then again none of us have. There was no YouTube, no live blog, no twitter when I was young. The world has changed.

I’m suddenly reminded of school, I have a B.Comm Degree in International Business & a Diploma in Marketing. I love learning and the world economy. Blogging is all about learning, so is the internet. The curious ones learn to use and share it and they get ahead. I’m really interested to see what happens now and how the situation in Japan affects and brings the world together. I really hope it gets better and not worse. The amount of after shocks and rising death toll are scary. I’m thankful to live in Canada. Canada has a long standing history of being friends with Japan and I want to help.

A Toronto fundraising event, JapanQuakeTO, is being organized for March 31 for victims of Japan. Imagine we ALL buy a ticket and donate a prize that goes up for silent auction. Think about how much stuff that is, lots. I can’t just sit here and not do something. Last year over 200 people attended HaiHaiTO in support of Haiti and I was proud to be part of that team.

I’m ready to do it again.