1,776 Steps! Did The CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do the CN Tower climb and this month the opportunity came to climb with CLIF Bar for WWF Canada. I asked April to join me and we conquered it in 23 minutes! That’s 144 official flights plus the few it takes to get to the first numbered stairs and then a couple extra flights to the glass floor lookout.

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Watertower by Tom Fruin

Social Media Week kicks off around the world today. Here’s my picks on what you wanna check out including parties and panels. I’m speaking on two that fall on Thursday & Friday. There’s a TON of things going on so check the schedule & see what peaks your interest. Image is from Say Media’s blog, LEGGOOOO, VROOOOOOOOOM!

Monday: 7pm: SMW Tweetgasm & Official Launch Party (Both at Gladstone Hotel)



Thursday: there’s LOTS of great stuff!


Information about my panels: 

Thursday, 1-2:30: Social Media Friends, Anxiety & You: Hosted by Maria Lianos-Carbone, publisher & editor of amotherworld.com, this panel will be talking about the anxiety that can come along with being so open in social media and sharing more of your life than ever. I’m looking forward to this cause I deal with anxiety ALL THE TIME. Other panelists include Stéphanie Montreuil Principal, The Lotus Pad Consulting, and Chris Eh Young. Location is The Office Pub, 117 John Street, 2nd Floor at Adelaide. There will be networking after so come say HI.

Friday 6-8pm: Building Valuable Social Features into your Web and Mobile Applications: Moderated by Andrew Peek  from Jet Cooper, this panel of strategists, designers and developers talks about building true value through social features inside web and mobile apps. Other speakers are Dessy DaskalovJeremy BowerErin BurySatish Kanwar.
If you see me at something please don’t be shy to say hello. I love meeting new people and especially ones who ready my blog or follow me on Twitter.

Enjoy the sunshine today. Gdo something that inspires you!

P.S. We’re having a GenYTO party Tuesday next week at Lou Dawgs on Tuesday. Get a ticket here!


I’ve never gone on vacation alone to some place warm & relaxing. I’m filled with childlike excitement knowing all the things I can do here. I’ve decided to stay in Montezuma village one night this week and check out the Costa Rica Film Festival. Surfing & yoga today and a one day sailing trip to an island before Friday.


I’m reminded a few things being here… I really love iPhone, life, sunshine, wifi, meeting new people and traveling. Had Skype video calls with Mum at home, Bob from Boston and KMS in Auckland to show them around Anamaya Resort from my iPhone. It’s like THE FUTURE is already here.

My room is lovely. Currently downloading Crazy, Stupid, Love so I can fall asleep with my boyfriends Ryan Gossling and (Andy) iPad.


Outside I hear all kinds of jungle sounds like monkeys and birds that remind me of a sleep app I have on iPad but realer.  There’s a few voices speaking Spanish in the distance but it’s quiet compared to home.

I sat in this hammock for a while today staring out into the ocean. It was magical.



 This resort is very well designed. Kudos to the owners & thank you for having me. One can only DREAM what it’s like to call this place your home. Even at night the infinity pool looks lovely. All that darkness is ocean meets sky.


Everyone has dinner together which is really nice. I had salmon, beets and vegetables but they cater to everyones food allergies like gluten free and all those other ones (I’m clueless about!).


Chilled in this area for a little while today too. There’s lots of space for everyone to hang out. I wonder if that TV has cable so I can watch the Y and R? Omg I just remembered I will be one week behind if I don’t? I think it’s n Netflix now though. Anyone, Bueller?




Have a yoga class on this patio at 8am.


I wonder how much more chilled out I’m gonna be after this trip. I reckon HEAPS!

Early to bed & early to rise for this little kitten! Meow. <3 CASIE

* all photos from iPhone!


