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New Bike, Snacks, Shoppers, #SMDay

New Bike, Snacks, Shoppers, #SMDay

Well hello my friends. 😎✌This photo was taken yesterday and although I look very smiley, I’m not feeling great. I’m so tired. I’m not sure if it’s the small time change last week with my trip to Calgary or lack of sleep but I’m lethargic. I miss the cottage. It’s been weeks since we’ve got to have a good cottage hang and it’ll be at least a week before we get back up to Muskoka. I’m in Ottawa this weekend then back for The Queen’s Plate.

In other news, I had some good things yesterday…

I used to have a Red Schwinn cruiser bike that I LOVED. I rode that baby all over town for a coue simmers, Junction to Beaches and back.

Unfortunately some jerk vandalized my bike and it was unridable, went to the bike graveyard. RIP. 2 years ago I purchased a new one from Bikes On Wheels, Queen West and it was stolen before summer was over. Last year I didn’t ride at all it made me sad.

YESTERDAY, my brand new Schwinn Cruiser was ready for pickup. 🚲👍 Schwinn Canada has welcomed me as a bike ambassador and I’m back on the road baby! I’ve got a few things to add (bell, basket, lights) before we’re full time but one little cruise yesterday made my heart sing. 💛

If you stop by your local Shoppers Drug Mart you might see their new ‘Summer Covered’ Campaign. Next week I’ll be sharing some of my fav products for summer roadtrips and cottaging. I’ll also be featured on the SDM social + website.

Received a shipment of this yesterday. Have you tried it yet?

It’s Social Media Day today and in 2010 and 2011 I spoke at Toronto events. It’s amazing how social media has changed my life and taken me around the world. Thinking I’ll write something about SMDay and share it with you later today.

Anything exciting planned for Canada Day? This is the first Canada Day we’re spending in the city in the last 4 years. I don’t even know what to do! 🙆



156th Queen’s Plate is THIS WEEKEND at Woodbine Racetrack! #OffToTheRaces #QP15

156th Queen’s Plate is THIS WEEKEND at Woodbine Racetrack! #OffToTheRaces #QP15

Who’s ready to get dressed up and join me at the racetrack? This weekend is the 156th Queen’s Plate at Woodbine! I’ve been the last couple years and it’s really fun. Food, drinks, fashion, and the chance at winning a few bux by betting on the horses!


I love seeing all the big hats, beautiful millenary, and overall style of attendees.  Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect.

At the event, you’ll be able to sip champagne on the grass while playing croquet, horseshoes or bocce ball, while keeping an eye onstyle. Your red carpet photo (from the party) will be on the Woodbine Racetrack Facebook Page here post event. As the Official Charity Partner of the 2015 Queen’s Plate, $1 from every ticket and program sold will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer.

Things to Note for The 156th Queen’s Plate

  • Races begin at 12pm
  • Queen’s Plate Post Time is approximately 5:38 p.m
  • Parking and Admission are FREE
  • Walk the red carpet in style at the Hats & Horseshoes Party presented by Stella Artois
  • Enjoy live performances by Emerson Street Rhythm Band & more
  • There’s heaps of food trucks onsite, so come hungry!

A couple weeks ago I attended Woodbine Oaks, first leg of the Canadian Triple Tiara series where I learned how to bet on horses (read here). At the Queen’s Plate,  the The Betting Impact team will be roaming the Hats & Horseshoes Party to teach the Basics of Betting. You can pick based on the odds or get a little wild and just pick your fave horses name or number.

For Queen’s Plate notes and early probability see here. Read more about the Queen’s Plate race at queensplate.com and learn about upcoming races by visiting woodbineentertainment.com.

#OfftotheRaces Contest Details

  1. Snap a selfie at the racetrack
  2. Post to Twitter using the hashtag #OffToTheRaces
  3. Cross your fingers!

By posting your selfie at the track with the #OfftotheRaces hashtag you’ve got a chance to win a $1000 Woodbine Racetrack gift card at the end of the horse racing season. Please remember, your selfie MUST be taken in front of the racetrack!  

