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Day 177: The Reality

On days I don’t document in real-time, I often go back and try to remember what happened that day. If there are no new photos, I hardly remember what happened, I have to really think about it. If you are reading this diary in daily order, I am writing this to you from the future on Day 183, September 13th, 2020. It’s Sunday, we’re getting ready to go back to the city from the cottage.

I recommend watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix, it’s good, you’ll find it interesting.

Day 172: Welcome to The Matrix

The year is 2020. We wear masks inside public spaces and outside in crowds. This is my first time visiting a client office after six months of lockdown. Haven’t worn a hat in a while either! Mask fashion is on the rise and today I’m wearing Toronto based designer Considerate Goods with a mask chain from an old purse.

Met up w/ Talia & had a snack on Yorkville patio. Hardly anyone eats inside these days. I still eat Avocado toast & drink kombucha.

Sean and Emily picked me up and we went straight to the cottage for Labour Day Long Weekend. Here’s hoping we have good weather this weekend!

Day 170: It’s September

Spent most of the day at my computer. It was really hot today. Whenever I opened the patio door, I was instantly hit with a wave of heat. I’m not ready for summer to be over. I love fall fashion but cooler temps gets my mind thinking about winter. It’s already such a hard time with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that a pandemic sends my mind swirling with ways to try and cope. If a second wave comes, (and it looks like it might), should we go back to the cottage, or can I run away to Costa Rica?

Hard to believe this is Day 170 of my daily pandemic blog diary, where did the time go?

I’ve always loved September, the last decade has meant returning to events post-summer relaxation, TIFF, Fashion Week, seeing all my friends at once. I feel sad for the times we won’t have but grateful for the memories, all mostly documented here or on Instagram. I’ve got tickets to one TIFF screening so far and we’ll see how many more tickets I can snag for my at-home TIFF experience.

Over the past month, I’ve been a bit slack with working out and keeping track of the days. This month I’m sticking to my goals. A fresh stary of sorts and there’s a full moon tonight. I didn’t run today but I did 100 situps and 10 pushups before bed. A small feat but one I’m trying to make a routine. I put some water and my crystals out last night, made 6 wishes at the moon and stared at it or a bit. Does the moon see me?

I’ll do whatever I can do bring good vibes right now!

Day 169: Cute New Masks from Considerate Goods!

This past weekend I met up with Anela who reached out to me over IG. We met pre-pandemic at a bar in my neighbourhood, late one night. She said she’d remembered my outfit and had been following m on IG since! 😁 Over the past few months, she started sewing masks and has a background in fashion & design. Her new company Considerate Goods is based right here in the Junction and she makes super stylish masks.

We sat down (outside & distanced) for a coffee chat and she gave me a few of her new designs. These masks are so CUTE, breathable, and fit well.

In an effort to be more sustainable and have less waste, she’s been making scrunchies to use up as many scraps as possible. I love this idea! My new scrunchie matches 3 of my masks, perfect for upping my mask game.

The Considerate Good website just launched and you can check out all the designs at considerategoods.com. If you’re making a purchase, use code CASIE15% for a discount!

I absolutely love supporting local & new friends. Thank you Anela and congrats on your new venture!

considerate goods

Day 160: Where Did August Go?

Wow, this month has really flown by! I’ve been working a new gig for the last couple of weeks and have been really slacking on blog updates. I’m still here but I’ve been finding it harder to update and have also not really felt like sharing too much.

This weekend we came back to the cottage to get it ready for Sean’s sister and her fam to have a week here. On Saturday we had a nice distanced hang with our cottage bubble, floating in the lake and enjoying the sun.

It’s crazy that August is almost over. March and April felt like they were never-ending and somehow, we’re near the end of summer.

This time of year I’m usually gearing up for a busy September with TIFF and Fashion Week. Not sure what the next few weeks are gonna look like. I did, however, book a hair appointment for this week and I am so excited. Not planning to change the cut or colour too much, I’ve really grown to love this darker, covid shag.

Heading back to the city for a bit and will be back to the cottage for the long weekend. Here’s to a great week!

Day 149: Feels Like September Energy

It was pretty chilly this morning! Warmed up in the day but I can feel change is coming.

For the past five month’s I’ve been on CERB and this month, I’m back to work. I’d been feeling a need for change for a year and I think I’ve finally figured out that I want and where I’m going. I’ve taken a gig with a studio doing social media and project management, all remote. Today was my first full day on the job and I really liked it!

I’m not certain what the future holds but I’ve got a plan for now. I was texting a friend saying ‘I’m back bitchessss’ and she said “this feels like September energy“.

Been wondering if it’s time to stop the daily diary on Day 150? I know the pandemic isn’t over, maybe I should keep it going? Tomorrow will tell!

ALSO: I changed the home feen on casiestewart.com to be blog posts only, no sidebar. Do you like it? Is anyone reading this? The sidebar is there if you click on an individual post!

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