Get off the couch.


Went for a run this afternoon after getting inspired a post by titled ‘Women, Fitness & The Myth‘ written by by Bangs & a Bun. She’s one of my fav writers and my fav UK blogger. I’ve been followung her for years and seeing her progress in business, blogging and fitness is motivating. Her latest venture Spikes & Heels is what got me to put on my shoes and kick some pavement. I’m so glad I did!

It’s an incredibly beautiful day in the city. Took this using 360 Panoramic app in iPhone from  hTO Park (Urban Beach) which is right beside the lake.


If you stand on this one certain rock you can perfectly hide the CN Tower.




Empire Sandy, looking dandy. I’d love to go on a sail for my birthday. A sail for let’s say, 30 people? 30th birthday. Does anyone know who can make this happen? It would be magical.


Somebody was backed up at Lower Spadina.



Shadow play 🙂


Toronto Music Garden is one of my most favourite places in the city. This tower has a beautiful story, if you go there you’ll see it. One time Keri and I did this MEGA Planking thing for ‘World Plank Day‘ in 2011 when it was cool for like a week. Most of them were done in the music garden, see here.

It’s almost Earth hur for Earth Day and I’m planning to be out of the house. Have a great night!


Through the looking glass…what do you see in there, Alice?

  I love this photo.




We had fun today. Darren Kwik cut a few hairs on camera while we chatted Pinterest at his interest. Next up was Bicyclette. I love that store so much (which is why I suggested we go there). Remember last year I did a full tour? It’s sequins, lace, chains and all kinds of pink, flowy, flowery things I want to wear. I can only imagine how great it feels to be Paige, the darling owner, she works in my/a dream closet.

I bought a rainbow at the art supply store on my way home and and chalked Kate’s hair over drinks. Pinterest hair. I’m going to turquoise mine next week. Her life is a chick flick and I love it.


I have been spending a fair amount of creative energy in Draw Something lately. I posted my fav drawings by my opponents on Borderline Artistic, my drawing blog. You should check it out…

Do you want to see it? Do you? Do you? [audience cheers] [Simon bends down to get drawing] Were you looking at my bum? Bum-lookers, cheeky monkeys. That whole skit is a hoot, thanks SNL.


Awesome Tweets

Thanks for keeping the awesomism movement going. Pass it on!

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Oh heyyyy there you, life, blog, friends! It’s Friday morning and I was up super early. Working on that doc I mentioned today. Had awesome meeting last night with some of my team for upcoming project and was so inspired I found it hard to sleep (aka got lost in Pinterest. Sigh). There’s so much going on all the time I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with that fact that all kind of things I’ve wished for and worked towards are actually happening.

It makes me nervous excited which is in fact, my most favourite feeling. Ever. Let’s start the day with this Tweet and let it carry you. #FF via blog for Rayanne; She is awesome and you know it, clap your hands! 🙂

Thanks Becca for this snap of Morgan and I from Brock’s showcase during Canadian Music Week last weekend. I believe those boys are at the Juno’s this weekend. If you’re not from Canada you might not know what the Juno’s are. We’re pretty good at making music in the Great White North.

Popped by Diesel’s flagship shop for the Spring/Summer 2012 preview event the other night hosted by Flare and LOULOU mags. Hung out with blog friends, looked at clothes. Had my hair done just before, thanks Darren.

Drinks were non-alcoholic which was refreshing. Going to a zillion events all the time is tiring and dehydrating. I appreciated the short event and fresh juice. Drink more water.


Look at this handsome afro man, Babe Lincoln:


These are a few of my fav items. They’ve got a pastel mint leather jacket that I would love to own (hint hint). I’ve not been a big wearer of Diesel since highschool but there was a bunch of things I could totally pop into my current rotation. This tank is so emo, I love it.


I enjoy the brands creative campaigns, advertising, in your face billboards etc.  They’re always working to create somthing with a little bit of shock value or tongue in cheek. Remember the one with the crazy looking dolls?  They were really creepy/cool. Early 2000’s or something. I looked but I can’t find them. If you do please share with me.

Jay Strut and I had a deep & meaningful (D&M) chat about blogging when Spiro from It’s All Style To Me snapped photo below (Spiro’s event & style coverage here). I’m wearing Diesel jogg jeans, yes, they are 50% jogging pants. Don’t judge, they’re really comfortable, I hardly wear pants. Headband is Shop Bicyclette and shoes are Sperry.

