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Day 189: Lady Gang Park Picnic

Met up with some of my fav media ladies in the west end for a little park hang. It was so nice out! Natalie arranged to have catering from Marben, we had a couple of their new boxes filled with all kinds of picnic snacks.

It was so great to see everyone (distanced, obvs) and chat over wine in the sun. I’m not ready for summer to be over. Luckily, it looks like next week will have some hot days!

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it was like a day in a park 💁🏼‍♀️

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Day 185: Mum’s Birthday!

Today was a great day! Had so much fun at home for mum’s birthday. Jenie and I drove to the house in the afternoon and hung out with her and Steve, ate snacks, got takeout, and had cake. My sister’s childhood bff also came over and it was like we never missed a beat. Laughed so hard, it was brilliant!

I love mum so much! She’s smart, funny, stylish, and the biggest inspiration in my life. She’s always there with wise words when I need them and I am so grateful for her love. HI MUM LOVE YOU, THANK YOU. 💖

One of our fav things to do is go to Winners and look for treasures. I found this amazing merino wool sweater from Zara and my sister got one to match. It was a steal! Jenie found the yellow sweater she was wearing and got it for mum. Now we all match!

I dressed up for the day in my fav bodysuit, Pretty Denim (designed by my friend Tahnee), and loafers from Everlane. My mask was handmade in Toronto by my other friend Considerate Goods. I almost forgot how much I love wearing a full outfit, really sets the tone for your day!

Day 183: You Don’t have to Monetize Every Hobby

I’ve loved sewing my whole life. I also have a new sewing machine that I’ve hardly used for about 8 years. I want to sew, but never had the time or made the time to do it. As a kid, I spent heaps of time sewing with mum. I even started my first business in grade 3 sewing gym bags for classmates.

Early into quarantine, I took the time to make things for the pure enjoyment of making them. I did heaps of tie-dye, turmeric dye, made friendship bracelets, and practised line drawing on iPad. The art of creating gives me so much joy. It inspires creativity in other areas of my life. I loved sharing the things I made on social media and mailing some to friends. I was reminded you don’t have to monetize every hobby, it’s incredibly freeing to create for the sake of creating.

This weekend, I started sewing again. I took a few items of clothing that were ripped or on their way to donations and made a few scrunchies. The big pink ones are a soft rayon fabric and flop when you doa top know. they used to be part of Joe Fresh shirt from years ago that had a mark on it. It was so fun to make them and patch together my old clothes to make new patterns. I spent most the day sewing, listening to music, watching Netflix, and letting my creative juices flow.

Cut up scraps that will become cute mis-matched scrunchies!

After posting my creations, I had a few people saying they want to buy or ask where to order. I’m not there yet, I might never be! For now, the Quarantine 2.0 version of me is Casie Sew-Art.

I’m back at my machine baby, who knows what I’ll create next!

Day 182: When in Doubt, Go Out

Go outside, beneath the trees, listen for wind dancing in the leaves. Look at the sky, breathe in the air. Throw your hands up, like you just don’t care. ✌️

Hoodie: Superette Shop – Sherbet

Glasses RayBan

Studio: Mother Nature

Day 181: Recharge Your Batteries in The Sun

I worked most the morning then met up with Michelle near the office. We had lunch on the Queen Mother back alley patio then took a look around Black Market vintage. It was so sunny, we were both wearing layers and cute outfits.

It felt so good to hang out together, laugh down the street, stopping to take photos, and making memories. It’s amazing how a carefree afternoon with your bff can lift your spirits! Love you Miche!

Gonna miss these summer temps when they go but we still have time to make the most of each day before that happens. If there’s no sunshine one day, you have to be the sunshine!

Day 179: Dress Shoes, I Missed You

Different taking the subway these days but I like being back in the city. There are fewer people and the seats are marked for distancing.

Felt so good to put on regular clothes and spend a few hours working outside the house. I miss being in that type of environment. Sean picked me up on the way home from 1188 and I made fresh pasta from Pusateri’s.

In other news, I started watching Away on Netflix starring Hilary Swank, good show. Hooked!

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