I’ll be listening to this all all week while I find myself beautiful dress and massive hat to wear. Any questions? Ask me @casiestewart or @woodbineracing on Twitter!



Here’s to a GREAT Week! 

Here’s to a GREAT Week! 

Back in town and at the office today. Had a great week in Calgary. Might be off to Ottawa this weekend and looking forward to a day off mid-week for Canada Day.

Can’t wait to spend some quality time at the cottage this month after a really busy May-June. Ditching city life for the wilderness. My happy place!

Sending you sunshine across the internet and warm wishes for a great week.

With 💛, CASIE


Lovin’ the Crew – Tourism Calgary Arts & Culture Trip

Lovin’ the Crew – Tourism Calgary Arts & Culture Trip

Meet my crew! Sean and I were shooting w/ Tourism Calgary this week. If you follow me on the Twitter or IG you’ll know this already.

Shooting in the pool was fun.

Sean was a really good sport!

Met up w/ Mike Morrison aka @MikesBloggity  to tour around downtown in the new bike lanes. He recently founded Calgary Bike, tours around Calgary by bike with landmarks, photo spots, facts, and history.

We are inside this giant head, art sculpture.   It’s called Wonderland and is a female head that’s about 12 metres high.  It was created by Barcelona-based designer Jaume Plensa.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.

Rock show at Sloth Records for Sled Island.

Picked him up a new hat. When in Rome, right?

Went to the East End block party.

Finally got him to let me do this. So cute.

Had our caricature drawn by epic moustache guy.

Finished the day at Wreck City, pre-demo car wash turned interactive art exhibit.   

The sun sets just after 10pm. It was also super hot. Loved every minute of it.

The video we shot will be shared by Calgary Tourism in a few weeks. I’ll post it too!



Calgary Travel Diary – Don’t Call It Cowtown

Calgary Travel Diary – Don’t Call It Cowtown

First day in Calgary was so fun. We had the afternoon to ourselves and don’t start shouting till today. So, decided to hit a party and see some friends who live here.

Had lunch by the pool with Hotel Arts and Tourism Calgary marketing/PR to go over itinerary. Good food!

Came back to the room for a nap and woke to this beautiful delivery. My name was written in chocolate with a welcome message. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? Thank you Hotel Arts!

Ate some leftover pizza in bed before getting ready to hit the town.

Stopped by HiFi for the Sled Island opening party.

Some really neat posters on the wall to the washrooms. The Topless Gay Love Tekno Party sounds like fun!

Had dinner at Calgary hot spot  Model Milk.

Took over the patio to hang out with Alita, Natalie and friends.


Excited for a fun couple days! I LOVE TO TRAVEL!



Up Up & Away! 

Up Up & Away! 

Today Sean and I travelled to Calgary. ✈️🇨🇦👍🏼  It’s been two years since I was in this fine city and I’m happy to be back.


This week we’ve got a fun itinerary of arts & culture activities in Calgary. We’re shooting them all with Tourism Calgary and the video will be on their website once finished. 


Got a nice new mani and passport yesterday. We have 10 year passports in Canada now but I only renewed mine for 5 years so I can get a new photo! I know mum will have a chuckle reading this. 😉


One of my fav travel accessories, cosmetics bag by Ted Baker. 


Why does this July cover say Bruce??

Been loving this little shoes sent to me by Toms. The Huarache sandal is made in Mexico and comes in dove (off white) leather and black. They’re really comfortable. Pretty sure I had a similar pair as a kid. 

  I love traveling together. 💛  We’re staying at Hotel Arts, a boutique hotel downtown Calgary. I stayed here about 2 years ago and since, they’ve put $7 million into renovations. We’ve got a beautiful suite with kitchen, balcony, living room, and 2 closets so we can have one each.      

