Through the looking glass…what do you see in there, Alice?

  I love this photo.




We had fun today. Darren Kwik cut a few hairs on camera while we chatted Pinterest at his interest. Next up was Bicyclette. I love that store so much (which is why I suggested we go there). Remember last year I did a full tour? It’s sequins, lace, chains and all kinds of pink, flowy, flowery things I want to wear. I can only imagine how great it feels to be Paige, the darling owner, she works in my/a dream closet.

I bought a rainbow at the art supply store on my way home and and chalked Kate’s hair over drinks. Pinterest hair. I’m going to turquoise mine next week. Her life is a chick flick and I love it.


I have been spending a fair amount of creative energy in Draw Something lately. I posted my fav drawings by my opponents on Borderline Artistic, my drawing blog. You should check it out…

Do you want to see it? Do you? Do you? [audience cheers] [Simon bends down to get drawing] Were you looking at my bum? Bum-lookers, cheeky monkeys. That whole skit is a hoot, thanks SNL.


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@casiestewart Saw this & thought of you… "without ME it’s just AWESO–" :)Leesa Butler
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