Calgary Travel Diary – Don’t Call It Cowtown

Calgary Travel Diary – Don’t Call It Cowtown

First day in Calgary was so fun. We had the afternoon to ourselves and don’t start shouting till today. So, decided to hit a party and see some friends who live here.

Had lunch by the pool with Hotel Arts and Tourism Calgary marketing/PR to go over itinerary. Good food!

Came back to the room for a nap and woke to this beautiful delivery. My name was written in chocolate with a welcome message. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? Thank you Hotel Arts!

Ate some leftover pizza in bed before getting ready to hit the town.

Stopped by HiFi for the Sled Island opening party.

Some really neat posters on the wall to the washrooms. The Topless Gay Love Tekno Party sounds like fun!

Had dinner at Calgary hot spot  Model Milk.

Took over the patio to hang out with Alita, Natalie and friends.


Excited for a fun couple days! I LOVE TO TRAVEL!


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