Day 269: Instagram Verified!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is a special day because I now have the coveted blue checkmark of IG of verification!

I’d like to thank me for all my hard work over the years, and not giving up on me, and for staying committed to my goals. Ha! Jk, I worked with a friend at an agency who helped initiate the process. I’m now verified on Twitter (2012) and Instagram (2020).

If you haven’t seen Snoop give this award speech where he thanks himself, you’re welcome.

Getting verified made me think about some of the cool stuff I’ve done over the years. The process involved submitting a bunch of references to verify my work and who I am in the world. If you ever wanna do a deep creep, I have another website at with speaking, directing, brand partnerships (over 100!), and press/media over the years.

Here’s a little hilight of some videos, awards, commercials, etc.

Canadian Academy – Academy Social

Looking back, this was a pretty neat experience and I don’t think they ever did this section of the awards as a separate event again. I was up against someone I really wanted to beat and was SO NERVOUS I would lose. I remember drinking too much that night to try and escape the anxiety. The Canadian Academy awards (Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television) are kinda like the Canadian version of the Oscars, awarding excellence in film, TV, and digital.

Sunwing Commercial

We shot this over a 4 day stay in Mexico. One day to rest once we arrived, 2 days to shoot (all on iPhone!), and 3/4 of one day to rest before leaving. It was a fun shoot but very busy. The whole team was great to work with. This commercial ran during the Superbowl AND the Grammys that year (it came on right after GAGA performed!). In January of 2020, I went on a Sunwing trip to Cuba (not work!) and that was my last vacation. I miss traveling. One day!

Aeroplan Commercial

This was shot by Sean’s company 1188 Films and the brand rep from Aeroplan was a former client we had both worked with. I remember being on the phone with the client a couple weeks before the shoot when she told me she was able to myself and a GUEST to New Zealand for the holidays. Mum and I went for a month and it was so memorable. That trip meant so much to my family, mum, and me. We were able to spend heaps of time travelling together, laughing with friends and family, and seeing her mum (Nana) before she passed away. I am so grateful for this experience and it warms my heart just thinking about it.

Comedy Network Commercial

I got a call from my acting agent at the time to go to an audition for this last minute. I didn’t have time to go home and change but the role was for ‘hipster girl’ so I went in what I was wearing. When I booked it, the message from the wardrobe dept. was to wear the same clothes. LOL. This would make me a certified professional hipster.

TEDx Talk

This was booked by my speaker agency (National Speakers Bureau) and I drove to London, ON, the day before. I will never forget that someone was killed on Highway 401 that day when a tire flew off a transport truck, it happened about an hour after I passed that same stretch. I stayed in a small apartment on the Western University Campus so I was ready to take the stage first thing in the AM. I am a bit embarrassed because I was so nervous that day! I’ve come a long way as a speaker since 2015 but looking back, I’m proud of myself for giving it a good go and talking about something I love. The theme was The Human Condition and my talk was Exploring What It Means to Be Human on The Internet.

Brand Me – The Walrus

I hated this article with a PASSION when it came out. I was so mad. The author had been so nice to me in the interview, I shared all kind of things I was excited about blah blah blah. Then, she turned it right around on me to make me sound like an idiot. Pretty sure I sent her a nasty email. Ah well, no press is bad press and I love this illustration. I think I’ll frame it.

I will remember this day as something great to come out of 2020!