Remember how I’ve been saying I wanna be on TV for the last few weeks (months)…
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Mum ring me early this morning all excited after watching it online. Ben referred to me as “famed blogger Casie Stewart”.  Head explode! Name was spelled “Casey” for a second at the start but said they will make sure it’s fixed next time. There WILL be a next time. SM Expert FTW.

I love TV and the internet. Watch it here on CTV: Social media & the Royals.


So, Rockstars don’t call themselves ‘Rockstars’ but it’s cool cause everyone else calls them, which is what makes them rockstars. Say Rockstar one more time in that sentence haha. Do you know a ‘real’ Social Media Expert, am I one? I have heaps of Tweets/Blog/Posterous/Facebook/Skype/Flickr/Blogger/Google+/YouTube and more but that term is usually associated with douchebags. I’m not a douchebag.

Catch me on eTalk tonight for the Royal Tour coverage (starts at 7pm on CTV). Got to tape in the studio, I was standing in front of that eTalk sign above. Didn’t get a photo of us shooting. Doh. I used to work at CTV behind the scenes so was a pretty rad to be back today in front of the camera. Saw a bunch of old colleagues and was dressed to impress.  Wore high shoes, nicely tailored dress, hair up, bow, red lipstick. Zing!

I hope I come across smart and cool. I really hope I don’t look bad. (It’s nerve wracking ok!!) I’ll be at an event this evening so I won’t see it until I get home. I’m not sure how long it will be either.

My segment is about the big role social media is playing in Will & Kate’s visit, the photo one of our MP’s posted of them (below) and the Royal Tour app. The Royal Tour App is one of the most popular in Canada right now.

The Blue Man Group were also there this morning. I touched a BLUE MAN! They use blue oil paint and it is very messy. I had some on my finger. One of the BMG guys was pretty cute, well, for a Blue guy. 😛

I love being in front of the camera. I really want to be on TV. Look what they did to C. Perez, Senior Producer. He got Blue Man’d! BMG has a new show coming to Toronto so that segment will be on later this month.

Got it on PVR. Fingers crossed I did good. Aaaaaaaah. Tweet me if you see it!


Started using a new phone, Motorola DEFY from Telus. This thing is (almost) indestructible.

The Motorola Defy™ with MOTOBLUR™ has a water-resistant, dustproof design, and a scratch-resistant display. Powered by Android 2.2 and available only from TELUS. I can also Create a Wi-Fi® hotspot to share internet with up to 8 devices (ipad, laptop). Camera is 5mp, only thing that would make it best phone yet would be front facing camera. I can swipe to text on the touchscreen which is pretty rad & surprisingly accurate.

You know I’m hard on my gadgets and this phone is made for someone with a lifestyle like me. It’ made to be life proof. This is the commercial you may have seen on TV recently. Party looks fun eh.


This article ran last year after New Zealand Fashion Week about bloggers & how fashion’s front row is changing. I never did get a hard copy! The Tempo magazine is inside the NZ Herald that comes on weekends (I think!).

One of my cousins got it delivered to her house. How awesome is that? Her Canadian cuz gracing the pages of her mail. Would love to get back to NZ this year for NZFW. Air NZ isn’t the travel partner so that puts a wee damper in getting there. I had the best time last year. See my coverage here. If you click the image will take you to article on

Have an awesome day!

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I’d like to think I had something to do with that. I kid, I kid. We’re SO online and our  Social media Day meetup is SO BIG that Mashable wrote about us today. We Toronto peeps know how to have fun. Get social baby.

Props to Michael Nus & Dan Levy for putting this together. Last year I spoke about running the social media for MuchMusic & MTV Canada & this year I’m speaking about building a personal brand. Over 350 people are attending so it’s gonna, kinda a big deal. Wish Mum was here to see me in action. I’m sure someone will have on video.