Had a lovely afternoon in the sun today. Picked up a new paid of Doc’s at the Dr. Martens Store (I’m the Mayor!). I gad a gift certificate from the team to get a any pair I saw at the Fall preview back in July. I got black polished laredo Serena’s, last size 6 they had. Lucky me!  Stopped by Quicksilver and got a pair of board shorts & a matching top for my surf trip to Costa Rica next week. So excited to surf. Visited the lovely  ladies at Get Outside  for a new pair of plain black Havaianas (trashed my old ones at the end of summer). Got may nails done on my way home. I love the hand massage you get. I wonder if I could just go in for hand massage? Is that weird? I’d say it was because I spend all day on the computer. Read my book in the balcony sun for a bit and am about to clean my room. Lauren is coming by before the My City Lives “That Night in Toronto” party and I’d like if my room didn’t look like hoarders.

Hope you’re having an awesome day. Get some sun on your face!

This is where we’re going tonight! Cheers to the Biz Media for making & My City Loves for sharing 🙂


Stayed up late making changes to blog. I’m not done yet, it takes forever. A blog is a continuous work in progress, always evolving. I’m ready for it to get a makeover. Not too much change, more in function than design. Talk nerdy to me baby.

It’s funny, people often think I spend ALL my time out & about on the town attending media events and having fun. Let me be honest with you, I spend heaps of time at home on my computer, alone. Part of me is very introverted and I place huge value on my time alone. In order to have heaps of energy to share, you gotta charge your batteries.

Hung out with KMS in NZ on Skype for a bit. I love Skype, good way to charge up seeing old friends. I was shocked at his huge beard! Massive! Not alowed to shave cause he has a modelling gig on Monday. He just did an international ad for Samsung & his new tracks are about to drop in Australia soon. Keep up the good work, love you.

Skype convo gifs are so cute omg.

Last year, no beard, less fro. We hung out while I was in Auckland for NZ Fashion Week.  Chillin’ on Ponsonby Road post Stolen Girlfriends Club show.  I had awesome two tone pink/black nails that day.  The whole trip was so fun. I miss NZ.

Saw this on Google+ via Alana Joy. Are you on G+? Add me here. I have invites if you want.

Pretty much the story of my life, except the pad of paper is a computer. Got asked today “Where do you find inspiration for blogging?”. I find inspiration everywhere. I could sit at my computer (and have) for hours (ages) and tell stories, write about pop culture, review tech sites and products. Sometimes I just grab my camera, put on something cute and hit the streets with no plan. You never know what you might see or who you will meet. This is also why it is important to dress cute. 😉

Top pic was taken by Suzy Lamont & beside me is none other than the lovely Keri. Today we’re going to the Honda Indy. My friends at Honda Canada graciously gave me Gold passes for the weekend. I love racing. Wonder what I’m gonna wear?

Bon weekend!


This is me like errry single day. “Hey guys, I’m on the internet. So are you!”

Great: Bob Marley on how to love a woman (via tumblr)

“You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect – you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break – her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.”

– Bob Marley

Music Monday: Tracks from my fav girl DJs KISSETTEDownload & dance baby.

THIS: I’m a freak’n FREAKERS fan.


I was there for NZ Music Week in the start of May. I was about 18.  I heard this song Sophie by Goodshirt and totally fell in love. I feel in love with lots of things that trip. My sister and I were in the homeland all alone and we made heaps of new friends, one of which I visited last year. (HI KMS!) Love how a song can bring back such fond memories.



Got there early & was hoping for a packed house.

Started to fill up FAST!

View from the stage is fun. Love taking these pano shots.

For info in the panelists and the event see xconnectto.com. Follow the peeps on Twitter here: @soniyamonga @theflist @jumaonline @aditya8020 @shopabletv @wearethirdocean.

My shoes: Aldo. Outfit was from Bicyclette, posted about it yesterday if you missed it.

I was tweeting DURING the panel replying to people. MHP was like “who is tweeting for Casie”. Nobody tweets for me! (reminded of ‘nobody puts baby in a corner’ for some reason)

Glasses from friends at Rightsleeve. I am a SUPER HERO: Super Blogger/Lady Blogga.

Hey LEESA! Super cute. We blondes get along so well.

Told everyone to say HI! HI FRIENDS!

Skipped to the loo and met this beautiful lady named Jean. I imagine I will be kinda like her when I grow up (if I ever do).


Love the many settings on this Olympus camera (XZ-1 is my new party cam). I fell back on the step ofter I took this shot, didn’t see it. Bruised my booty too.


