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OH: stop marketing, start engaging

First of all, OH = Overheard on Twitter. I layered my tights today as you can see, it’s the perfect way to incorporate fishnets into a cold winter day. Looking forward to trying it with my red guys. I overheard this phrase last night at a session for Social Media Week Toronto held by Scott Stratton.

He runs  a company called Unmarketing, he’s  someone I look up to in the world of social media marketing, this guy really ‘gets it’. I met Scott about this time last year and he’s grown to over 47,000 twitter followers since then. He’s got a book deal now and the tag line for the book and his whole thing is “stop marketing, start engaging“. I learned a heap of stuff last night that’s gonna help me in my job at MuchMTV as well as furthering my own personal brand. Here are some interesting stats for you:

There’s more crazy where this came from but, I shall save it for another day!


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