Day Dreams

A man watches his life pass before him in this short film produced for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival in Beijing, China 2009. A friend showed me this yesterday. It’s quite beautiful.

What would your last day dream look like? I got to thinking about mine and it never really crossed my mind until, now. I’m 30 in a few days and I never really though about that either.  I’m very happy with my life and things I’ve done but it’s like, this anxiety, it’s creeping out from behind the stutters and trying to scare me with his smile.

Now, on a warmer note…

Been making some changes/fixed to the blog today with the help of Picard. Thank goodness for him cause I try to change things myself then I muck it up. Whooops!  My archives are back in case you felt like going through a time warp.

This post comes to you as the very first from new computer. Fun eh? It’s so backwards using PC again. They’re sitting right beside each other and I have two mouse (mice?) and I keep trying to go from one screen to the other forgetting they’re not attached.

I’ve been going though my old hard drive digging up evidence of things I’ve done the last ten tears years. (I typed tears by accident!) So many old photos and great memories.

It’s lovely the way digital photos age isn’t it?

My sister and I used to live together and go out together ALL the time. Once there was all this watermelon at a party, it was so good. I keep messing up Ctrl V and hitting Alt V and the PC makes a noise. THANKS FOR THE REMINDER! Re-learning curve. Sound is louder on Ultrabook than Macbook Air. Been jammin’ all day.

This Batman shirt used to be my fav, it’s Jenie’s. Anyone know where this was mirror shot was taken? Its a restaurant in Toronto. Points if you guess.

Heading out to Loft 404’s anniversary party with a friend. I’ve been hibernating pretty hard the last few days. It’s time to interact with humans minus a technology barrier.


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