Looking forward to a few days of fun activities. Follow me on Twitter @casiestewart for all the fun! 

💛🇨🇦✈️ ✌🏼️😎 CASIE


1188 Won! Best Post Production 2015 MMVA 

1188 Won! Best Post Production 2015 MMVA 

Proud GF moment! Dressed in Ted Baker, Jays hat, and brand new Yo Sox Indropped him off at the office before the show. 


Was kinda nervous for them but had high hopes! 


For a guy that rarely takes a selfie this made me so happy. 


When the show stated the news came in! THEY WON! WOO HOO! SO EXCITING! 




 Danny, Grandson & Son


Great start to the week!

😎✌🏼️ CASIE


Woodbine Racetrack #OfftotheRaces Contest – Snap a Selfie & Win!

Woodbine Racetrack #OfftotheRaces Contest – Snap a Selfie & Win!

Earlier this week I announced my partnership with Woodbine Racetrack for race season. I’l be attending all major races AND getting dressed up for The Queen’s Plate on July 5th. This is us there last year. It was so much fun. I love taking a seat and along with the actual horse racing, seeing all the hats and outfits.

This year Woodbine Racetrack is hosting a contest where you can win a $1,000 gift card at the end of the season.

This year Woodbine Racetrack is hosting a contest where you can win a $1,000 gift card at the end of the season. You could really turn that prize into a big win if you’re lucky!  It’s quite easy to enter, details below.

#OfftotheRaces Contest Details:

  1. Snap a selfie at the racetrack
  2. Post to Twitter using the hashtag #OffToTheRaces
  3. Cross your fingers!

By posting your selfie at the track with the #OfftotheRaces hashtag you’ve got a chance to win a $1000 Woodbine Racetrack gift card at the end of the horse racing season. Please remember, your selfie MUST be taken in front of the racetrack!  

This year Woodbine Racetrack is hosting a contest where you can win a $1,000 gift card at the end of the season.


On another note, tickets for The Queen’s Plate on July 5th are now on sale! Get yours here. Looking forward to this, need to find an outfit and HUGE hat!




Vintage Ink Wine + Contest + Tattoo Tales

Vintage Ink Wine + Contest + Tattoo Tales

Ever wondered about someone’s tattoos but never asked? To be honest, I don’t really like explaining them to people I don’t know. It’s personal, I’m usually asked in a crowded place, and it takes a while because I have heaps. Some have number significance, dates, travel, family, and there’s a couple I got for fun. Pizza anyone?

I’ve partnered with Vintage Ink Wines to share my tattoo stories and introduce a contest for a new wine label design based on tattoos submitted by people like us. The tatted!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.16.16 AM

Tattoo Tales: Stories Behind My Tattoos

I got my first tattoo in Australia, the southern cross constellation between my shoulderblades. It was about 4pm and we were driving from from Bronte to Bondi beach with no plans so, my friend Cameron and I decided randomly to get tattooed. We both didn’t have any until that day!

My next tattoo was 2 lines on my right hand ring finger, one blue one orange.

The idea is derived from a personality test called True Colours. It used to be used in workplaces to break people into groups and pair them together based on personality for group cohesiveness. It was prevalent in my studies and I learned that in order to be my most successful self, a 50/50 mix between my true colours was ideal.  Orange – outgoing, vibrant, strong vs. Blue, analytical, organized, list maker. I still find this tattoo a helpful reminder.  Note, tattoos on the hands fade faster than any others. I’ve had it redone about 3 times in 10 years.

I got this owl about 2 years ago. It’s on my right arm, like most of mine because I drew them all on with marker first. I’m left handed. I found this design in a Google search and customized it to change the watch face for gears. There was no way I could pick a time to live with forever and I like seeing the gears, they’re what make the clock work.

I get asked all the time if I’m going to colour it and and tbh, I really don’t know. I’ve got a lifetime to decide!

