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This is My Life | Why Does Monday Suck Though?

This is My Life | Why Does Monday Suck Though?

‘Mondays are fine, you hate your job’

Years ago I worked as a tech recruiter in the financial district. We had a team meeting each morning at 8am. Thus meaning I would leave the house each day at 7:30am, dressed in a business type suit, with my briefcase style bag, Lenovo Thinkpad computer (it was 2008), and head down to Bay Street.  Around the 1-year mark on a Monday just before lunch, my boss pulled me into his office and said ‘Case, what’s wrong, you don’t seem your happy self?’

It was true. I wasn’t feeling it.  I didn’t want to do this job anymore.  I thought about quitting but I didn’t have much money and being lay off and getting two weeks would be much better. So, I toughed it out and kept going in for those early mornings. At this point, since my boss brought it up, I came out and said ‘I don’t wanna work here anymore’. He told me he knew and it was ok. we talked it out and I cleaned out my desk after lunch. They gave me 2 weeks pay and I never looked back.

If you have going into work on Monday morning, BE THE CHANGE. Do something about it. There are heaps of new jobs in new industries being created each and every single day. or, if you’re not ready to leave your job, spend the weekend working on your hobby so you’ve got something exciting to think about. Work to make THAT your job.

I work pretty much every single day, often less on weekends but sometimes more! Doing something I love means it doesn’t always feel like work. I mean sometimes I don’t feel like it but most the time I do. We only live once so don’t spent weeks, months, years doing things you don’t wanna do. There’s no sense starting each week with a ‘wahhh wahh’ attitude.

Change your attitude, change your life

Here’s to a great week and a few more warm days to finish off the summer. Put a smile on your face today and flash it around!

?☀️? CASIE



This is My Life | Hello, September

Hello, September 2015, casiestewart, fall, sesons change, toronto, fashion

It’s September. Season’s change. Great time of year to make a fresh start. Clean the house. Clean your closet. Finally drop of your dry cleaning. Get rid of clothes and paper. Organize your mind. Clear your thoughts.    

Last night I did a massive clean around the house and everything in it. It felt great waking up to a less cluttered space, less clothes, more room. Did a massive closet purge and nothing will stop me from dropping it off to a second hand today.

I went for a power bike this morning before it gets too hot, y’know crank it up to the hardest gear and ride like a StairMaster. I’m sitting at Cafe Neon neat my house near the window, starting the day with a blog and workout is my fav way to stay motivated. Early August I set out to accomplish a few goals, a new blog layout and generally laying low. I spent most of the month in Muskoka at the cottage and gave my blog a total face lift. It had been years since this baby had a makeover and we all need to reinvent ourselves now and then.

jasmine dowling, work hard, stay humble do what you fucking love, jasmine dowling, work hard, stay humble


Sending you good vibes for a great month. Use it as motivation to check something off your list. I like to play a lil’ rewards based game with myself so that I get things done and feel accomplished with the smallest tasks. Workout before coffee? Great start!


If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?

CBC radio q w/ Shad, poetry

I’m working away and listening to the new q on CBC w/ Shad and the first episode has me moved.  I laughed at the jokes and just about cried listening to this poem. A letter from an 8-year-old boy inspired Shane Koyzan to write it, he asks ‘If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?’ I feel inspired now too.

I’m a huge fan of poetry and wrote a book of it when I was a teenager.  I’ve been working very slowly on putting together a second edition. Coincidently just stumbled on this poetically written post from a few years ago (2012). Read, listen. Explore. More posts tagged writing here and poetry here.

There Are No Walls In This Office

I said to myself as I peeked out from behind my computer. There are no walls in this office. I looked up. Looked around. Ideas floating freely between the trees and with a fresh haircut feeling quite fresh in general. A rain drop lands on the touchpad. There’s a faint sound of a boy guitar while a girl reads a book and spins a hula on her hips. (It’s quite amazing really.) The breeze is cool for the first time in days and I wish I had a sweater. In any other season this would feel warm.

 Another rain drop. Bugger.

This office has no walls but it has no roof either.

Hope you’re making the most of the day. 🙂



I Can Do Anything. I Can.

I wrote this years ago and just found it and that’s why I love having a blog.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop blogging. It’s been 10 years. I’ve written so many things. I can hardly believe so much has happened in that time. I think bloggers have to love their blogs. You spend so much time there, blogging. It’s a collection of stories and photos. Happiness, reminders, lessons, friendships. Trips around the world and my old hometown.

