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Good morning from the Toronto Beaches. I stayed at Jenie’s place last night and its amazingly quiet and peaceful. Reminds me of this big old house I lived in on the Danforth. Caught an awesome doc yesterday, soaked up some sunshine.

The power is out here right now. Heading home hopefully before my phone dies!

Looks like we’re gonna get some nice sun this week. Today is last day for tickets to Toronto Fashion Incubator 25th anniversary on Thursday. Tickets here.

Enjoy the day!


Save The Mermaids

Found a bunch of pix from my year at Uni in Australia. Living at Bondi Beach was a total dream. I had a BMX, an Aussie surfer BF and spent countless days riding waves & catching rays. It was magical. Had super dark hair for a while too.

Life is such a dream,

My cousin Matthew from NZ.

The Weekend: Sunday Sessions

In Australia there’s this thing called Sunday Sessions that starts in the afternoon, involves music, BBQ, friends and fun. I think Sammy & the boys might start it up this summer.


I’m laxing on the balcony reading a movie script in the sun. It’s so lovely out! I’m not sure if it’s windy on ground level cause my balcony blocks it all. My little paradise, balconia. Catching a film for the Hot Docs festival and going to visit my sister later.

Happy Sunday. Have a great session 🙂

ILU Bondi ♥

Day Dreams

A man watches his life pass before him in this short film produced for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival in Beijing, China 2009. A friend showed me this yesterday. It’s quite beautiful.

What would your last day dream look like? I got to thinking about mine and it never really crossed my mind until, now. I’m 30 in a few days and I never really though about that either.  I’m very happy with my life and things I’ve done but it’s like, this anxiety, it’s creeping out from behind the stutters and trying to scare me with his smile.

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The Weekend: Saturday Sunshine



Good morning, good morning! Went for a early coffee and chatted with Mum while I walked through the park. I planned to sleep in but I could see the sun peeking in, inviting me to go out & play. It’s lovely out!

Planning to get deep into the archives inside my TB drive using my new Ultrabook from Dell. Haven’t been able to go there since switching to Mac & giving mama my PC Netbook. I can’t wait to see what I find. It’s amazing how you forget things as time passes. I started this blog as a journal to keep more memories and it’s totally worked.

I’ll post some of my findings later today. Check this old pic I found cleaning up today. Teenage model, long hair, braces! Ahhh. Don’t laugh.



New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth.









* title is quote by Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions