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Dreams, Films, Marriage, Comedy, Crop Tops, & Waterfalls

Hello & happy Friday! I’m at 1188 Films doin’ some work today. I had the weirdest dream last night. I documented it in audio when I woke up. I hope you enjoy it. He is in Toronto in September, it must be a sign.

New episode of my show on Coral actually comes out Friday next week (my bad!) and then one each week thereafter. Here’s a screenshot of me wearing a crop top I made from an Epilogger shirt. DIY FTW.

I was also reminded of this wonderful jam this morning and it’s been stuck in my head for hours. Guess what? YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW!

Have an awesome day!

Here the ship sailed out into the blue and sunny morn…

The sweetest sight ever seen.








$2 Short To Take Over The World

That would be he name of a song in my band if I had a band and wrote songs. I can write but I don’t write many songs. I used to write prose and poetry before I had a blog and that made me very happy. A blog is like a long poetic story, this one about my life. I hope it goes on forever and I will go back and read it, living it over and over again. Each day as if it happened yesterday. A romance.



There was something disarming about his smile. I gave him my last cigarette in trade for this photo. I shouldn’t smoke anyways. It’s gross.


Tomorrow night I am seeing a band. A band I did not know, but a band I know now. They are called Blind Pilot and they are from Portland. Thank you to my friend Jonathan for being a legit hipster who knows bands ,for opening my ears to this lovely sound. They are playing the dinner at the Ford Design conference. You might like them too. I do. 

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/8qyoxYEM3mI”]




Circadian Rythm, Reflective Clothing

Cleaning up my office today was so good. I’m BACK! Made sewing corner and set up my sewing machine. I call her Zoey and its really about time we spent some time together. I have some patterns I’vebeen dying to make and this is the perfect time. There are so many simple things in style I could make and heaps of DIYs on the web.


Note on paper says this probably was written a year ago, fitting for today. Title of post was scribbled on the paper too. I don’t know the significance. I have a bad memory.

It’s cold outside,
Wanna stay warm,
Wind whipping my windows,
Winding my thoughts,
Whirl wind, words spin

I always wrap things around my head. I like my head covered. I like the way it feels. Thinking about wearing a gorgeous vintage silk turban tonight.


This is one of my old favourite quotes by the best Dr. around.This almost blank notepad was uncovered when I excavated office junk mountain. It’s amazing the treasures you find cleaning!


Must get ready & find something to wear tonight. Lauren and I are going to the Future of Art & Music warehouse party, ‘FOAM. It’s at Brickworks and there are all kinds of art, music, food & beverage things going on. Lozzie Pops did her first segment on the news for CBC today. I woke up early to catch her. So cute. Fav person on Canadian TV.

The power for good given to us in this world will be continued beyond it.

Mum still has my copy packed away at home. I loved this book. I still do.

This Is Me In Grade Nine Baby


Theres a girl here and I know I went to highschool with her. She looks like the saddest girl in the world.

I don’t think she recognizes me, maybe she never did. She was older than me, popular, sexy.

I would totally say hi, but it feels so highschool.