Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, Find Magic

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, Find Magic


Been loving my walk to work the last week. It’s great to be in a creative office surrounded by art and internet.  Our building is about 10 minutes from my door, major score! Greeted by this sign when I walk in. There’a all kinds of creative, vintagey things around here. Will give you a tour one of these days.


I did not wear the right shoes for snow! Doh. Shoudl really know better.



Yesterday I took my mentee to the AGO for his first visit and to see the Guggenheim exhibit. We walked around and talked about her future eventually coming up with a plan and some actionable items. Vanessa Grillone won the HTC One contest earlier this year and part of the prize was mentorship from me. See her post about winning here and a guest post on my blog here.


I absolutely love the AGo and have been a member for a few years. It’s an amazing place to go and get inspired. Many times I’ve just walked through for 15 minutes and stopped to visit a few favourites. I never miss Andy Warhol or walking through Gallery Italia (above).



Saw this art on my way to work today.


Made this before I left the house 🙂


One of the things I chatted Vanessa about yesterday was stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens guys. This is an excellent time of year to reflect on the year passed and think about where you want to be this time next year. I don’t even know where my comfort zone is anymore I step out and do the unexpected so often! Don’t be afraid to try something new, you’ll most likely be surprised at the opportunity it creates!

Have an awesome day!



(I drew this a couple of years ago!)

‘David Bowie Is’ at AGO. I saw him!

‘David Bowie Is’ at AGO. I saw him!


Went on a private tour of ‘David Bowie Is’ at the AGO this morning with some Community colleagues. Later this week they start the Ago 1st Thursday events and our client Drambuie is a sponsor.

The exhibit was so freaking cool. It’s matched up with Sennheiser Sound so that as you travel from room to room the audio is updated and talks you through the exhibit or plays a song to go with the art. It was pretty amazing, not gonna lie! It’s the first time I’ve experienced a 3D sound system quite like that.



This part was super cook. The pano is a bit fuzzy but you can see me and my trench on both sides in the mirrors.




I think this sign might have been my fav part, I love the sign..


Could really have stayed at the AGO all day…

Saw my old Andy Warhol favs. I used to go to the AGO all the time! See all old posts tagged AGO here.  It pays to be a member! For $100 you can go anytime you want for a year and use the members lounge (it has wifi!).




Hair is in a bun today 🙂 Forgot my damn sunnies and the sun just came out, urgh.


I am back at my desk in my office with coffee, water, sunflowers, and work.


Hope you are enjoying the day wherever you may be!


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Art Gallery of Ontario – Massive Gala

I was shocked at just how actually massive the event was last night. There were multiple floors, rooms, interactive art displays and lots of suits.

In support of art, I decided to make my hair really stand out by adding lots of colour. I was quite surprised there weren’t more ‘artistic’ looking people, it was very corporate. Fun though!

I LOVE the AGO and used to be gallery member. Thinking I’ll get a new membership again. It’ a great spot to hang out, work or escape to a world surrounded by creative works of art. It’s inspiring! Lots of posts about it in the archives, one of my favs here. Thanks Becca for these shots and the lovely Lauren for having me as her date. Read more about the event & see who was there on She Does the City.


How to Be Art

art is a battlefield: art battle eleven, toronto

It is a sight to be seen, a scene worth attending.

Magnificent in nature. Impressive in size and appearance. Majestic, dignified, grandeur.

Painters, painting. In the middle of an open room…

…where people look and stare.

I liked this one.

This was a naked man in a stairwell (painting). Did not win. He asked people walking by “how do you spell descending?” it was charming, so innocent and real he was. I live for realness.

This is Simon. He’s my friend who is good looking smart, tall, and fun. He is single and I would love one of my friends to date him. He did not pay me to say this. He is one of the inventors of Art Battle/awesome.

This is me…

Levis Curve jeans | vintage long wool camel coat | motorola milestone, telus | reading a podcast, Picard | shoes from Aldo, Raymi has same | vintage knit hat | gaga round purse H&M | nella bella change purse | artsy lady beside me with paint on her pants

The artist I liked won his round and got to go to the finals. Against this girl…

Cheers for Gingers. He won, with this painting. I liked it.

I would have bid on it but I bough Courtney’s painting, she is married to Porter. I was hoping I would get to see her because I didn’t see her yet and I missed her round of painting at the start. She is preggers and they are having a baby. I’m happy for them. Being in love is a wonderful thing. I am in love every day. This is her painting…my painting.

At the end this guys painting was DESTROYED> YES DESTROYED. Look close. Laying paint on paint in  front of a crowd to eff his painting right up.

Bring on the paint. Hi Simon & cute girl.

The other inventor of Art Battle is Hinto (Chris). He is laying down the painting to be taken advantage of. It’s gonna get messed up too.

OMG, it’s paint porn.

The end.