i belong to the stolen generation.

the show last night was hot. it was in a theatre, the place was packed. stylish people lined the streets in the cold. i was watching on twitter to see when they were getting started, late of course. got the driver to drop us at the door and we breezed through the  crowd. sat front row, middle beside lovelies from fashion around the world. the show was more than just fashion, it was a production. the best models from the week were in it. the clothes were my fav, it was very sexy, i got a rose from the bridal bouquet at the end. lucky me 🙂

hung out with kms on ponsonby road after the stolen girlfriend’s club after party. that party was like a night out queen street west in TO, heaps of hot hipsers. good times.

having the best time this week. extremely tired though. need a rest. ok bye xo


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