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Giveaway | The Future is HERE and So Is Pepsi Perfect

Recognize this place? How about this?   [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/11BwLs3pHF4″] It’s FINALLY 2015 and Marty McFly is coming to the future. I think I watched this movie about 100 times growing up. Over the past few years there’s been some confusion on the REAL date he comes ‘back to the future’ and it’s October 21, 2015. When Marty travelled through time in ‘Back to the Future’, the only drink Marty wanted was Pepsi Perfect. In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the major motion picture, Pepsi is helping bring the futuristic vision depicted in the film to life. Pepsi has created a limited quantity of Pepsi Perfect bottles to celebrate the classic flick. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/XrwRdzFP-fY”] A neat fact about the above ad is the that it was created by Davie Brown Entertainment, creator of the Pepsi Challenge and THE VERY SAME AGENCY that created the fictional Pepsi Perfect product in the movie back in 1989. INCREDIBLE. This is some next…

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Live for now. #PepsiPopUp

Last night wrapped 5 days of free concerts and interactive events at the PepsiPopUp at Richmond & John downtown Toronto. I stopped in to meet up with my contest winners and rock out a bit. I like this director’s chair look, don’t you? The show opened w/ Crystalyne who is about to go on tour across Asia. They were followed by Virginia to Vegas, also from Toronto. The pop-up was really neat because it only fit 200 people making the shows really intimate. Loved this Pop Art Projection outside the Pepsi Pop-Up Virginia to Vegas lead singer before hitting the stage Style award goes to this man w/ the awesome leather pants, creepers, and killer shades As I was leaving a colleague at Pepsi said she overheard some girls on their way out say “Did you see Casie Stewart?”, “Yeah, that was her!”.  I think they were too shy to say hello so,…

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#PepsiPopUp: Tickets + Show Details!

I saw two shows last night inside the worlds largest Pepsi bottle for a five day entertainment extravaganza, #PepsiPopUp. The location is Richmond & John and you really can’t miss it! It’s huge. There’s free shows each night this week until Sunday (scroll down for tickets!). Starting at 11am you can pop in for a refreshing drink and a bunch of activities. Tonight, Hollerado and Born Ruffians take the stage at 7pm.  Pepsi is giving away tickets on a first come, first serve basis so you’ll wanna get there early! What to Expect: Drum Machine and challenging others to a ‘drum-off’. This drum machine was first made famous at the Glastonbury festival and Pepsi is now bringing it to Toronto as part of #PepsiPOPUP– the first time it’s been in North America! Huge huge interactive light wall installation  Get a custom Pepsi T-shirt and receive an ice cold Pepsi First up last night was Meligrove Band and they were…

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