Last year I was JUST getting into speaking and has my hands in my pockets the whole time. Won’t do that again. What am I going to wear? I should really have planned this out. Hope to meet some new peeps & will for sure see a bunch of familiar faces. Looking forward to it. If you have any questions, ask away!


I’m currently shopping on to pick out an outfit for my talk on Thursday during Mashable Socal Media Day. Sign up here to come for the fun, there’s 250+ people coming already. Gonna be fun to see everyone. This skirt is cute too eh. Mum loves it.

I’m also browsing EGOCLOSET to pick out something to review & while testing out their new online store. Thinking this uber cute Diamond Pocket Dress, Maxi Jumper or this Chifon tail dress. Loving those long flowy skirts & dresses. They were really popular in NZ last year & they are ALWAYS ahead in style down there.

I love getting stuff in the mail, everyone loves mail.  The other day Keri & I came home feeling kinda blahhhh and my friends at Bud Light sent me a 12 pack just because they knew it was going to be a nice weekend.

Thanks guys, it did make the weekend better and I appreciate it.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m even talking about this…. should I keep quiet?

Here’s the thing about blogging I don’t love:

C.C Chapman wrote about it six months ago. The Mommy bloggers have been talking about it way before I brought it up,  good article on MomBlogMagazine about it here.

PR email comes in about an ‘exciting’ new campaign that brand XX is launching. It is either a one day event or it spans several weeks but it is ‘perfect for my audience’. This is a what is called ‘Blogger Outreach’.

The company knows from idea conception that they want to connect with bloggers although they bugdet nothing for the bloggers who are going to do a bunch of work. They know exactly who they are going to target because we are all on the same list.

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I went to bed fuming last night. Blood was boiling. I never tell you when I get angry, I think I’m going to start. To be honest though, it doesn’t happen too often.

I had a few conversations with agencies & clients over the last few days that made me wonder what the hell I’m doing. Also made me wonder what the hell they are doing? I have heaps of PR friends in the city and I’m starting to wonder about those relationships. They’re in meetings coming up with all these expensive & fun campaigns for big name clients with the intent to do blogger outreach & connect with ‘top influencers’ but not putting any budget in the plan for that. Gimme a break.  Do you work for free? Why should we?

This morning I logged into WordPress (blog publishing platform), like I have done every day for years and had a different feeling about it. Last night after talking with Mum and friends, I didn’t know if I’d be back to publish today.  I didn’t feel like it.

Clearly, I am addicted to publishing and love writing so I’m back but I’m different.

Every morning I read Mashable on Flipboard via my ipad and this morning they published an article that touches on exactly what had my blood boiling yesterday.

How Social Media Is Changing Paid, Earned & Owned Media

Those in the marketing and agency world are privy to the buzzwords “paid,” “earned” and owned.” Traditionally, they stand for the different types of media and can be easily broken down like this:

  • Paid: Buying a 30-second Super Bowl spot
  • Earned: Coverage on Mashable
  • Owned: Your company’s website

You should read it, especially if you work in PR, media or are one of my wonderful friends at an agency who regularly ask me to share your product with my readers. I’m not singling out anyone and I love my PR friends but everyone is doing it and bloggers are being taken advantage of by doing work for pop, chips & booze. That ain’t currency.

“To some extent, everything that’s done by a media agency is paid media,” says Andrea Wolinetz, director of social media at PHD. “Whether it’s managing a Facebook Page or blogger outreach, people get paid for that work, so it always starts from a place of paid media.”

I decided yesterday that I should be more honest to my blog, to you, to myself. I have many opinions & will never run out of things to write, ever.

This Is My Life and as long as I’m living, my baby it’ll be.



Welcome to personal shopping at Holts. OMGaga fo’ reals. Got a taste of the high life today and it’s sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Mama can get used to this. Yes please.

It’s cool up there.

Dressing room.

Wearing this dress tonight.

With this amazing new leather. It’s so soft & lovely.

Wall displays at Holts are real beauty right now. Paper art.

My fav jewels.

Looks good on me, eh? Serious shopper. HI MUM!

