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Your Story Your Future TD Speakers Series with Cheryl Strayed

Last week Gracie and I had the opportunity to attend TD’s Your Story Your Future Speakers Series with Cheryl Strayed at the AGO. Name sound familiar? Cheryl Strayed is the author of WILD, which was made into an Oscar nominated film starring Reese Witherspoon. The story documents Strayed’s solo hike up the Pacific Crest Trail. I’d watched the movie before attending the talk but hearing her stories in real life was really inspiring. Something that stood out was Strayed’s advice from her mum that reminded me of something my mum would say ‘this is character building’ in regards to getting through hard times. TD’s “Your Story Your Future” program combines workshops and inspirational speaker events to help women feel confident about setting and achieving their financial goals. I’ve written about a few of my financial accomplishments over the last few years (read those here). I feel it’s really important for us as women…

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TD Savvy Saver Quiz – Are Your Finances on Track?

Whether you’re a recent grad or mid-career, each stage of your life calls for some money management. Something I know I can always use help with! It’s Financial Planning Week here in Canada (November 16-20) and  TD has launched an Savvy Saver Quiz, to help you understand your personal finances. By answering a few quick questions, TD will help you determine your financial stage and what considerations you should be making at this point in your life. After going to college (Marketing @ Conestoga) and university in Australia (10 years, where did the time go!) I had a sizeable debt to tackle and I wasn’t really sure how I was going to manage it. I consulted a financial planner and put a plan in place. My hard work paid off and my debt was replayed by the time I was 30. Words can’t explain the joy I felt opening a letter stating it was done. Going to school…

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Planning for Life’s Unexpected Moments w/ TD Canada 

When I was growing up I didn’t really think about kids, marriage, wedding etc, but I knew I wanted to be in business. I like setting goals but after spending years what felt like forever paying off my school debt, I didn’t really have a nest egg. I mean, I never prepared for unexpected life events, buying a house, retirement. One of the things I’ve learned from working with TD Canada the last year is that it’s never too early to build a financial plan and set goals for your future. If you work for a business and you already have retirement on the mind, then make sure your employer has Employee Benefits so this process can be made easier for when the time comes and that you get what you deserve. Y’Know What I Mean? For many Canadians (especially us millennials) things don’t always go planned the way they…

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