This is one of my fav tattoos of them all. It’s 16 dots, evenly spaced in 2 custom shades of green. I got it on a Friday the 13th many moons ago. I used to have Triskaidekaphobia, a fear of the number 3 and 13. I would never do things in 3s. Finally I was like ‘I AM IN CONTROL HERE NOT MY FEAR’ so I booked this tattoo on Friday the 13th and have gotten tattooed on that day several times since.

I drew this on a paper then it was out on a stencil and tattooed by Rob Coutts. He’s currently the artist doing tats for Suicide Squad the movie.

I got this heart + hai (life in Hebrew) years ago. It was also done by Rob Coutts at Bobby Five tattoo.

This collection of tattoos is forever growing.

  • Red lipstick – always wearing, sign of confidence
  • Pizza & garlic sauce – another tattoo I got this year and like who doesn’t love 🍕🍕🍕
  • Mirror – long history of talking to myself in the mirror as a kid, talking into phones today, writing a blog about your own life has an element of narcism
  • <3 from a fundraiser we hosted after the Japan earthquake
  • Infinity/8 – my fav number. Used to look like a jail tattoo because I let a friend do it as his first one. Sean has the same tattoo.
  • Roses – traditional/beautiful
  • Nautical star/compass rose – I had done in a Sailor Jerry airstream outside the Drake Hotel at the start of TIFF one year. Such a little rebel!
  • Anchor – crossed the ocean, family tattoo

This lady is a drawing my Angelique Houtkamp from Amsterdam. I love this one. Reminds me of an old photo of my nana. I have another one of her drawings tattooed on the back of my right arm, Drifting Heart. I got it in Thailand!

Find Vintage Ink wines at the LCBO and look for posters around the city. I saw one on the way to work today!

Enter the Vintage Ink Contest

  1. Upload a photo of your tattoo(s) to Instagram or Twitter and tag @VintageInkWine with with the hastag #myvintageink

That’s it! Your tattoo could be chosen as the inspiration for a custom, limited edition label. I would love to see one of my tattoos inspire a label. Something you would keep for ever photograph and put on the wall.

For more info visit myvintageink.ca.



Feel free to tag me in your posts too. I’d love to learn your tattoo stories. If you have any questions or comments about mine, Tweet me @casiestewart.





This Car, Dreamboat

This Car, Dreamboat

We got the 1982 Corvette on the road this weekend. I swoon so hard around this car, and Sean driving it. 


Talk about dreamboat. 💛


My parents had a 1979 silver Corvette. It was their first brand new car when they immigrated to Canada. I can’t wait to take it out for a cruise again. The engine sounds amazing and love the t-top roof. Vroooooom! 



Off to the Races! Woodbine Oaks at Woodbine Racetrack

Off to the Races! Woodbine Oaks at  Woodbine Racetrack

This weekend I went to Woodbine Racetrack for Woodbine Oaks, the first leg in Canada’s Triple Tiara of Racing, the prep race for The Queen’s Plate. I’ve been to the Queen’s Plate a few times and this summer I’m excited to partner with Woodbine Racetrack for the ENTIRE race season. I’ll be attending major races from from now till November. Better get some new hats!


Since I’ll be at the races a fair bit, I decided to get a lesson in exactly HOW to bet and the fine details about horse racing. Some people pick based on names and numbers, which is ok (and what I had done previously). In my session learned about the odds, how they change, and Win-Place-Show. Picking a horse to win with 20-1 odds can really work in your favor!


Both my mum’s dad and dad’s dad were really into horse racing, so it’s natural I like it too. When I lived in Australia, going to the horse racing was a HUGE thing. One of my fondest memories was going for a surf at Bronte in Sydney’s north beaches then rushing home to get ready for race day. Threw a friends dress on with my ocean tossed beach hair, grabbed a hat, and I was off to the races.  We had such a fun day. Paris Hilton was there too.