Ok the end. Must get coffee. Can’t be late, always late. IS THERE AN APP FOR THAT?

P.S. I made a vCard. Add me to your phone if you like scanning things. I’ve never scanned anything. Seriously.

Do I need to download a scanner? I’m not really a QR code person but I was inspired distracted last night.

Hey look, a cat on a scanner!



Remember how I always tell you “you’ll never again be younger than you are today, so do something awesome”? Last night I experienced that in full force and I am going to tell you about it.

I was feeling meh and tired sitting on the couch writing about how I didn’t feel like blogging when Sean asked me to come to a music video shoot.  It was over at midnight so I got dressed, put on some makeup and went. Being in videos is fun and I’m s sucker for being on camera.


These guys are the band. They’re called Shit From Hell, they’re all successful lawyers/businessmen and around 50. Yes, 50. The crazy thing about one of them “Ritalin Boy” (second from left) was having open heart surgery in the morning. Like, NOW, while you are reading this he is on an operating table with doctors in his chest. He had to be at the hospital for 6am. OPEN HEART SURGERY.


They rolled him out in a wheelchair with hot nurses and a drip bottle of Jaegermeister. So badass. I was surprised at how entertained I was by their performance, I’m not a punk music junkie but I love a good live show.

They exuded a comedic confidence you don’t see in younger bands. Some of their songs are “Horny Single Mom, F*ck Buddy, Super Poke, Onterrible dedicated to MP Tim Hudak (whom they detest), and Double Bubble Trouble inspired by the bubble girl at the G20 last year. They had a full on industrial bubble machine too.



They made me think about getting older, we’re always getting older. Now. Now. Now. Oop, there slips another moment of your precious life. Don’t waste it people.  You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. So, why waste time feeling like crap, being lazy, grumpy or old? If these guys can rock a full crowd’s socks off the night before open heart surgery at 50 on a Wednesday night, you can do anything. 


This life if yours to live,  grab it by the horns and ride it like a wild bull.  Yeeehaw!

TTC Tales: I’m trapped.

We came to an erect halt and everyone looked around in wonder. That’s not supposed to happen. I can see the train moving on the tracks beside us, but in the opposite direction. The business men beside me are talking about resort skiing through powder and trees. I used to ski. I’m dressed like one of their kids.

First thought in my mind is “we got a jumper”. Morbid I know. I blame TV for that. We hear mumbling over the loud speaker and I instantly think of 1984.

My mind races and I imagine being trapped down here. I’m glad I have coffee and an almost full bag of Reece’s Pieces minis to tie me over. iPhone is full battery. I forgot headphones. I begin to feel a familiar pain in my chest, anxiety. I remember I have cigarettes and a lighter and I know it’s no smoking but if I never get out of here, I will die happy.

The train begins to move. My heart beats normal again. The skiing man smiles at me and we’re moving.

The end.

* I wondered why the subway was above ground and realized I got so into my story, I missed my stop. Rosedale to Wellesley here I come.


Blog Life: Sometimes I don’t feel like it. #6

Today was a really busy business day and all I feel like doing is getting a huge slice of chocolate cake and sitting on the couch. It’s my fav night for TV, Criminal Minds & Modern Family. I want to shut my brain off but there is no brain off button. I didn’t blog today until now which usually gives me anxiety but to I just didn’t really feel like today. I tweeted, had my hair done and went to a PR event. I made a couple drafts but nothing made it to publish. I’ve been reading poetry while I watch TV that I wrote years ago. I used to write all the time. Did you know I was a published author in 1996? I co-wrote an anthology of poetry and prose. Lots of work from 2003-2008 lives on MySpace in a far away blog from many moons ago. I’ve been thinking about sharing it here, I just might 😉 Updated the old drawing blog Borderline Artistic too. It’s gettin’ artsy around here ladies & gentlemen. 

Rogers included part of this old video on my episode last night, which was amazing by the way. Super humbled by the whole thing. I can’t wait to show you.



Wind Lift

The wind lifts a tissue,
Roughly tosses it up and around
Sharply throwing it to the ground.
It races thought people on the street
Catching on things as it passes
And things it meets.

It rises and meets the sky,
Gets caught.

Finds love.