The Difference Between Popularity And Influence Online

Read this article today by Brian Solis on He’s a leader in the world of digital communication and I really like reading his stuff.    He does a lots of studies on charging markets and research etc. Here’s a few excerpts. I’d say give it a read if you are a brand, a blogger, a robot or a human. Some good meat in the report. 

Digital influence is one of the hottest trends in social media and it is also one of the least understood. Like some relationships on Facebook, “it’s complicated.

KloutPeerIndexKred and many others are investing millions of dollars to understand how our social media activity translates into influence. Within the last 90 days alone, Klout took in a Series C of $30 million from Kleiner Perkins at a whopping valuation of $200 million. PeerIndex also recently announced aninvestment of $3 million. The market for influence is only heating up with more entrants expected to debut and acquisitions or mergers likely on the horizon.”

  • Scores do not matter as much as the context of relationships
  • Brands need to take responsibility for translating these numbers into insights
  • Businesses need to develop meaningful social influence strategies and define desired outcomes.

Entire report on The Rise of Digital Influence

In other news, I’ve been added to a second panel for NXNE Interactive that will look at The Business of Influence and How to Influence Influencers (just kidding! hahahaha). Panel is about Making Social Giveaways a Win-Win for Brands and Online Communities. Will have more details on date & time along with some NXNE tickets to give away.

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