While surfing in South Africa last night I came across We-Are-Awesome & Don’t Party followed by Liver Beats. Total radness, these cool kids got it going down. I like their taste in music, style and this video is great. I really want to go to South Africa.

This one dude in the vid looks SO familiar. From NZ or Australia travels familiar, long time ago. Could be wrong.

The We-Are-Awesome peeps are friends with Puma too. Remember when Puma Social rocked the Burroughs building in March. So fun. I forgot about the giant cop in the Smoke’s Poutine/Puma vid haha. We trained hard that night 😉

Puma Social released a new video:


I’m determined to get to SXSW 2012. (Sounds like doomsday when you say 2012 after anything. Damn you Hollywood!) As I was saying, I am determined to be there. Speaking would be even cooler and that might happen. Lucia included me in her panel discussion  called “Psychology of Narcissism & how it effects brands”. Something I can talk lots about (haha).

Read the description below and if you like it, give us a thumbs up here. I love learning, talking about and being involved in influencer marketing and “peep culture”. I think this one is a winner.


Society spends increasingly more time online, watching and reading about strangers. Is peep culture creating more narcissists or simply helping us connect through the sharing of our intimacies? Do users share content that they are truly passionate about and believe in or do they simply share content that influences how others perceive them? This panel will duke out diverse opinions on how brands use the internet famous to spread buzz about products and services, what this means for the future of marketing and how this effects everyone’s behavior online. As time passes will positive sentiment towards an influencer inevitably change to negative? Is influencer marketing changing how we behave online and in our everyday? Is peep culture and narcissism shaping our world, playing a part in marketing and influencing our sharing and buying decisions? Come join our internet culture obsessed panel consisting of a psychologist, blogging pioneer, community manager and online lifestyle blogger/ self proclaimed narcissist. Front row seating for big egos only.

Also, check out the snow in NZ! My fams & friends in Auckland & Palmy got the most show in 30 years.


Welcome to the party.

Please drink responsibly.

The lights were  my love of the night. More of this please. So pretty.

These shots are so tumblrey or hipster bride. If you are reading this and getting married (I know there’s a few!) and don’t know Hipster Bride yet, well, be thankful you are reading this now. It’s full of inspiration.

This one is cool.

Beautiful clear sky & bright moon tonight. I love this city. Reminded me a bit of the supermoon, that night was special.

Bit of a stalk party, cameras everywhere. I bet they make a wicked video from the night. Saw a couple videographers capturing moments in time. Look at that sky & view, so nice.

eWg56a on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Loved people walking by wondering what the heck this ‘pop up party’ was. Lights and music were in everyones eyes & ears. You couldn’t miss it. There was a lineup the entire night.

Youre alright but I’m heredarling, to enjoy the party.

Now THIS is cool. Never seen one of these before…

Say, wha? What’s a beer pumper? Oh yes, this is a beer pumper my friends.

Trexxx on the TAPS!

OMG YES! (Ok, wasn’t actually working but still cool.) Want that truck to put out MY fire ifyaknowhatimean.

Had a bunch of peeps I’ve never met IRL who read my blog come say HI. HI GUYS, nice meeting you! Truly great meeting people who read/love this blog and no it’s not creepy/weird when you say “Hi, my name is ____ and I read your blog/follow you Twitter/FB.” (Google+ would be kinda creepy though to be honest. Ha. Seriously.) Always say HI, I love it.

There were a ton of babes on the block. Seriously, babes everywhere.

Nice one Keri for winning the contest & getting to host the party downtown. You looked hot.

I saw that one babe from Wakestock last year but didn’t get to say hi. This one.

We had so much fun at wakestock last year, this post, uhhhh, such great memories. Meeting Flava Flav, hanging w/ Maestro, the Blondetourage. Summer is made for fun.

Button making station. Haven’t seen that one before. I love when people get creative. They also had a photobooth, poutine and ice cream. The Stella Girls were in these darling red dresses, bartenders looked nice too. Good job team.


The end.




Good morning from MTCC! I’ll be adding updates to this post today. Got the full speaker list and super exited for the day’s events. Follow my Tweets @POWlive for what’s happening and inspiring quotes from speakers & guests.

Looking forward to sharing with you!

So many women here, about 4000+!

As I post this the auditorium is filling up. Lots of smiles & laughs in the crowd. There are about 4000+ women here!

Lots of giveaways & goodies for the attendees. The list of prizes is awesome!

