Day 241: Pandemic Anxiety

I wasn’t feeling great today. Kept waking up in the night thinking someone was walking through the cottage. Woke up with serious anxiety, went for a run, did a meditation, took a nap. Called mum when after my rest and talked it out. Had a cry, felt a bit better. Mum has a magical way of calming me down, looking at things rationally, and helping me see clearly. A nap always helps too, everything seems more intense when you’re tired.

Today, Toronto announced new ‘red zone’ restrictions as cases keep rising in the GTA. Ontario is now seeing over 1,000 cases/day which is kinda scary. As of Saturday, restaurants can no longer have indoor dining, gyms can’t hold fitness classes, no indoor meeting spaces, and bars have 9pm last call. They’re also encouraged people not to hang out with anyone who doesn’t live in their household. It’s crazy we are living through this right now.

Being at the cottage feels like we’re escaping and sometimes I start doing something where I forget what’s going on, then I remember. It’s normal to have anxiety, especially now, I’ve found that exercise and meditation have been really helpful.

A couple of years ago I was gifted a membership to the Calm app and really got into guided meditation. I found that I really missed using the app and purchased a new membership in the summer. I love the sleep stories by Matthew McConaughey or Harry Stiles. I swear I’ve never heard the end of the story, I always fall asleep! Their website is offering a free week if you’d like to give it a try.

If you’re feeling pandemic anxiety, it’s normal, take some deep breaths, go outside for as walk, call a friend, or do something that makes you feel happy.

We’ll get through this!

Day 240: A Second Spring!

We have had the absolute best weather for the last couple of days! It’s been around 20 degrees during the day since Saturday. I’m working most of the day but I love sitting outside for coffee and lunch to soak up some vitamin D.

April is here for the week and Sean is back in the city with Emily. So nice to have some quality girl time!

I’ve been pretty good with working out the last week and did 4km today before 8am. Last week I treated myself to new running pants for the first time in months as my old ones were falling down. I also ordered Bala wrist/ankle weights and I love them. I tagged them on IG today and they replied, ha! I really hope this warm weather lasts a while, I am NOT READY for winter snow or slippery surfaces. I love running outside so much, not sure what I’m gonna do this year without the gym or a treadmill.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus

Gonna soak up as much sun as I can and make the most if each warm-ish day while I can!

Day 239: Good Day, Sunshine!

Spent the entire afternoon sitting in the sun and it was so lovely! Read my book, did a little workout, perfection. Hard to believe we are having such warm days in November. 2020 is such an interesting year!

We’ve been having the most beautiful sunsets the last few days. I love summer up here but there’s also such a good vibe in autumn.

Sending love from the woods!

Day 234: Election Make a Selection

Today is the USA election. Everyone is on high stress! I’m sure we won’t see the results tonight. I hope Joe Biden wins. Another 4 years of Trump won’t be good.

This necklace from Jenny Bird keeps following me around the internet. I’ve been working out using the Peloton app and there are no live classes today so the instructors can all vote.

Have been making Story Art on Instagram, you can see them all here.

Day 233: Saving Daylight

Most people usually dread the Monday after Daylight Saving Time. Not me though, I love waking up early and today marks one year since I started working out. Last year, I took that extra hour when I woke up early to start gong to the gym. I didn’t enjoy it at first but I learned to love it. I would spend 5-10 min on the treadmill and 10-15 min with weights. I wanted to establish the habit of going and knew that I didn’t need to work out for a long period each day for it to become a routine.

After about a month I started to feel different, mostly my mental health, I had more energy and I was happier. After two months, I really started to notice a difference, my arms were getting toned and I saw a glimmer of an ab or two. By the time I went to Cuba in January, I was feeling really good. I lost about 30 Lbs since this time last year, improved my eating habits, and learned to love exercise.

It was cold running outside today but the sun was shining through the trees and the air was fresh.

Started a holiday wreath. It’s been ages since I made one. I picked a few branches from the woods between meetings and did a bit more after work.

Today I felt that same creative energy I had back in the March/April quarantine. I’m happier when taking a bit of my day to make something creative, a craft, sewing, or try a new recipe.

I’m committing to working out each day (M-F) like I did last year, I feel it was a BIG part of what kept my spirits up in the winter months.

Creativity and exercise can change your mood.

Do something nice for yourself!

Day 232: It’s November!