you missed this yesterday

  • these 9 companies want to keep space exploration alive – #
  • G+ me @ Here’s how to get your Google+ URL cute too. #
  • Pulled muscle. Ice on my shoulder. I look like the Hunchback, Casimodo. #
  • Imaging: Sobeys: Hey, Do not throw TOMATOES.  Me: Well, do not put them there so easy, begging for attention.

  • Sorry, I can’t make it, I’m organizing my circles. +1 #
  • Decided to go ahead and get ‘casiestewart’ at Kinda like Twitter for Email! #
  • Took off the ice pack. Now I haz cold shoulder. #
  • Today Jenie & I watcher her friend take off isn their helicopter from the Island on my balcony. He raced this morning. I want a helicopter. #
  • Old FY. #
  • Is there an app that turns your phone into a fan? Needed it today. #

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