off campus trippin’

I like to leave little things, notes, stickers around. Kinda like bread crumbs in Hansel and Gretel to remember where I’ve been. My team found this little note at one of drawing the stations.

The big wooden staircase is really pretty,  one of my favorite things about the AGO. Haven’t been there in a while and man, it was so nice to be there again. Got a new membership card and prolly gonna go hang there this weekend. Members lounge has wifi + coffee + sunshine. YEAH boyeee.

This fine group is who I work with with, we’re the MuchMTV Marketing team. All the peeps Tweet and from L-R  are Gregg (another Stewart!), Ashley, Justin, Me, Kingsley & Mike. We’re all looking very ‘stripey’ together. Nice pose by me, haha.  One person missin’ is our boy, all-star intern Wee Magee.

Look at these studs Andy, Elvis AND Greg Stewart!

Love Gallery Italia, this part of the AGO is sooo lovely in the sunshine, especially in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

Kinda looks like a pic from

Then we went for beers, ya! Happy hipsters!

All in a days work.

I was chillin’ with ma new kicks.

Had some eats to wash down my beerski. Yum.

Then I headed home in the sunshine to band practice.

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