I’m going to blog forever.  It’s the best thing I thing I’ve ever done.


Blog Life: Sometimes I don’t feel like it. #11

I know today is Bell Let’s Talk day and I’m not sure how to talk about the depression and anxiety that I face or if I even want to. Being on the Internet in itself gives me anxiety. Some days I just don’t feel like it at all, written about it a few times.  Sometimes I want to hide and pretend I don’t even have a blog. (Or Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Selfish, Rdio, Google+, Vine, or phone.) I like keeping to myself on on those days, not sharing stories.  Being alone.

My dad battled depression growing up and it was really hard for our family. He moved back to New Zealand to be with his family when my parents split up and it was tough for us. It sill is sometimes.

* Thanks Andrew Mitchell for drawing this photo of me. I love it.  

I want you to know that I too have days when I’m down and I’ve been through some very dark times and almost not made it through. It’s not always sunny where I am but I do try to bring my own sunshine to the internet each and every single time I make an appearance. My blog is a place you can count on to have bright colours and a fun photo. It’s helpful for me to look back and remember the good times too. This is a place to make you feel happy when a cloud tries to rain on your parade. I’ve worked through a bunch of sad days wondering what to do with my life and I made it through. Don’t ever give up. I wanted to quit blogging a few times over the last 10 years and I am damn well glad I didn’t. I want you to know, I am actually happy most of the time and I really do smile a LOT. Really. If you’ve ever met me IRL you know it’s true.

People always wonder where I get all my energy and I don’t know what to tell you? I find inspiration in everything around me. When the sun shines through the clouds. A couple green lights in a row.  When a song comes on the radio and I know all the words. An actual phone call from someone you like and miss. Turning on the TV to find the movie you were JUST thinking about is on. Old photos. A pair of tights with no holes in them. Clean sheets. Accidentally spilling glitter on the floor and not even getting mad. There’s joy in the little things, I’ve gotten good at finding it.

Thinking of you and sending warm positive thoughts with each keystroke. You’re not alone, we’re here together.


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Sean and Casie, Jan. 1 2015, Day 1

Writing each day is really good for you. It helps you get things done, assists in memory, and for me is really great therapy. If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog and think “what will I write about?”. Let me tell you, there’s so many things that happen in a day, you can find inspiration everywhere. What you eat, drink, wear, or where you travel to, even in your own city. If you open you eyes to the world and shift your perspective, you’ll see it in a new light.

Day 1/365, 2015: Here are some great things that happened

  1. Made notes about my day in a new notebook. I like spiral bound 5.5 x 8,5 in blank sketch paper. It’s for things I don’t blog like what I eat, vitamins, workout, how many Mason jars of water I drank.
  2. Did a new workout. Sweat my ass off.
  3. Ate good food. Nothing deep fried or heavily processed/takeout. Not being hungover really helped with that.
  4. Reclaimed my for love for granola. Yes, I like granola. Used to eat it heaps when I was a kid and my new found love for lactose free milk, it makes a delicious snack.
  5. Got a selfie stick. Sean bought one for me at Pacific Mall AND I LOVE IT. IMG_0006.JPG
  6. Opened my new Clarisonic Pearl and used it. Started with Clarisonic in December 2014 and have noticed my skin is more soft and ugly.  It’s important to write this down so I always remember to use it. One minute can seem like a long time when you are in a rush.
  7. Put on fuzzy socks with Vaseline. If you read any beauty blogs or check Google this is a sure way to get super soft feet.
  8. Tagged my images properly in WordPress. Sometimes I’m a lazy blogger ok.
  9. Enjoyed a clean bedroom and fresh brand new sheets.
  10. Cleared space off my iPhone and Macbook Air. Have been meaning to do this for ages. This was an old text from an Uber driver. I laughed. LUBER haha. IMG_0075.JPG
  11. Folded the laundry AND put it away.
  12. Spent some quality time w/ my love. Including foot massage!
  13. Drank heaps of water.


I feel like I’m forgetting some other little gems that passed through the last 24 hours but I’ll remember those tomorrow, day 2. I’m trying to write more (~500 words/day). My goal of 2015 is to spend less time on the computer and more time doing things worth writing about.

Until then, this is my life 🙂


 *  title is a quote by Arthur Ashex who was an American athlete.