The Science of Social: Periodic Table & Google+

Came across this last night on Google+ via Drew Olanoff. Good find. So many networks, omg. How many are you on? Click the photo to see it in large size.

Been playing around in Google+ for the last week. It’s cool. Has potential. I’m a Google Fan Girl so I love seeing & testing out their new technologies & products. If you aren’t in yet, sign up here. Chris Brogan wrote about getting started here.

One thing I am really loving is following people that inspire me and getting to see their posts The newsfeed reminds me of a blog. It’s clean & easy to navigate. Talking about this makes me want to draw wireframes.

I’ve not had many conversation or a ‘hangout’ on video yet but I will soon. I wanna carve out some time to dive right in & organize my circles. Sounds so nerdy & I love it. These are some screen shots from my profile.

Home dashboard:

Get started info:

Activity happening:

Mashable posted some pretty funny parody videos and this one is my fav. The “Hitler Learns” series never fails. Kudos to whoever out there on the internet created this, you are funny.

Social networking FTW! Ha. - I can't wait for Google Plus to reunite me with everyone I blocked on Facebook.

P.S. Monday I’m speaking on a Panel at MaRs.

The panel is a Panel Discussion on Panel Discussions. It’s going to be interesting. The other speakers are very smart & good looking. You should come. Get a free ticket here. If you ever want to host a panel, this will give you valuable information on how to avoid making mistakes.

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