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Day 58: Focus Your Power

I keep a stack of creative books beside my computer on the table where I work in the kitchen. Sometimes when I’m feeling a creative block, unmotivated, or sad, I grab one and open it to a random page. For mother’s Day, I opened Rupi Kaur‘s ‘the sun and her flowers‘ to a poem with advice from a mum. Today, I opened Adam J. Kurtz book ‘Things Are What You Make of Them‘ to this page. Most of the time, the universe seems to know exactly what I need and presents a message on the page. I see you.

What even is fashion? My Quarantine Style this week has been a bit wild. It’s still quite cold up here so I need to layer up. It’s hard to believe the long weekend is days away and we had a couple of flurries today. SPRING WHERE ARE YOU!? Here’s hoping we jump right into summer! Next week we might crack temps over 20 degrees.


Day 57: In Transition

This week, for the first time since the start of Iso, I really fell behind on my daily diary. From 2008-2012 I blogged pretty much every single day. I enjoy the routine of doing things, documenting them, and writing it down. It’s amazing how therapeutic a diary can be. So many times I’ve gone back to a special day, a keyword, a month, an image, to remember the moment. I love to see how things have changed, how the world was, or to reflect on who I was at the time.

I have grown and changed a lot over the 15 years I’ve had this blog. I think I’ll change a lot through COVID-19 too. The current situation is forcing us all to reevaluate what matters, who matters, and how we can be better humans.

We all have the ability to take a birds-eye view of our lives right now. The world is in transition and so are we.

Side note, I learned how to do a hair wrap with a t-shirt thanks to my friend Jak! Grab a large shirt and check out her DIY on Instagram!

Day 55: Let It…Snow?

Would you believe it snowed if I didn’t have a photo to prove it!? Yes, May 9th, 2020, snow. Not just any snow, a full blanket of tiny snowballs coated everything around us.

I had a small birthday party on Zoom last night and it was super fun! I’m quite proud of myself for not staying up too late or drinking too much. Woke up today feeling good but also like I needed rest. I did not run today. Decided to take a day to recharge my batteries. Having a birthday can take a lot out of you, add the anxiety of your birthday in a pandemic and it’s kinda overwhelming. I am truly blessed to have such a great group of friends. Lauren started a thing where each person took a minute to say what they liked most about me and it was so nice. I feel loved and appreciated! THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Sean and I had a productive day of watching ENTIRE SEASONS of both Hollywood (miniseries) and Into the Night. Both shows were good. Very different vibes as Hollywood is sexy, fun, and dramatic while Into The Night is a doomsday thriller. Next up, I’m going to tackle S2 of Dead to Me which I think I can finish in a day. The way this is going we’re going to need summer or more shows! If you have any recos, please share!

Day 48: Ray of Sunshine

Nice little Saturday! Ran in the morning, did a dance workout in the afternoon. Spent most the day inside. New running shoes are so great.

This movie was pretty good.

Had a few White Claw at night and chatted with some friends. I really hope the weather gets warmer next week!

Day 47: May Flowers!

Today was a great day! I ran 2k in the morning and baked sweet potato brownies. Sean returned to the cottage with Emily in the afternoon.

I did some gardening in this great outfit then made a run to town for some supplies. Our friends stopped by in their boat and might take Sean wakeboarding tomorrow.

For dinner, we made taco bowls as a family, had dairy-free ice cream sundaes for dessert, then watched The Matrix.

Picked myself up some flowers at the grocery and had the nicest chat with a lovely lady named Nora who was working at the store.

It was such a beautiful day. So happy it’s MAY!

Day 42: Dance It Out!

I spent most the day home alone as Seen was picking up Emily. It was such a beautiful day! Spent some time reading outside then did LA choreographer Ryan Heffington’s SWEATFEST dance workout on the patio. Emma Stone (actress) was there!

This workout has been giving me so much life lately. The steps are easy to follow and it will leave you feeling happy, lighter, and sweaty. The next classes are likely going to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1 pm EST on IG at @ryan.heffington.

We put the dock in the water just before sunset when Sean got back. We both had to go in the water and it WAS SO COLD. At home Sean grabbed a few huge mirror doors we salvaged and this week I hope to use them for a creative shoot and maybe make a wooden trim.