The book buying station is full of things to inspire & enlighten your life.

Excited to hear Susanne speak. She has written SO MANY books!

Reckon I’d like to read Ellen’s book. So excited for Ellen’s talk.

Speakers view from the stage. Today is exciting 🙂


Thanks Amex for a great night. Journey was awesome live. A night to remember with a bunch of really good people. We got the star treatment from start to finish. Amex has been a good friend, remember last year’s Amex Canvas event when I won my lovely iPad Andy? Won tickets to Ke$ha last night too. Thanks team!  Gotta work my way up to a Gold card. Hint hint 😉

Private dinner was in this lovely area on the water.

Thanks for this little guy. Now all I need is a trip & new luggage to match!

Short & sweet preso about the new Amex Gold Rewards Card. Lots of features, points & perks. Check out all the deets here.

Tweet wall was done really well. Put photos up with Tweets. Nice to see you Breanna!

Rannie was out photog. Love this pic.

Lamb, chicken, beef, bacon. Yeah. Yum.

Mega VIP, drink tickets, food. So awesome. Mucho gracias.

Motorola DEFY, glasses from New Zealand, tasty treats. Brownie was divine.

Eva your hair looked gorgeous. I wanna braid Sammy’s like that!

Louisa from She Does the City, new BFF.


Anyone know what band was playing on top of the Amex Lounge?

I met Erica Ehm aka Yummy Mummy Club & her lovely husband. She Tweeted our pic and said “here comes trouble“. She was very nice and I told her how I loved her on MuchMusic when I was a kid 🙂

Neat to Molson Amp. it so full them magically empty in a flash.

The end.


Welcome to the Social Media Lounge.

Turned out great cause we had food & beer service inside our lounge with a roof over head. Considering how hard it rained here & there, appreciated it heaps.

You get one glass like this to fill up with different beers. I had heaps of beer tokens and was the Suga Mama for my peeps. I surprisingly didn’t get drunk and was sober when I came home. Thankful for that. I’m growing up, clearly. I also love being Suga Mama.

My Converse at the start of the day. Crisp, white, cute.

My Converse now. Dirty, muddy, ruined.

Sheepdogs chilled in our lounge for a bit. ET Canada was there doing stories.

I love guys who look like Jesus. I’m not religious but that look has me hooked like Sunday morning.

Nice meeting you babes. You’re gonna be huge. These pix are for you Mum!! Told them about you 🙂

Fan girls.

(fatal attraction to cuteness)

Top of the Budweiser Big Rig! Spent lots of time on that thing last year at BudCamp. Saw a bunch of my BudCamp babes around too. Not confirmed if I’ll be there again this year.

Here comes the rain. We got drenched. It was AWESOME. Everyone was swayin’ in the crowd singing along to the Sheepdoggies. It was very rock-festivally.

Dear God, yes please.

With a side of bass.

Party on Wayne. Sheepdoggy Style.

Front row.

Shan, check that beardo brother in the background! haha Sick stache buddy. Whatever happened to the Beardo Brothers anyways? I loved those guys. (I checked, they’re like, old now.)

This is only a selection of photos I took of these guys. They are for my, uh, personal collection.

Hey B-ROCKlyn. Olympus PEN cam, ILU!

Thanks to TorStar for the brolly. Comics FTW!

Wearing KINI was such a SMRT idea. Not my first rodeo festival.

The Trews! (How did I not know they were babes too? Duh.) I love rock n’ roll (Britney).

Thanks Jonathan for hooking up the CASIE discount code. About 120 people used it to get into Beerfest and it was a wicked time. Next year I’ll wear my Wellies.

Please remember to drink responsibly 🙂


Last night’s panel discussion on panel discussions (meta) went really well. I was happy to chat a few people after who said they really learned something. Thanks to Johnny Bunning aka @emanintdot for snapping this photos of us. I forgot to get someone to take a few shots. Doh!

I love sharing things I’ve learned over the past few years. I’ve learned heaps about blogging, the social web and building your personal brand. I’ve been invited to speak at the She’s Connected Conference in the Fall that brings together all kinda of females in business. Hope to speak at more conferences in the coming year. I’m a natural on stage!

Although I love vacation, I really love working and it’s great to be back at my home office. It’s been a busy day with lots of phone calls. Planning some cool stuff for the next month. I wanna get in as many things as I can before the summer is over. I love this heat too. No chance of complaints from this lady!