Time for the show. Thanks for a fun day Crystal Light!

Big thank you to Wind Mobile for my rocket stick. Totally awesome accessory to have, especially today. I love you internet!


Day started with Converse Fall preview.

I love me some Converse, been a fan my whole life. Thanks guys!

Raymi & I got sames.

Couple known fashion bloggers in there too. Hey Julio!

Raymi & I are a great team. Want to hire us to host/cover your awesome event? Email

Converse also hooked us up with backpacks which is awesome because yesterday I said I needed a backpack. Amazing eh?! I love life. Thank you universe!

Blog girl gang hangs are the best. A blog girl friend will always take your photo, knows how to work the camera & likes to have fun. Follow the Blondetourage here.

I did not write this.

WTF? Awesome. I love all Barbies.

Ditched the box & cruised down College in the sunshine. Next stop, Pepsi Showcase for NXNE at Sneaky Dee’s.

Hi Mr. Bunning, nice to see you as always.

These onion rings saved me. Grease, ILU.

Cutest little outfit. Be prepared to see it heaps this summer. Sailor Casie FTW.

SO many fun nights here. Nice to be there during the day & sober.

I can totally see myself driving a mini.

The day ain’t over kids. Extra drink ticket for later. Moohaha.

Next stop, back to the Hyatt for some NXNEi. Let’s get interactive.  Exhausted face.

Some of my peeps in this video about empowering influence. Hi guys!

There she is, O’Nizzle fo shizzle.

Stoked to take these babies out for a stroll.

Tonight I’m seeing Kovak at the El Mocambo 10pm, yay NXNE. Tomorrow I’ll be at Interactive in the AM and have I an audition in the afternoon. Big week guys, big week!


Here’s the info:

On June 18th, chart-toppers, celebrities and tastemakers attending the 2011 MMVA’s will be invited to join the BHD Experience/Gifting Lounge and choose from an exclusive array of premium products and services.

BHD gifting lounge will feature some of North America’s top brands including Converse, Beyond The Rack, Bench, Little Burgundy, Blo, Joico, LINE Knitwear, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hibou and Davids Tea.

The 2011 BHD Gifting Suite & Peeps:

Update – Friday 5pm: Winners have been closed & notified by email.

Thanks for entering.

* Four winners to be chosen Friday, July 17 10am.



This week is so exciting. I’ve got events every night, all kinds of fun stuff each day and NXNE & MMVA to cap off the weekend.

The Broken Heel Diaries magazine is hosting a gifting lounge MMVA weekend and I’m one of their bloggers.

I’ll be working with the BHD team & awesome bloggers  Coco&Lowe , HustleGRLJayStrut and Marcus Troy. Woo hoo!


Have you ever been to a gifting lounge? It’s totally awesome. Last year at TIFF was my first time and it’s like your birthday. Hair, nails, clothes, games, makeup, shoes, products galore. You get hooked up with stuff from cool companies. Some of the brands are Bench, Converse, Toms, Jeffrey Campbell.

Stay tuned on how you can win a ticket to attend BHD SUITES June 18. Gonna be  real FUN 🙂


One of the most annoying things ever is when girls (any age) talk about you to other people. I’ve talked about it before and despite getting older, it never seems to go away.

It is especially annoying when it is public, negative, the person has a high profile and they also don’t bother to say it to you directly. I was not Regina George in highschool and didn’t used to have the confidence I do now. I got bullied heaps growing up, mostly by mean girls.

Today I got a message from a friend on my way home from the airport after six hours on airplanes and spending half the day before in an airport…

your tweets & blog post rant about parents with kids at airport is causing a shit storm with parents on fb”

GREAT! Welcome home!

First: Thank you for reading & linking to my blog Erica.

I’m happy to have you as a reader. I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a kid. Circa 1991 here, lookin’ cute.

We both worked at MuchMusic and I’ve often wondered if  we would work on a project together. We both blog & Tweet in Toronto. We have many friends in common. I always though of you as cool with great style.


