video made the internet star

I always dreamed of having my own show and thanks to the internet it’s so possible for anyone. I’ve been making some vids but I would LOVE  to win this $250,000 viralocity contest with DoritosBTW, I’m sick of the work viral. I can’t enter it because of my job but it’s open to anyone in Canada over who’s ever been  teenager.  I checked a bunch of videos today and didn’t seen anything particularity hilarious.

This one is my fav cause it’s artistic, short, cute and has good music:

This is Billy, he makes youtube videos that have mega millions of views.

He said key things to viralocity are: 1. Humor 2. Short & Sweet 3. Unique. Sounds kinda like me doesn’t it.  heheh… I joke. You gotta have creativity too.  Doritos are out to see who can make the biggest digital footprint, so I asked him a few questions about the internet!

How long you had your site up? 2004 Do you use formsrping? No. Tumblr? No. Youtube views?  Over 11 million. Twitter: 879 followers/1,045 tweets.  Have you ever been to GenyTO? No but I want to. Where you from? Victoria, B.C. Met anyone famous? Rhianna in YYZ. Nice softspoken, pretty.

Interesting. If YOU make a vid I’ll totes post it!!

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