This weekend I bet on a couple races and even won a few $$ back. It’s so exciting when the race starts and you see your horse leading the pack. Everyone is standing up and yelling, it’s exhilarating!


The next big event is the Queen’s Plate on July 5th. It’s HUGE and one of the most stylish events of the summer. Last year, Sean and I raced home from the cottage, changed outfits and went straight to the red carpet.

Upcoming Events at Woodbine Racetrack

  • Woodbine Oaks – Sunday June 14, 2015 at 1:00pm
  • Queen’s Plate – Sunday July 5, 2015
  • Ricoh Woodbine Mile – Sunday August 16, 2015
  • Pattison Canadian International Gr. 1 – Sunday October 18, 2015
  • Breeder’s Crown – Saturday October 24, 2015

Later this week I’ll have details on an exiting contest where you can win a $1000 Woodbine Racetrack gift card at the end of the the season. For more info about Woodbine and horse racing visit the website at woodbineentertainment.com and follow updates on @woodbineracing (Twitter), @woodbineracing (Instagram), WoodbineRacing (Facebook).


I look forward to bringing you race season through my eyes and especially the most stylish looks from the Queen’s Plate. Hopefully I can perfect my betting skills while I’m at it! 🙂



Muskoka Photoshoot w/ Archibald Men’s Magazine

Muskoka Photoshoot w/ Archibald Men’s Magazine

Working from the cottage today. It’s turning out to be an absolutely beautiful day so hoping to wrap up early and make the most of the sunshine.

Garret is up with some models and crew shooting an editorial for Archibald Men’s magazine.

I’ve been taking breaks from my work to ‘supervise’.

Can’t say I mind having these babes around one bit!

Hope you’re having a great Monday! Back to the city tomorrow so making the most of every moment here.

☀️ 😎✌



TELUS Day of Giving + Make-A-Wish, Rope for Hope

TELUS Day of Giving + Make-A-Wish, Rope for Hope

I took part in a Telus Day of Giving Event with #TeamTelus crew for Make-A-WishŽ Rope for Hope. We rappelled down Toronto City Hall!


I’ve done some rock climbing and adventure things like The Edgewalk, zipline, and sky diving but this was FULL ON. AND DOWNTOWN TORONTO!

All money raised by Make-A-WishŽ Rope for Hope rappellers goes to granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

It was really fun. I’m not really one for team sports but I love adventure things like this! It was a litte scary going over the edge but once I started going down it was easy. It took about 10min to go down the entire building.

To learn more about Telus Day of Giving and other charitable initiatives through the company, click here or on these cute little animals.





The Zombies Guide to Surviving Among the Living: How to Blend in at Dinner Parties 

Over the past couple weeks I’ve shared a few tips for surviving among the living them you’re a zombie in partnership with shomi Canada to promote the new show iZombie. This week for chapter 3 of The Zombies Guide to Surviving Among the Living, we look at easy ways to blend in at dinner parties.

Always make sure you’ve got your phone close by, if we learned anything from the first two chapters it’s that humans are totally addicted to texting and are never without a mobile device.

Don’t even think about taking a bite before snapping a photo of your food. You’ll notice this human behaviour is very common at any public eating facility. It’s a trend that’s totally taken over human eating rituals.

Once you’re managed to get past the small talk and are seated at the table, snap a selfie. Then snap another after your first bite. Share how great our food it with the world on your fav social network.

Avoid making eye contact and if you’re feeling bored, pick up your phone and text like you’ve got something really important happening. Even if it’s just jargon. Humans will assume you’re engaged in an intense text conversation.

These tips will help any zombie trying to make it in a human world. This is my last post about The Zombies Guide but I’m passing the torch to Will Wong and Daniel (Do The Daniel) for the next  chapters.
Check out the trailer for iZombie here and get yourself a free 30-day trial here. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #shomi #TheZombiesGuide.

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