The Largest (most lucrative) Blogging Competition EVER!

Ahem, pardon moi?

Quick note! A former colleague contacted me last week about this SUPER huge online lottery called The Bille (bill-eee). I was like, WHAT? An online lotto? That’s ABSURD! We used to work together in online gaming so I know there’s lots of red tape around this kinda thing but it is TOTALLY legit.  First draw is June 7th, more info at

Tonight I’m 1/10 Canadians to co-host in the Bille’s online ‘Twitter Party’, hosted by BlogWest Media. Party starts online at 10pm EST.  AKA the pants free zone where you don’t have to leave the house!

During the event they’re announcing a HUGE search for a blogger to be their full time Community Manager and there is a huge salary involved. Blogger contest is only open to Canadian’s at the moment so, if you’re not from here, you better marry a Canadian real fast.

Tonight’s online event is your opportunity to win some moolah in the form of Visa Gift cards.

What else are you doing on a Wednesday night? Oh, that’s right, you’ll be online just like me.


  • The BiLLe Lotto Canadian Twitter party
  • Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 10:00 p.m. EST
  • Follow: @TheBiLLeLotto
  • Hashtag: #TheBiLLe


  • Four (4) $100 Visa Gift Cards
  • Grand Prize: One (1) $500 Visa Gift Card


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