It’s a real place, although it sounds imaginary.

It’s an entertainment company in New Zealand. I reckon one of my best Kiwi mates is in their commericals at the momment. Kms can you confirm? Venus have you seen my friend?

I’ve been quite missing NZ since I went back. Now that I’m grown up and I went, I got a taste and I’m hungry for more.

Just found out my best cuz is having a BABY. Yes Mum/Dad/Gay, Matthew! Him and I are the closest, four days apart. He came to visit me in Australia at Uni, crazy mofo, like me but a handsome young man.

I really want a hungi. Do you know what that is? it’s a traditional Marori way of cooking food in the ground. Best meal ever. If I have a wedding ever there willbe a hungi and Dad will do the haka with my uncles. He, whoever he is, will be scared.

Our sky was very pretty yesterday. Drove all over the city.

So pretty the sky on a sunny day. Do you take a minute to look up?

Can you see the Tower? It’s hiding.

Went to a friends new photography studio. If you want/need space with all the equipment. Ask me, I hook you up. You can take my photo too if you like.

Love picture taking. Imma play with some of the gear over the winter and see what I can cook up for you, internet.

That was yesterday. Those skintone lacey tights are from Winners. Been asked a bunch so what the hell, I’ll reveal my secrets! Have an awesome day xo


Walked down to the ocean in Beach Haven, tide was out. So beautiful. I miss being near the ocean. When I lived in Bondi (Australia) I used to visit the water each day, lay in the sand, stare at the sky. I was really happy there, I’m happy now too.

I climbed on the childrens boat, laxed on a bench, lazed in the sun.

The flowers here are very beautiful. I have heaps of photos fronm the past week. People here have quite lovely gardens. Nana & Grandad always had a really nice garden. He had passion fruit trees , flowers and vegetables. I carved my name in a tree there too. Love you Grandad, miss you. Chilled out with Nana today.

This is on my cousins lawn. Their house is great. I’ve been lucky this trip to stay at really nice places. I enjoyed staying with Kms the other day. His place felt kinda like my old house on Broadview in TO; artsy and musical with character. Nice fro babe.

Walked into downtown Beach Haven, there’s about five shops, three takeaways, a dairy and a cafe with a foursquare checkin. I have a meeting at the cafe in the morning and will feel like my trip is complete if I can steal that Mayorship. GAME, SET, MISSION.

Beer o’clock and diner making time.  Got an extra suitcase today so I can bring home all my goodies. Love it here but ready to come home. Lots of exciting things on the horizon.

love & light my friends xo


the show last night was hot. it was in a theatre, the place was packed. stylish people lined the streets in the cold. i was watching on twitter to see when they were getting started, late of course. got the driver to drop us at the door and we breezed through the  crowd. sat front row, middle beside lovelies from fashion around the world. the show was more than just fashion, it was a production. the best models from the week were in it. the clothes were my fav, it was very sexy, i got a rose from the bridal bouquet at the end. lucky me 🙂

hung out with kms on ponsonby road after the stolen girlfriend’s club after party. that party was like a night out queen street west in TO, heaps of hot hipsers. good times.

having the best time this week. extremely tired though. need a rest. ok bye xo


But now we’re not. We’re still a good fit but we’ve given each other some room. It stayed the same, I got a smaller.

One of my vintage fav’s. I’ve been babysitting it for Natalie for years, it didn’t fit her at the time but she couldn’t bear to part with, so I’ve been taking good care of it. Really good care by taking it out and dancing with it and showing it off on the internet. hehe

BTW speaking of style, calling BLOGGERS who like fashion for an @mtvcanada event or two. I can’t tell you just what it is yet but GOOD. I’m excited (gonna blog it too), stoked to be able to invite cool peeps like YOU.

If you’re interested send me/comment with your blog & email addy!

Terry & one of my FAV Olympic Gold medal winning GINGERS! Terry updates his bloggy when peeps come in to get their photo taken. They are always so great. I love them. Just look at this hawtnesssss………AHHHHHHH! What I would do to wear HIS gold medal.