raining cats and blogs

I love it. The thunder in the sky. The energy that lights up the dark clouds when lightning strikes. The pounding of rain drops on windows of cars as they drive on the wet pavement.

I jump every time it rattles the windows and I screech a little with excitement. I enjoy the rush, it scares me a little but I like it.IMG_7234-1

I’m reminded of being in Florida last month. We were at a late night pool party and the air was damp with humidity as it had been hot all day. There was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder.  It felt like only a second before the rain poured down. It was warm and wet and felt soft on my skin. I was in my bathing suit but  I wanted to be free. I removed it and tossed it into a pile. There in the hot Florida night I danced naked in the rain.  Arms over my hear to the beats of the music. I was free at last.

and then we ordered pizza and went swimming

beach gold

raymi and casie went to the beach and they had the most fun ever

island adventure guy

I had a stellar weekend. It was super sunny and I made the most of it. On Saturday I went to the island with Raymi , Phil and friends. Lots happening on the island on a lovely Saturday. There were heaps of kids in interesting costumes. I wanted to get close to take their photos but didn’t bother.  I’ll just keep those memories to myself. There’s  an art installation that plays music when you bike. We found it to be quite fun. The island it really pretty. I haven’t been for ages. Next time I’ll take my bike for sure. There’s a zillion photos from the whole day.raymi

june 12 13 107

This is the art work out, good thing Raymi got it on video so you can enjoy reliving the excitement.

There’s more photos Raymi’s blog. She posted yesterday. I slacked off and made a nice dinner for friends and avoided the internet. june 12 13 122The ferry ride back to the mainland is way more fun once you’ve spent the afternoon in the sun drinking beer. We all went back to my house for some pizza and swimming. It was great.


Luminato: An Unusual Degree of Enlightenment

The city was illuminated last night and full of people our for Luminato. I was at the Harbourfront for Cirque Du Soleil. Pretty amazing but kinda hard to see. I’m little and there were so many people closer to the stage. I had a blast cruising around on bikes and hanging in parks.


There is an art installation in the music garden that features a toilet.  I thought it was the funniest thing to pretend to use it. I laughed so hard. Oh god, I laughed hard. I got in trouble from security but it was totally worth it. She just told me to get off . My dress is from Apt 909. My favorite store.  It’s a perfect biking dress.


made for a man but good for a girl

it reminds me of him, the smell is strong, slightly sexy and sensual. i lay in my bed and i think of him and the way he smells. it’s only been two weeks since the scent first captivated my senses.  i like it.  i put it on.  it’s made for a man but  i think about how nice it is on my skinthey said play evokes emotion.  a certain style surrounds me, one of sophistication and sexuality at the same time. play could mean anything,  it makes my thoughts soar…it’s strong but soft, it’s my new favorite scent. givenchy-playthe new givenchy fragrance arrived in my mail bag about two weeks ago. i’ve been wearing it and i really like it. it’s called  play and it’s for men .   justin timberlake is the face of the fragrance.  it smells good. sabrina likes it too, i put it on today and she came in asking about it.  the bottle is designed by french artist and designer serge mansau. it comes out in august 2009 at the bay & shoppers. if you’re lucky to come across it before then, take a whiff.  if you see me, i’ll have it on.

a box of goon and lots of beads

balconyYesterday I got quite a few compliments on the outfit. I think I looked kinda rocker-lesbian-ish. I like that look though, I do it well.  There’s something about the short hair and the side shave that gets the girls.

Maybe I have that look on my face that makes them give me the ‘eyes from across the room.? It happens, my friends know. It’s hot though, I like it.  Maybe it’s all the time I’ve spent at Pride in TO; volunteering, leading a team of hot babes, partying.

One time, I went to Mardi Gras in Sydney in 2004, I had only been in Australia for 5 weeks at the time.


It was quite surprising when I opened the Sydney Morning Herald to see a colour photo of me kissing my bff in an article about the street party the night before. It was hot and shocking. I tried to find it to show you but had no luck. I’m sure the photo is saved somewhere. It had been raining, we drank a box of goon, were wearing next to nothing and were covered in beads.

It was fun.  I’m not volunteering at Toronto Pride this year. I WILL be having my annual get together with all the girls before heading to the parade. That’s the fun part 🙂