you missed this yesterday

BizMedia Movember – Casie Stewart Dedication Video

I made a donation. Then I got this. It will either make you feel sexy or creepy.  The more times you watch the better. Make your own donation at SFW but not safe for kids. haha! Enjoy! Thanks Andrew & BizMedia. ILU xo

The official Movember Toronto Gala is tomorrow night at Koolhaus. I’m a judge in the ‘Best Mo in Character’ category. Third year as a judge! Get a ticket here & come dressed up. Party starts at 8pm!

If you ever wanna make some kind of dedication video to me, I doubt you will be creepier than this. I’d love it. 😛

you missed this yesterday

  • Found it! Unopened and ready to play. So many new/good songs. #kinect #dancecentral #
  • Found so many good things when I cleaned my room: Burger/beer/gas/jukari/gift cards #
  • Photo: First competition ballet solo, age 9, The Clown (Taken with instagram) #
  • Morning #
  • It's amazing how great of a sleep you can have when your bed isn't 60% clothes! #
  • Photo: Casie’s Cameras #
  • i ordered a pair or barbie doll hand earrings #
  • URGHHHHH RT @melissagrelo: Confirmed from City Hall: property tax increase by 2.5% in 2012. #
  • Have you seen this yet? I posted last week. So good. RT @AdFreak: The gay-marriage spot that has Australia talking. #
  • Look out world here I come….: It’s been just over a week since I had brekky… #thisismylife #
  • dang thats a long do #
  • yall are gonna have mad heart attacks, let's talk about bacon a little more ok? #
  • RT @TechCrunch: How To Get A Job At A Startup If You Have No Skills by @justinkan #
  • Whoa! Trying this! RT @TechCrunch: New Siri Hack Will Start Your Car If You Ask Nicely by @chrisvelazco #
  • Team #
  • Work date w/ @katekillet. (@ SPoT Coffee w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • New #DODOCASE for Andy #
  • Urban lumberjackie #
  • need a makeup artist for a shoot Wednesday. i know i have a friend who is one but i can't remember right now! #
  • what's a good gift for Dad's 60th tomorrow? #
  • Suggestions on where (online) to make a nice PDF press kit for download? #
  • see that last tweet? ya 200%! interested in getting into holiday gift guide/contests email 😉 #
  • "Visitors referred by a fashion magazine or blogger drive a 200% higher conversion rate than visitors driven by… #
  • Kate and I are cooking up some seriously delicious plans for 2012. #cryptictweet #
  • i went a little crazy on the online shopping this weekend. i kinda forget what i ordered. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO CASIE. #
  • At the bank – #CIBC 360! #
  • Well, I decided to go for it. #
  • Next week Playa del Carmen, the Mayan Riviera and then down south to Tulum. #
  • RE: Done. Booked it. #
  • Video: @katekillet:This is your new favourite song. You’re welcome. #
  • Project Overview for Proposed Collaboration? yes, please. #
  • yay @mileycyrus! #
  • #Toronto @Movember Gala is FRIDAY! Dec. 2 @ #Movember #MoPartyoftheYear #
  • do the wiggle now #
  • Heading to #INFOBAHN w/ @katekillet to see @MissVOCAB @JusRandy for cocktail hour. #work #
  • Mo Gala Friday! Support them Bro's with teh MOs! #
  • Office dress code manual feat @katekillet. #work #
  • Are these new rails? #kingwest #
  • Me loves @zlistcom & @mickeyave!!! Cant wait to party with them this Wednesday @CobraNightclub!!! #Toronto quot; #
  • Good balloon idea @missvocab 😉 #infobahn #
  • fashion food “@trendhunter: The average woman will eat 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. #Fashion

you missed this yesterday

we found love… and by we, I mean me and the sea

  • hey there little monkey, you are cutie cute cute
  • Weekend Tune: “Help A Bro Out (M-O-V-E-M-B-E-R)” by The Elwins: We interrupt… #thisismylife #
  • Photo: last beach day in CR #
  • Photo: Mantra. #
  • leaving Costa Rica tomorrow but it appears another trip is in my near, near future! #
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Woke up to this beauty beach view and went for brekky… #thisismylife #
  • Weekend tune by Kate Killet this week is ALL about MOVEMBER>… #
  • I’m gonna miss the jungle forrest.
    Back to concrete jungle tomorrow 🙁 #
  • having lunch in the jungle #
  • #
  • There’s Magic in the Air, Pura Vida!: Went on a gorgeous sailing trip this week… #thisismylife #
  • there are litte monkeys behind me right now, and i mean real monkeys like white faced little furry ones. so cute. #
  • After leaving jungle in Montezuma I went to Liberia but now back in San Jose. #costacasie #puravida #
  • Sailed Away & Left My Heart in the Ocean ♥