Pantone Process Yellow C

So, this just happened…


Then I went to the beach.





I spent way too much time looking into this fiasco last night. I do not suggest looking up the video. I have been watching too many crime dramas and my curiosity got the best of me. Gross.


This is my fav mug, Pantone Process Yellow C.



Since I’ve got some ‘free time’ I’m going  o get a jump start on work I was going to leave till tomorrow. Meeting up with 3 of 4 of my sisters this afternoon for a patio bevvy. Stoked. We haven’t all hung out in ages!

Enjoy the sunshine out there today. It’s beautiful! (Don’t forget sunscreen!)

Good Things Are Coming Your Way

Have a busy day today starting with the 2012 Women in Biz conference. I’m an invited guest of General Motors Canada. Thank you! In the afternoon I’m heading to the 3F store for a PR appointment to do some styling.


Every time I go into 3F I’m so glad to be part of the team. There was a heap of new items in bright colours. I picked up these BRIGHT yellow high waisted skinny jeans along with a black vest. Jeans fit great, actually went down a size!

I love the fabrics and the softness of everything. Since the parent company specializes in textiles for high end brands, they’re all good quality. Bell bottom blue jean, baby.


Picking a contest winner to receive a $100 store gift card. Deets here.

Hoping to talk cars with GM at the conference today and see about taking one of these camaros for a couple days. I love the old ones and I bet Dad would be wrapped if I showed up in one of these!


Walked down Yonge Street like a tourist yesterday. It was lovely. Everything changes so much it’s nice to walk around and stare at everything with new eyes.


Yonge Dundas Square is always full of things happening. This guy had some pretty magical skills with a crystal ball. Watch. It’s only 15 seconds. I’m convinced he plays a Wizard on the weekends.


The power for good given to us in this world will be continued beyond it.

Mum still has my copy packed away at home. I loved this book. I still do.

Skinny Girl Drinks, Nails Done, Brownie Pops, No Voice

All in a days work! Thank you to the wonderful team at Praxis PR for hosting a heap of the city’s hottest ladies for the launch of new drinks by Bethenny Frankel’s brand ‘Skinny Girl’. I love the chance to chitty chat with all my ladies. The food was excellent and all the drinks were all low cal. I had way too many of the cake pops that were actually brownie. I’ll be at the gym kthxbai.


It was hosted by Dina from Breakfast TV & she loves my style NBD.



Lozzie Pop’s on her bike, so cute. I need a new bike!


Front window at The Drake Hotel always has neat art, these blanket people threw me for a loop!


Stopped by Bloke & 4th on my way home for Taylor’s birthday & ran into my good friend, wait for it, you know him… PJ PHIL! The flash totally blinked out my tan but whatever.



Here is your mantra for the day…


Oh and I still have no voice 🙁

Have an awesome day! Gonna try and catch some rays in the park later. 


I got sun this weekend. Feels good.

I dream of this happening one day. Song & dance. Oh la tee da!

Hope my happiness jumps right out of your computer and kisses your face.

Friends & Family Weekend at @3FFashions – $100 for you!

Holla! Are you loving this weather? I am. It makes me so happy.  You know what else I love? Clothes. This weekend at 3F in YD Square Toronto is Friends & Family Day. As my friends & fams you can get 25% off with code 3FFAMILY. Stop by the Toronto flagship location at 10 Dundas Street East (Outside AMC Theatre).

There are heaps of cute items in store right now including these shorts Raymi has on.

The max dress I’ve been living in and that cute whote ruffle top I wore on my birthday.

There’s a few rompers too. Prices are really good so you can get lots of items for $100.

I have a $100 gift card and an exclusive 3F tee for you as an incentive to stop by June 1,2 or 3rd.


Like 3F on Facebook, follow on Twitter then Tweet to me by clicking below and fill in YOUR fav friend or family member.

Contest is open to anyone in Ontario. Can only be redeemed only in store. Does not include travel, cannot be redeemed for cash, and winner to be chosen at random. Go!