I watched this again and I feel like Optimism Girl today. If you’re not smiling, you will be after you watch this. Enjoy the day 🙂


Came across this last night on Google+ via Drew Olanoff. Good find. So many networks, omg. How many are you on? Click the photo to see it in large size.

Been playing around in Google+ for the last week. It’s cool. Has potential. I’m a Google Fan Girl so I love seeing & testing out their new technologies & products. If you aren’t in yet, sign up here. Chris Brogan wrote about getting started here.

One thing I am really loving is following people that inspire me and getting to see their posts The newsfeed reminds me of a blog. It’s clean & easy to navigate. Talking about this makes me want to draw wireframes.

I’ve not had many conversation or a ‘hangout’ on video yet but I will soon. I wanna carve out some time to dive right in & organize my circles. Sounds so nerdy & I love it. These are some screen shots from my profile.

Home dashboard:

Get started info:

Activity happening:

Mashable posted some pretty funny parody videos and this one is my fav. The “Hitler Learns” series never fails. Kudos to whoever out there on the internet created this, you are funny.

Social networking FTW! Ha.

someecards.com - I can't wait for Google Plus to reunite me with everyone I blocked on Facebook.

P.S. Monday I’m speaking on a Panel at MaRs.

The panel is a Panel Discussion on Panel Discussions. It’s going to be interesting. The other speakers are very smart & good looking. You should come. Get a free ticket here. If you ever want to host a panel, this will give you valuable information on how to avoid making mistakes.


I’m not sure if I should call it “Damn You Internet” or “My name is not Casie not Cassie”. Watch & gimme your thoughts. I hope you haha.  I know it is probs funnier to me 🙂


Stayed up late making changes to blog. I’m not done yet, it takes forever. A blog is a continuous work in progress, always evolving. I’m ready for it to get a makeover. Not too much change, more in function than design. Talk nerdy to me baby.

It’s funny, people often think I spend ALL my time out & about on the town attending media events and having fun. Let me be honest with you, I spend heaps of time at home on my computer, alone. Part of me is very introverted and I place huge value on my time alone. In order to have heaps of energy to share, you gotta charge your batteries.

Hung out with KMS in NZ on Skype for a bit. I love Skype, good way to charge up seeing old friends. I was shocked at his huge beard! Massive! Not alowed to shave cause he has a modelling gig on Monday. He just did an international ad for Samsung & his new tracks are about to drop in Australia soon. Keep up the good work, love you.

Skype convo gifs are so cute omg.

Last year, no beard, less fro. We hung out while I was in Auckland for NZ Fashion Week.  Chillin’ on Ponsonby Road post Stolen Girlfriends Club show.  I had awesome two tone pink/black nails that day.  The whole trip was so fun. I miss NZ.

Saw this on Google+ via Alana Joy. Are you on G+? Add me here. I have invites if you want.

Pretty much the story of my life, except the pad of paper is a computer. Got asked today “Where do you find inspiration for blogging?”. I find inspiration everywhere. I could sit at my computer (and have) for hours (ages) and tell stories, write about pop culture, review tech sites and products. Sometimes I just grab my camera, put on something cute and hit the streets with no plan. You never know what you might see or who you will meet. This is also why it is important to dress cute. 😉

Top pic was taken by Suzy Lamont & beside me is none other than the lovely Keri. Today we’re going to the Honda Indy. My friends at Honda Canada graciously gave me Gold passes for the weekend. I love racing. Wonder what I’m gonna wear?

Bon weekend!


Have you been to a panel discussion before and thought…Who are these people? Who picked them? Did they prepare? What are they even talking about? I know I’ve attended conference sessions and thought a bunch of those things.

A panel is best when it is informative and you have experts sharing information of VALUE.

On July 18th, I am speaking on a panel with some of Toronto’s most rad people: Alex, Erin, Joseph, and Nicolemoderated by Sonya. We ‘re taking a playful look at the panel discussion and how to get the most from them.

Some of the topics that will be discussed will include:

  1. How to pick a panel
  2. How to prep for a panel
  3. What makes a panel work
  4. How to drive people to an event
  5. Examining different panel archetypes
  6. Panel Etiquette
  7. Good and bad introductions
  8. Speaking in soundbytes 101 – Speaking 140 chars at a time
  9. Panel Pet Peeves
  10. Moderating 101

Hope you  make it out to MaRS at College & University to hear us. This team has heaps of experience and I’m honored they chose me to be part of it. Tickets are FREE too.