Second: Why didn’t you comment/say ANYTHING TO ME?

I know you’re not shy. Lots of options, Twitter, Facebook, Fan Page, blog email? I am surprised you would single me out like that to your friends on Facebook without commenting as a mother yourself.

I waited to see if you would say something to me since you were engaging your audience about my blog post. You didn’t. Your comment “what people without kids think of us who have kids” is a silly generalization about those who have kids and those who don’t.

I am one person and this blog is about my life, not all people who don’t have kids.


Third: To the Commenter(s) & Everyone

I am not an asshole for saying it is annoying to let your kids make a wrack and misbehave in a busy public place.

The post before that was about kids & family and my Mum commented on the blog post you linked to (if you bothered to check).

I traveled heaps as a kid with my parents and yes, I for sure made noise, I was a baby/kid. Mum said I was real cute in her comment though,  thanks Mum!

Why didn’t you share your thoughts from a mothers perspective?

Maybe you have some great ideas on how to deal with a situation like I was in?

I had ear phones but you need to listen to the loud speaker for flight information when you are delayed.  They were making it very difficult.

If you have thoughts on something I publish, I’d LOVE to hear about it. This is the sharing economy of internet awesomeness.

There is a difference between being a kid and being a misbehaved bratty child. I posted how I feel about the situation I was in.

Let’s hope this incident inspires people to raise their children with manners & etiquette. We want the younger generation to be kind & respectful. Don’t we?

Also, if you would like to submit something to the brand new Annoying Department, please do that too.

Oh, guess what? I don’t really like animals either. OMG.

P.S. I ordered this awesome unicorn lightsaber t-shirt from Threadless and I Love Katy Perry. She looks so cute in braces. I had braces in high school too. I go see her in concert soon!


Dad loves racing so to be working with a race car driver is pretty neat. Especially an epic, race winning child prodigy one.

Sky & I were twerkin’ hard in the office aka the rig. She is 11.

We were tweeting our hearts out during the bike race portion. She is a riot.  RA RA RIOT.

I was telling Kyle how he’s gonna have ladies all ova’ him. He’s so dang cute. Any of you out there 13ish? He’s single.

Gettin’ ready. Talladega styles.

Race time. Team #71.

Was a totally crazy race. Started with 25 drivers, finished with 16ish. About 20 cautions, three ambo’s. This one went straight to hospital, back injury. Hope you’re ok man.

Waiting for the track to be cleared then take a few laps to warm up the tires.

(Get’s easily distracted) HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

What a winner this stud. Kyle took 3rd. Nice one buddy!

Kyle loves Gatorade. (wink wink nudge nudge)

Sky, you are the cutest ever.

Check those tire marks from racers bumpin’ him. Bump & grind fo’ realz

His shirt was actually soaking wet. We were laughing. Dang hot drivin’ them cars. (Clearly I’ve been in the South, I’m typing with an accent.)

Impressed with how well spoken you are Kyle. Nice twerk. Good interview.

Night was fun. Brekky & travel home tomorrow. I miss my own bed. I like being away but I love coming home. Next trip is Boston in July. Next week is busy with NXNE (music & interactive), MMVAs & more. Gonna be real fun. Have an awesome day 🙂


You know I love Gaga. I’ve told you a bunch of times before. Remember the MMVAs last year? Kingi from Peach Berserk made me a custom dress with all the big performers on it: Bieber, Katy, Drake, Miley.  I was excited.

I worked with some really great people at Much & MTV last year, the MMVA experience is very memorable. My job was Social Media Queen and it was super fun to say the least.  Blog post from MMVA Day 2010 is here.

I’ve got a couple things planned for MMVA weekend this year. One is a party w/ Gaga’s DJ, Lady Starlight. 🙂

Starlight will be rocking The Velvet Underground (510 Queen St West) after the MMVA’s June 19 in Toronto. Doors open at 11.

I have a list. Do you want to be on it?