Day 269: Instagram Verified!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is a special day because I now have the coveted blue checkmark of IG of verification!

I’d like to thank me for all my hard work over the years, and not giving up on me, and for staying committed to my goals. Ha! Jk, I worked with a friend at an agency who helped initiate the process. I’m now verified on Twitter (2012) and Instagram (2020).

If you haven’t seen Snoop give this award speech where he thanks himself, you’re welcome.

Getting verified made me think about some of the cool stuff I’ve done over the years. The process involved submitting a bunch of references to verify my work and who I am in the world. If you ever wanna do a deep creep, I have another website at with speaking, directing, brand partnerships (over 100!), and press/media over the years.

Here’s a little hilight of some videos, awards, commercials, etc.

Canadian Academy – Academy Social

Looking back, this was a pretty neat experience and I don’t think they ever did this section of the awards as a separate event again. I was up against someone I really wanted to beat and was SO NERVOUS I would lose. I remember drinking too much that night to try and escape the anxiety. The Canadian Academy awards (Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television) are kinda like the Canadian version of the Oscars, awarding excellence in film, TV, and digital.

Sunwing Commercial

We shot this over a 4 day stay in Mexico. One day to rest once we arrived, 2 days to shoot (all on iPhone!), and 3/4 of one day to rest before leaving. It was a fun shoot but very busy. The whole team was great to work with. This commercial ran during the Superbowl AND the Grammys that year (it came on right after GAGA performed!). In January of 2020, I went on a Sunwing trip to Cuba (not work!) and that was my last vacation. I miss traveling. One day!

Aeroplan Commercial

This was shot by Sean’s company 1188 Films and the brand rep from Aeroplan was a former client we had both worked with. I remember being on the phone with the client a couple weeks before the shoot when she told me she was able to myself and a GUEST to New Zealand for the holidays. Mum and I went for a month and it was so memorable. That trip meant so much to my family, mum, and me. We were able to spend heaps of time travelling together, laughing with friends and family, and seeing her mum (Nana) before she passed away. I am so grateful for this experience and it warms my heart just thinking about it.

Comedy Network Commercial

I got a call from my acting agent at the time to go to an audition for this last minute. I didn’t have time to go home and change but the role was for ‘hipster girl’ so I went in what I was wearing. When I booked it, the message from the wardrobe dept. was to wear the same clothes. LOL. This would make me a certified professional hipster.

TEDx Talk

This was booked by my speaker agency (National Speakers Bureau) and I drove to London, ON, the day before. I will never forget that someone was killed on Highway 401 that day when a tire flew off a transport truck, it happened about an hour after I passed that same stretch. I stayed in a small apartment on the Western University Campus so I was ready to take the stage first thing in the AM. I am a bit embarrassed because I was so nervous that day! I’ve come a long way as a speaker since 2015 but looking back, I’m proud of myself for giving it a good go and talking about something I love. The theme was The Human Condition and my talk was Exploring What It Means to Be Human on The Internet.

Brand Me – The Walrus

I hated this article with a PASSION when it came out. I was so mad. The author had been so nice to me in the interview, I shared all kind of things I was excited about blah blah blah. Then, she turned it right around on me to make me sound like an idiot. Pretty sure I sent her a nasty email. Ah well, no press is bad press and I love this illustration. I think I’ll frame it.

I will remember this day as something great to come out of 2020!

Day 267: Take a Long Walk in The Sun

After a day of rest, I was ready to go out into the world. I woke up early, got dressed, and ventured out for a coffee. I chatted with a friend for an hour before picking up a few groceries. It was so nice and sunny out! Love a good long walk in the sun.

When I got back home I put on (yes, another!) Christmas movie and made falafels, an Israeli-inspired salad, and some delicious orzo in the Instant Pot.

I made plans to go on a photo walk with April and walked down to Queen & Lansdowne. We hung out in the sun, taking photos in the alleys. It was so lovely!

We walked west to the Bellwoods from Parkdale, I picked a bouquet of eucalyptus from Crown Flora and a vegan cookie from The Drake. We sat in the park for a little bit, taking in the sun, before heading back home.

It’s so nice to be back in the city, walking the streets, and having distance hangs with friends. Gotta appreciate all the little things!

