Day 564: Election Day in Canada

It’s Election Day in Canada and we voted first thing this morning. Had a good day at work. Went for a bike ride after to get some movement and sunshine.

The Harvest Moon is tonight and I’ve got a few things planned to summon the good vibes. I like to put a big jug of water outside to charge in the moonlight with my crystals.

I usually have a nice bath with essential oils and set a few intentions. I always go outside on a full moon to make my 6 wishes (like Mum!) and say a mantra. It may seem silly but if it makes me feel good AND there’s a chance it helps bring good things my way, I’m here for it. If the moon can move the ocean, it can move me. ?

Sending you good vibes and energy through the internet. I hope the next few months bring you heaps of joy. You have everything in you to create the life you want to live, go get it! ?