is this the real life cause sometimes it feels like fantasy

Day started with Converse Fall preview.

I love me some Converse, been a fan my whole life. Thanks guys!

Raymi & I got sames.

Couple known fashion bloggers in there too. Hey Julio!

Raymi & I are a great team. Want to hire us to host/cover your awesome event? Email [email protected]

Converse also hooked us up with backpacks which is awesome because yesterday I said I needed a backpack. Amazing eh?! I love life. Thank you universe!

Blog girl gang hangs are the best. A blog girl friend will always take your photo, knows how to work the camera & likes to have fun. Follow the Blondetourage here.

I did not write this.

WTF? Awesome. I love all Barbies.

Ditched the box & cruised down College in the sunshine. Next stop, Pepsi Showcase for NXNE at Sneaky Dee’s.

Hi Mr. Bunning, nice to see you as always.

These onion rings saved me. Grease, ILU.

Cutest little outfit. Be prepared to see it heaps this summer. Sailor Casie FTW.

SO many fun nights here. Nice to be there during the day & sober.

I can totally see myself driving a mini.

The day ain’t over kids. Extra drink ticket for later. Moohaha.

Next stop, back to the Hyatt for some NXNEi. Let’s get interactive.  Exhausted face.

Some of my peeps in this video about empowering influence. Hi guys!

There she is, O’Nizzle fo shizzle.

Stoked to take these babies out for a stroll.

Tonight I’m seeing Kovak at the El Mocambo 10pm, yay NXNE. Tomorrow I’ll be at Interactive in the AM and have I an audition in the afternoon. Big week guys, big week!

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  1. Anonymous
    June 17, 2011 / 6:43 am

    Loving those fresh blue kicks – and the sailor outfit, obvs 🙂 <3

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