Day 258: LIGHT IT UP! Luminaire Authentik

Today I had virtual lighting consultation with Luminaire Authentik. The meeting was set up by my friend & PR maven Kate Makinson, to create a custom light for my space. Started in 2015 by Maude Rondeau, Luminaire Authentik has become known for its Scandinavian aesthetic, made-in-Canada craftsmanship, and limitless customization options. I fell in love with their designs and started to visualize new lighting in our home using their 3D Creation Tool.

Instead of physically going to their location in Leslieville, I opted to have an online consultation with Alana who was in the showroom. She was so helpful! Over Zoom, I took her on a tour of my space and shared what I was thinking. I fell in love with a large hanging light that’s white on the inside, with a large bulb, and BRIGHT yellow on the outside.

It’s going to hang so nice and be a focal point of the room. It takes a couple of weeks to make and will arrive at my door in early January. I’ve never had a custom light and after spending the last year transforming my space, it’s going to be a bright, beautiful, final touch.

This is the old light that is being replaced. Goodbye! ?

Here’s a preview of my new light using the Luminaire Authentik 3D Creator tool. I can’t WAIT!

Visit to browse their beautiful designs and play with the 3D Tool. They have so many customizable options depending on what you’re looking for. The Toronto showroom is located in Leslieville but you can also do an online consultation like me.

If you have any questions, LMK! I will share an update once it arrives and I set it up. Excited to bring this custom, Canadian-made sunshine to my room.

Day 253: Find Me In The Woods or Jungle

I’m glad I spent some time outside on Friday because we got snow today! Yesterday I spent almost the entire day in my room watching shows, napping, and reading. We all need a day of rest sometimes.

We’re heading back to the city shortly and spending the week there as Emily has school. I’m really looking forward to being back at the house. I’ve been in the woods for 3-weeks, except for 2 short 24-hour trips to the city and back.

All of my plants have been fertilized and boxed up for the trip back home. They’ve all done so well during the pandemic and I’ve really enjoyed having them at the cottage. I hope they’re happy too! I’m sure they will enjoy the warmth of our house for the winter. My room is going to be a jungle and I can’t wait.

Day 251: Synchronicity. Greenlight.

Sean went to the city after sunrise for a meeting. I spent the morning working until lunchtime. It was so lovely outside I decided to put on my gloves and get to work. 13 degrees in November, I’ll take it! I’m sure we’ll have snow in no time, so I wanted to make the most of the warm air.

I started stacking all the wood that had fallen down from our first attempt a couple of weeks ago. I put away most of the patio furniture for winter, got the shutters on the front of the cottage, and a few of the big ones on the windows facing the lake. I was listening to Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey on Audible and it was great motivation. I really love this book and I’m thinking about getting a hardcover copy of it so I can look back on his notes, poems, and quotes.

Ok, this is kinda crazy. I looked it up on Amazon and found this page. That quote about style on the right is from a daily quote calendar from the ’90s (maybe ’80s?). I know this because we had the same one at our house. Mum still has one of the pages in her fridge today. I know I have a photo of it somewhere but I will ask her to send a photo so I can update this post. I think it’s a sign I should get the hardcopy, who knows what else I’ll find in there.

In life, I like to think small similarities like this are a sign I’m on the right track. Synchronicity. I am certain mum is going to ring me when she reads this because you won’t believe what happened next. The following page I looked up has a poem on it, look at the date. It was written on May 8th, my birthday.

The world we’re living in is full of things to stress us out but it’s little moments like this that give me inspiration. Have faith that everything will be ok.

Look for synchronicity in your life, your day, you might find it in the most unlikely place.

You never know what light will shine on you when you are open to receiving it.

Day 248: Focus on Gratitude

The little things like catching the sun in your face. A beautiful tree. Smiling at someone as you drive by. A fresh cup of hot coffee on a cold morning. When you focus on gratitude, even the simplest things can be a source of joy. Do this and I promise it will have a big impact on your entire life. 

Woke up to a blanket of snow today. It’s cold but beautiful. I ran through the winter wonderland, seeing my breath as I jogged down the road. The sun was shining and the snow painted glitter all around. It was so nice.

On the way home, there was even more snow and it’s been a long time since we’ve driven in those conditions. Although it took longer to make it back to the city, we kept saying ‘WOW’ as we drove the winding roads through the snow.

I’m excited about my shoot today. Ahh! I’ve been up in the woods so long, being in a studio has me quite excited.